Friday, April 29, 2005

Tough news.

I called my older brother today to get some advice on the popcorn machine. He didn't sound too well so I asked him if everything was ok.

He walked into work this morning and found out he'd been laid off. With no warning. For economic reasons, the small company he worked for couldn't afford to keep him employed. That is all understandable, and to some extent, expected. What is not understandable is the very impersonal way he was informed. I don't really want to blog specifics on that. It was just really disappointing for it to have been done the way it was done. He deserved better.

My brother has my nephew to support, and as well they're in the middle of building this big new house. Very tough to have this news today. The upside is that he hadn't been very happy in this job anyway, so this will hopefully lead to something much better for him. He has a degree, experience, and a knack for business like my dad so there are a lot worse positions to be in.

So I am feeling pretty down right now for my brothers; both of them, actually. I filed my younger brother's taxes today, so I have one brother who owes a bunch of money he can't afford to the gov't, and the other brother who lost his job. I love them both and I hate to see them go through hard times. I pray it won't last long for either of them.


If someone could help me get the popcorn machine out of my trunk and into my house, either tonight or tomorrow morning, I would appreciate it. I want to get it set up and do some test runs before the party.

[bats eyelashes in girly request for help]

Friday Feast #45

Which keys do you have on your key chain?

Car key
House key
Alarm remote
Car remote
Work key
Other work key
a purple caribiner
Staples Dividends Gold keytag
Waramps keytag
M&M keytag
Lewiscrafter keytag

What is the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?

I am so not a spontaneous person. I excruciatingly plan things. I'm having a hard time thinking of anything I've done that was spontaneous. One day I decided to drive to Sussex. That is all that's coming to mind.

Who is the best cook in your family?

My mom. She's an awesome cook, and could easily have a small catering business. If she wasn't crazy.
My grandmother on Dad's side made the best molasses cookies, but that recipe went with her when she passed away in 1989. My grandmother on my mother's side was famous for her baked beans.

Main Course
If you were to write a "how-to" book, what would the title be?

How-to be shit lucky.

Name a recent fad you've tried.

Ummm, blogging? :P

So. envious.

New U2 video filmed yesterday in Vancouver. For City of Blinding Lights. Go have a read.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sound like me?

Take a read over at T-L's blog. I'm a 9:

9's are natural entertainers They are very caring and generous, giving
away their last dollar to help. With their charm, they have no problem
making friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many
different personalities that people around them have a hard time
understanding them. They are like chameleons, ever changing and blending
in. They have tremendous luck, but also can suffer from extremes in
fortune and mood. To be successful, they need to build a loving
foundation. Famous 9's: Albert Schweitzer, Shirley MacLaine, Harrison
Ford, Jimmy Carter, Elvis Presley.

Uh, yeah, not so good with the giving away money... I was never very good at sharing. Will agree on the multiple personalities though.

The dilemma

If you're not into digging around in comments, I just had this comment regarding today's cute guy meeting update:

Why is it that, when you are single, it seems like every person you meet in whom you have the slightest interest is married?

I thought I'd make this its own post.

The older you get, the more often seems to occur. It's as though if you haven't met someone who is marriage material by the time you're 25-ish, forget it, because the rest of your dating pool is attached or getting married. I thought I had done that, having met my ex at 24, spending 4 years together and figuring I "had it made". Alas, I am now single again, and the dating pool appears to be a wasteland. Especially for someone like me who is often told that any guy would be lucky to have me... but no one is feeling lucky enough to roll the dice on me. Add to that the things I am looking for and I think you see why I am skeptical that I will ever find someone.

Maybe the Jane Austen-esque idea of someone my age being an old maid is not that far-fetched.

My older brother is an exception, not having been married before, he'll be 34 in a couple of months and will be officially engaged soon. I tend to think it is different for a guy though, there are lots of women out there looking to "settle down". Not as many good guys out there who are willing to do the same, who wouldn't refer to it as being "tied down".

