Thursday, May 30, 2013

May photo Day 30: Tool

Skipping yesterday's "kiss".

For tool, I picked the crowbar.

May photo Day 28: What you're doing now

When I checked in on the day's prompt, I was out for my lunchtime walk. The green light is the reflection from my water bottle.

May photo Day 27: Something I can't live without

I cannot imagine a world without chocolate.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May photo Day 26: Fave thing to do on a Sunday

Sundays often end up being cleaning days, doing laundry, tidying things, etc. Normally I would say football, but it's not on this time of year. Lately Sundays have involved Zumba, since my regular class isn't running on Mondays.  I like to do some baking on Sundays.  Today I caught up on some saved TV.  To represent the "kicking back and catching up on TV" phase, I'll let Hugs & Choco fill in for me:

May photo Day 25: Us

Day 24 was "Go" and I just wasn't feeling it, so I'm skipping that one.

Day 25 is "Us" so I snapped a pic of the two females of the household hanging out.

May photo Day 23: PJs

A variety of clean PJs after doing the laundry.

May photo Day 22: Change

SJ is going through a lot of change lately. One such change is the construction of the "Police Palace" and a new parking garage, seen below.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May photo Day 21: I care about this

I care about a lot of things, but the day we were at the San Diego Zoo, I cared about seeing the hippos.

May photo Day 20: Light

Here's the Morongo Casino lit up at night as we drove by on vacation. One of the many times we drove by, since our vacation involved a lot of driving.

May photo Day 18/19: Want/My Favorite View

I'll combine the weekend's photos into one pic with multiple representations.  What I want is peace & quiet, and a favorite view of mine are water scenes.  This was taken at my friend's cottage on Lake Utopia.  I wish it was as warm as it looked.

May photo Day 17: Season

Our two-week vacation out of the country turned into a 4 week vacation from picture posting. But I'm back with some new pics now.

It's Spring here, so I snapped this pic of some growing maple leaves.