This myth about Home Depot being a great place to meet men? Crap! Any men I've ever seen at Home Depot are married. I need a single girl's Home Depot. Any chance that can be a new marketing tool?

Despite my negativity, I continue my quest. When I picture myself in the future, I don't picture myself alone. I won't give up until that vision changes. There has to be someone out there who would find me just as fascinating as I find them. There has to be.


Cute, and a west-sider even. Dorky laugh. Reminiscent of my ex. (Stop sending me people who look like my ex... I am not imagining things, they could pass for cousins)

But alas, married.


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Dating. Have been for a few weeks.

In other news, 2 of the 3 BBQ parts I ordered did come in today after all. Now if it will just not rain on Saturday....

Here, have a laugh at my expense

I got a phone call last week from someone wanting to meet with me to sell me something. I have no interest in the product, but agreed to meet with him because he "sounded cute". My meeting is at 2pm, I'll let you know how it goes.

Laugh away :P

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Maybe this is forever
Forever fades away
Like a rocket ascending into space
Could you not be sad
Could you not break down
After all I won't let go
Until you're safe and sound

There's beauty in release
There's no one left to please

I don't blame you for quitting
I know you really try
If only you could hang on through the night
[You] don't want to be lonely
[You] don't want to be scared
All [your] friends are waiting there
Until you're safe and sound

--Sheryl Crow

When the feelin' is ended
There ain't no use pretendin'
Don't ya worry - it's only love

When your world has been shattered
Ain't nothin' else matters
It ain't over - it's only love
And that's all - ya

When your heart has been broken
Hard words have been spoken
It ain't easy - but it's only love

And if your life ain't worth livin'
And you're ready to give in
Just remember - that it's only love - love

Yeah - You can live without the aggravation
Ya gotta wanna win - ya gotta wanna win
You keep lookin' back in desperation
Over and over and over again

Ya it ain't easy baby
But it's only love - and that's all

--Bryan Adams

Quote bomb!

"Mens room in the tower, what were they thinking?"

"Mail this, sort that, I'll make them all pay"

"Miss Interocitor"

"There's Taurus the Bull, and right under it the constellation feces"

"Doesn't the fact that it's Universal make it International?"

"Any movie with waka-cha-waka in it is ok by me"

"It's the Brach show, starring me, I'm Brach!"


You seemed to have developed some kind of idea that it was going to be a pile of fun. Now I think you realize it's not all it's cracked up to be. I can't apologize for that. A lot of crap has happened over the past year and I am a changed person because of it. I'm alone now, I don't like being alone and unfortunately that impacts me on a daily basis. I have good days and bad days. I made no promises for this situation, it's just the way the cookie crumbled. If you're disappointed because of that, there's not much I can do about it. It's not all fun and games.

I'm not an easy person to get along with. I wouldn't want to try and get along with me either. But unless you plan on making a large change, you have to accept me for who I am, the good with the bad. That's the way it has to be if you plan on sticking around.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wine, BBQ, Popcorn and Chocolate


I finally bought wine glasses this past weekend. So no more drinking Pinot Noir from Pooh glasses... unless of course you like that kind of thing. I don't even drink but see how I look after you people? I tell ya.

I still don't have a corkscrew though. Keep that in mind for this weekend if you bring wine.


I ordered new grills for my BBQ which were supposed to be in on Friday.... but they called today and said they're on backorder. So I won't have them in time for the party. We can still BBQ no problem, as the existing grid is older but still quite useable. I'll give it a good start-of-season cleaning and we'll be all set.


I did manage to secure the popcorn machine for this weekend. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. And go to the bulk barn for some popping corn :)


I have to go to Moncton and stay up there for a few days next week. I see a Belgian chocolate stand in my future...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Anything but this!!!

One of my regular comment-posters, John, just commented on his blog that on Friday he heard an "exclusive dance remix" of With Or Without You.

[gasps for air]

How can you mess with The Joshua Tree? Is this supposed to be some kind of "tribute"??? There are certain things people shouldn't be allowed to touch to "improve" or "pay tribute". Psycho (and most other Hitchcock films) is a good example. Cookie Monster's eating habits. The Muppet Show. The Joshua Tree.

[shakes head in absolute disbelief]

Things just keep getting better...

So I found out that they really did receive my money at Revenue Canada. They just wanted more money. Called my brother twice today with this year's and last year's news... he sounds like he sees a freight train about to hit him. I am the bearer of bad news today it seems.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Good+Bad Times

Good Times

Last night was the Absentee Bachelorette Party for Sabina and we had a fantastic time. Jenn came over and we got ready at my place while listening to a very corny medley cd I had, or at least I thought it was corny, but Jenn loved it so it was all good. SkankyLiz was supposed to show up, but after some wardrobe issues involving boots that were too loose, and then no other footwear to go with the miniskirt, I had to switch to pants which took the skank factor down quite a bit. Still had on what I considered a skanky top, but I've discovered my definition of "skanky" may not be accurate compared to everyone else's definition. It's my leftover conservative accounting sense of style to blame for that.

The party consisted of Lisa, Suzy, Mare, Jenn and me. We sat around drinking out of martini glasses, though no one had a classic martini, and I didn't drink anything alcoholic. A very fun time, being the only sober and single girl in the room was quite interesting :) We sat around, listened to music and talked all night, didn't end up going out as we were feeling kind of lazy and we were having fun so why mess with it? Suzy brought the afore-mentioned penis cake, which made an appearance in some very funny pictures. Excellent job on the cake, btw.

We called Sabina around 11pm, she was expecting our call so she wasn't mad. We yelled congratulations and made sure she could hear how much fun we were having. Near the end of the evening I commented on how there was no proof that I was there, since I was taking all the pictures, so I handed Jenn the camera... after she'd had 10 drinks. When you look at the pictures, you can definitely see where the sober shots end and the drunk shots begin :P

It was great to sit around with a bunch of girls and have fun, so Jenn and I are proposing a monthly girls night. We need more of that, it was a blast. Don't forget the suggestion of Suwanna.

Bad Times

As is the norm with me, despite the fact that I don't drink, I usually end up with a sympathy hangover or sympathy feeling like crap. Today I kind of felt like crap. Forced myself up at 10am so I could sleep tonight, and just sat up in bed catching up on some stuff I had taped the last week or two.

Around lunchtime my aunt from Halifax called, she was in town and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner for my grandfather's birthday, since he'll be away during it later this week. So I agreed to meet up with my dad, stepmom, stepsister, aunt, uncle, grandfather and younger brother for supper later. Dinner went well, it was nice to see family. The best part was when my dad asked my grandfather where they should go on Thursday night for dinner, on his actual birthday, when they'll be in Florida. My grandfather's reponse was "Hooters", which was damn funny and I had quite a laugh at that. I wasn't really expecting that coming from him :)

BBQ'd some hot dogs for lunch and cleaned the house up. Stood outside and stared at the mudpit, again wondering how in hell I am going to be able to turn it into a nice-looking yard. I find this a daunting task, in the way of actually getting it done and the money it's going to take to do it. Not to mention the lawn mowing all summer. I've never mowed a lawn in my life, but like a lot of things, I am going to have to learn. I am just NOT looking forward to it AT ALL. That part of owning a home is not fun for me. I am going to pretend I don't have to deal with it for at least another couple of weeks.

Then came the really shitty part of my day. I decided to delve into my younger brother's taxes. I prepare his return for him every year. Last year I did him a favour and paid his balance owing, and he is paying me back over time. According to the letter sent to him in December, which he had never opened, they never received that payment. I was pretty f***ing pissed. I don't know where the money went, but it left my bank account, and didn't make its way to my brother's statement. In the meantime they've been taking his GST credit and applying it against the balance that I've already paid, ARRRRGGGHHH! If he had opened these letters instead of shoving them in a box, I would have been able to straighten this out last year sometime. Instead, now I have to try and straighten it out during the final week of tax season. There is no worse time to do this. That is what I'll have to try and sort out this week.

I then proceeded to prepare his return for this year. It appears his two jobs last year both thought they were his only job, and thus did not deduct enough tax, resulting in him owing almost 3 times as much as last year. He even approached the payroll department at one of those jobs and asked them to correct the amount of tax taken out so he wouldn't end up owing again... a lot of good that did. I have absolutely no idea how to tell my brother he owes again. So I've been pretty down today considering the fact that I have to be the bearer of bad news in this department. I decided not to tell him tonight at dinner, but I'll have to tell him tomorrow. Oh joy.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Feast #44


Name something that helps you fall asleep.

A fan. I can't sleep without a fan running. If I wake up in the middle of the night and it is not running, I won't be able to go back to sleep. I started that as a kid, even if I was too cold I had to have a fan on to sleep. I broke the habit for a while, but then in the sauna that was my last apartment, we had to have a fan on in order to cool the place down. Now I'm addicted again.

Who brings out the best in you?

People who make me laugh. I have to have humour around me, it makes me feel better no matter what is going on. I feel like I'm at my best when I'm laughing and enjoying myself and doing something to make those around me laugh as well.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Well, nothing different really, just that if it's summer I don't feel guilty that I'm not outside. Watch movies, or read, basically curl up on the comfy green couch.

Main Course
Complete this sentence: In our home, we never have enough...

Well, first of all, it's MY home, as I'm the one paying the mortgage here, buster! Not sure how to answer this as I am very fortunate to really not be without anything. Who am I to complain? I also work on a system of making sure I don't run out of things, somewhat obsessively - look in my closet in the hallway and you'll see the volume purchases from Costco. Scary!

Which shoe do you put on first?

Left. But I had to go over and try them on in order to figure that out.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I know I shouldn't be laughing at this.

I am so going to hell for laughing at this. But I can't help it.

The [mis]use of footnotes

What is up with the use of * to signify a footnote? I just received this mailout about a training course, and it looks like this:

One-Day Seminar - Only $149+GST!

*New Brunswick
Moncton - June 29

*Nova Scotia
Halifax - June 28

etc etc etc

I had to dig through the whole brochure to figure out where the footnote was and what it had to do with. Eventually found the footnote, and it had to do with adding HST instead of GST. So why is the * not beside the price, instead of the province? Having the * beside NB led me to believe there was something different about the NB course, or maybe it was enrollment-dependent, or something. Definite misplacement of an * if you ask me.

This is not the first time I've seen stuff like this. If you're going to use a footnote, please do me a favour and make it reasonable to find, i.e., it really should be on the same page, and actually relate to the item it is drawing attention to. ARGH!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

MST Night - Update #2

Ok, getting a little closer to MST Night so I had better get something posted on it, right?

MST Night will be April 30th... not sure what time to start. Depends on how late people want to stay up. 6pm or 7pm start time is what I've been debating.

Also debating on showing a total of 2 or 3 episodes, how much does everyone want to watch? Mitchell is being thrown around as an episode to watch... you can never have enough Joe Don Baker.

If anyone needs directions to my place, let me know, as some of you have only been here once or twice.

Due to the large volume of people saying they'll be coming, I can't feed all of you. So bring some snacks if you like. I'll have a few things, and Scott T, cupcakes for you as promised :)

More witty commentary

TV Guide came in the mail today and yes I am writing a blog entry about it. Had some interesting stuff in it.

Nicolette Sheridan is on the cover. One word comes to mind: airbrush. Did you know she lost the part of Grace in Will & Grace at the final auditions? Thanks imdb.

Ricky Gervais is writing an episode of The Simpsons and will also appear on Arrested Development next season, if they have a next season.

Jennifer Garner is going to direct an episode of Alias and this episode will feature Sloane's supposedly-dead wife Emily. I am behind a couple of episdoes so maybe references to her have already been made. If not sorry for the spoiler :P

The Surreal Life 4 is going to have Janice Dickinson, a.k.a. the world's first supermodel and judge on America's Next Top Model, rooming with Omarosa from season 1 of The Apprentice. Network execs are sitting around saying the phrase "ratings gold!" as we speak. Personally I hope Janice rips Omarosa a new one.

This week's style section focused on menswear. The suits caught my eye so I feel I must comment on the supposed current trends:

Pinstripe suits are back. It is also being suggested that pink is a good color for the pinstripe. That isn't a bad way to sneak in the pink if you're afraid. However, let's face it - the current pink shirt craze in the menswear world can only be pulled off by certain guys. Not everyone can do the pink shirt. You have to have the attitude to go with it, otherwise you just end up looking like a dork in a pink shirt.

Mixing patterns is also supposed to be a hot trend. Not sure I like this one. Stripes and checkers together is just too much, even if they are in the same color genre. They'd have to be small enough to not notice the difference in pattern. This just doesn't seem to be a good idea, but I'm not a mens' stylist now, am I?

The "wifebeater" is supposedly a hot item of the season. If you haven't been a gym regular for a few years, don't bother. You have to have even more attitude to go with a wifebeater than a pink shirt. And decent arms. And no beer gut. I speak from 4 years experience of seeing the wifebeater in use. Trust me.

Events section

As you can see I've added an events section, seeing as how I have too many things going on can't necessarily remember them all.

Yes, I do realize Halloween is 6 months away, but since I put in U2 I felt I needed to fill in the gaps with stuff I already knew was going on. Like my birthday. No one loves their birthday as much as me! :D

Going Postal

After a very good night's sleep, I awoke this morning feeling somewhat sane again. All I had to do to complete the transformation back to sanity was deliver said work project to Canada Post. This sounds easy but is apparently not.

I truly understand why postal workers "go postal". If I had to stare at zillions of incorrect addresses all day, every day, I'd crack. Spending 3 days doing that was enough for me. Having a job where you'd have to do this would no doubt drive someone insane. Not to mention all of the rules involved: the sorting. the paperwork. the 1-800 numbers to try and call and find this stuff out.

Wonder what would happen if I just left them on Canada Post's doorstep, like a baby in a basket... they'd probably just use them as a doorstop.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Can't talk, working

Spent the last 2 days preparing some data at work... at 4pm today I realized it was useless and I was going to have to redo everything. So here I sit re-editing 8000 addresses. I will be seeing postal codes in my sleep for the next week.

Have no idea how long I'm going to be here, esp since I have to print cards for each of these 8000 addresses.

This apparently is not the only thing I have screwed up in the last 48h. Quite the track record I have going at this point.

Just shoot me now. Put me out of my misery. I suck.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


I am supposed to be in bed right now. I am exhausted and think I got a maximum of 2h sleep last night. There are 2 things I try not to do right before going to bed: watch the news or write intense emails. Broke my rule, barely got any sleep, and am surprised that I am even conscious at this point. Instead I choose to blog and keep myself up for a short while longer so I can catch some of retro night - if I am home I can't miss that. That would just be wrong.

Last night I stopped for BBQ after work at Jenn & Stew's, prior to the guys' geekfest. Then Jenn and I hit west side Frenchy's. Jenn found a really nice sweater and a hawaiian shirt (more on that later). I found a skanky top. She talked me into buying it, I've yet to decide that I will actually brave wearing it.

After the Frenchy's run, Jenn and I headed back to my place and Mare met up with us to watch Pride & Prejudice. Jenn had never seen it so we had to indoctrinate her. We got through the first 3 hours, then they headed home. Or tried to. Dory had a flat tire again and Mare had to call her dad to pick them up (Dory was blocking my car so I couldn't drive them home). They left and I set to work on staying up too late writing an email.

This morning the tow truck came to inflate Mare's tire and then she came and got her car to take into the dealership to get the tire issue figured out. I took my usual forever to get ready and then headed to pick up Jenn for more shopping. We met up with Mare at Old Navy, which seemed to be a madhouse today. I got what I was looking for, some thin long sleeve t's for layering and the tunic I wanted was finally on sale. Didn't see my size at first but then Jenn noticed a mannequin was wearing it so we made them take it off so I could have it :) Mission accomplished. Jenn got some flip-flops and Mare got an awesome suit.

Jenn and I then headed to Sussex Frenchy's. Just past the Dolan Rd Irving I was behind a truck with a camper when a rock (not a pebble, a rock, like the size of a golf ball) came flying off the top of the camper and bounced off the road and into my car. Spent the rest of the drive wondering how big a dent I had in the side of my car. Luckily it's just a couple of small scratches. Thank God, this car has had enough bad luck from me cracking the front on a foot-high curb, dropping a dot matrix printer on it, and getting rear-ended. It's been an adventure with this car.

We got to Sussex and Jenn found a pile of stuff, she had a good trip there. I managed to find a pair of cords for next winter and a very cute hawaiian dress. We headed back to SJ, I dropped Jenn off and went to church. I find church a very calming place, so the fact that I was exhausted meant I had a hard time staying awake. Haven't fallen asleep in church yet so that is a good thing.

After church I headed back to Jenn's, we went and got chinese food and then went to my place to finish the rest of P&P, because once you start watching it, you have to finish it. Our chinese food was gross, and not as cheap as it used to be. No more going to China Coast.

This summer. Hawaiian luau. Where we all wear hawaiian clothes. And eat ham. Unless someone wants to roast a whole pig with an apple in its mouth. Jenn and I are already in the planning stages. If you see any hawaiian shirts, pick them up in preparation. The coincidence of Jenn and I both finding hawaiian stuff this weekend is a sign that we must have this party. It'll be a blast! We'll all wear silly clothes and get laid, er, I mean, wear leis.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am off to try some cliff jumping.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's a nice day for a white wedding

Loyal readers, you are in for a treat. Today we'll be examining my life in pictures, as it relates to my professional career as a wedding attendant.

From the tender age of 4 I have been recruited to join many wedding parties, I've been in 8 with the 9th coming next year at Regan's wedding. My family used to call me the professional flower girl, until I graduated through the ranks of wedding-party duties to full bridesmaid. I have a big family on both sides, and it seemed like there was always someone getting married, and always a need for a certain adorable little blond girl to be in their wedding. I'm so modest!

I can't believe I am posting this. Remember I embarass myself for your entertainment, people. I also give myself free reign to boast of my childhood cuteness.

Let's begin, shall we?

August 1980. I am 4 here, almost 5. My first official wedding job. This is the infamous seafoam green of the '80s which is now frowned upon and described with much distaste. But I looked good in it! I'm not sure what that says for my fashion sense. Look how light my hair was then... [sniffle] I am proudly standing in front of the fireplace, the official picture-taking location of my family™. I am so adorable!

August 1981. Now I'm 5, almost 6 (my birthday is the following month). I have no idea what my hair is doing in this picture. This time the dress was pink. They must have told me to hold the basket higher to make it into the picture or something. The second pic is me looking unimpressed. Not an unusual expression for me in the least :)

August 1982. I am in high demand as a summertime flower girl. This has to be the most stereotypical '80s wedding I was in. Look at me, I'm wearing a bonnet for crying out loud... and I still look cute!!! Dresses are starting to get more ruffles. Wait until later, there's more.

Summer 1984. I must have taken 1983 off. Technically I was not in the official wedding party, but I was official guest book signature girl, which is more than not being in the wedding at all. Here we see the start of the drop waist fashion style. Good lord, how did I end up with ringlets?

Summer 1985. This is the height of the ruffle phase. I finally get a dress in my favorite color here too! I think this is the wedding they made me get a perm for, I remember it getting in my eyes and stinging like hell. I think I was jr. bridesmaid here since I was almost 10 at this point. I'm also wearing a veil, what's up with that?

December 1989. Took a few years off and made a comeback as jr. bridesmaid for a day-before-New Year's Eve wedding. This is my favorite dress, because it's PURPLE. I got the all-satin version whereas the main bridesmaids got velvet on top and satin on bottom. Also got the fur thingy to keep my hands warm. Love that exact color, so of course I was more than happy to be in this wedding. Yup, poofy shoulders, matching shoes, and as a friend of mine called it, "garish" lipstick. This may be why my mom wouldn't let me wear makeup, maybe she was right. Eeek! I still have that flower hair comb. In the top drawer of my dresser. Really, it's there. I can show you if you don't believe me.

August 1998. I was in retirement but came out of it for Joanne's wedding, where I am finally a full-fledged bridesmaid, yay! These dresses were really nice, they were a great find during the dress shopping. They are not black as the pic would lead you to believe, they're forest green but I am not that good with photoshop. Mare was also part of this wedding as a reader, so I according to my rules Mare, you have been in a wedding.

And there you have it, snicker and comment away :) I was in LisaT's wedding a couple of years ago as a reader, but I can't seem to find any pictures of me from it. [grumble grumble stupid ex didn't take pictures of me grumble grumble]

So, in summary:
  1. If anyone ever needs someone in their wedding party who has had prior experience, it's pretty safe to say that I'm your girl.
  2. It is possible to have a professional life-long career as a wedding attendant and look damn cute while doing it!
  3. I have a pretty good track record as a good luck charm, only one of these couples got divorced.
  4. I have had more baby's breath in my hair than any other human being on the planet.
  5. Proof that I have always been skinny, and yes, I do eat food. If you're ever worried about me not eating enough, just break out the popcorn and the Belgian chocolate, I'll be fine.
  6. I really don't look all that much different. Kind of scary, isn't it?
  7. If being anything other than a bridesmaid counts in the "3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride" I am so screwed.
  8. If this doesn't get me a date I don't know what will!! (ok, I can't even TYPE that with a straight face, HA!)

Unable to concentrate

Seem to be staring at the screen this afternoon, unable to concentrate. What better time to blog!

So no comments on my new picture? Come on, I was a cute baby! I may put myself down now, but I have no problem bragging about how cute I used to be :D Actually that should be a non-issue because I really don't look much different, to the point where it is eerie. Wait until you see the photo exposé. Maybe if I am not lazy I can post it later tonight. Stay tuned!

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? [giggles excitedly!] The U2 tickets arrived!!!

On a somewhat more serious note, I am worried about my younger brother. He's still having a very hard time dealing with the latest disowning from our mom. My older brother and I are just angry about it, but younger brother is upset. He's diabetic as well so it's messing his health up on top of everything else. I'm keeping an eye on it and I'll hopefully get to talk to him tonight.

Back to fun topics. Went to Lisa's last night to be a Mary Kay Skin Care guinea pig :) We had lots of fun and Jenn bought stuff and booked a glamour party. I attempted to apply makeup to myself for possibly only the 3rd time in my life, it's sad. 29 and I still have my mother's voice in my head telling me that wearing too much makeup will make you look like a tramp and how I wasn't allowed to wear it because I might wear too much. I realize I can do whatever I want now, but at this point I'm too lazy. It will bring an end to my ability to sleep later in the mornings so I am reluctant to sacrifice sleep for makeup. 100% pure laziness.

Regretted not going out for drinks later. Got home and said to myself, what am I doing here when I could be out? I said on Lisa's blog she should have pressured me more, since I am a sucker for not wanting to miss anything. I can also be talked into anything involving popcorn or Belgian chocolate.

Looking forward to the weekend - anything that involves a break from work is very appealing right now. Might do a trip to Moncton on Saturday... it's being discussed. If you're interested let me know. The Belgian chocolate will be the main goal of such a trip. [melts into chair]

Dating article

Go read this article. Parts of it sound like I wrote it (being the Suit Slut that I am). Funny!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Points of confusion

1) Is Mare on crack today?

2) Still somewhat confused as to the nature of PROJECT HOT COP

3) Still don't understand why PROJECT HOT COP has to be spelled out in caps

4) Who is Heather and why is she a rear admiral?

5) Don't ruin Top Gun for me. They're all straight.

6) What in hell are "chillycinos"?

7) How many people are reading this blog anyway?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Solution #2

Aha, betcha thought I wasn't going to blog today! Well, actually you would have been right if you had thought that. Wasn't having a very good day today. Woke up mad about the snow, mad about my job, mad about my lack of love life, and mad over a few other things. Decided to have a pity party today with myself as the only guest.

Wanted to come straight home at 5 today to lounge in the self-pity but had to spend some more time with the Carmen Electra 3way bathroom laptop. So I didn't get home until 6:30. Dell is even more stupid than I thought, if a corporation can be stupid, which it can't, but since I don't know the name of the person I was dealing with, I have to generalize. When I called up for the replacement hard drive for this laptop, I asked them to ship it to my work address. I also told them the name of my company. This was March 30th and I hadn't heard anything of it ever since. Over the last 2 days I've discovered that it seems they shipped it out right away on March 30. It hadn't arrived because they managed to put my name on the address label 3 times, but not my company name, nor the suite number in the building. So of course they didn't know who to deliver it to. However, my phone number was also on the label, but no one from the shipping company bothered to call and leave me a message saying they couldn't find me. Between the shipping company and Dell, there may be half a brain. In the end I just said to hell with it and picked it up in person at the depot, once I found out it had been sitting there since April 4th.

Finished the pro-bono work on the laptop and came home around 6:30. I have tapes full of TV from the last 2 weeks so I just decided to eat supper and catch up on TV tonight, and drown myself in fictional lives. Then Jenn called and I am very glad she did. We talked for over an hour and a half (didn't seem that long but my phone said 100 minutes!!) and I think we both felt much better afterwards. Sometimes blogging just ain't enough.

So out of my conversation with Jenn came my great idea of the day - solution #2 to my lack of love life. We were discussing the types of shirts worn by girls at bachelorette parties, such as "buck-a-suck" and it came to me - I can pretend I'm engaged! All us girls can go out this weekend and pretend it's a bachelorette party and I'll have them falling all over me. Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius!

Monday, April 11, 2005

TV listings site

Anyone heard anything about this site? It provides TV listings directly in MS Outlook. For free. Which is why I am extremely skeptical. But I can't find anything to indicate that it has spyware, and it's been around for a couple of years.

No comprendo señor

When I left work last Tuesday night, right before taking vacation, I was spent. Hard day, I was exhausted. I feel about the same right now. Within an hour of my arrival back at work I had an explosion to deal with (figuratively, not literally) and now I feel exhausted again. I seem to have returned straight into the crap I left behind for a few days. Looks like the work fairy did not come and visit me and magically solve my problems while I was gone.

I also got up and put my winter jacket on this morning. The kicker to end all kickers is that is already snowing in Moncton right now. Snow. Will someone please make this stop already. I don't want to bring my boots back out, nor my mittens, nor my hat, nor my scarf. While I do enjoy these things, and they keep me warm, it is now April and I would like to say goodbye to them for a while. This appears to be a difficult request when flakes are still falling from the sky.

I forgot to mention it before, but the chick lit library is now open if anyone wants to borrow anything. I was looking for a book for Jenn and it made the process a lot easier to just put books on shelves as I was digging around. Just finished "Can You Keep A Secret" by Sophie Kinsella. Made me laugh out loud in a bunch of spots. It must have been interesting to watch my facial expressions while on the plane yesterday, I get pretty engrossed while reading.

Thank God, time for lunch. Have no idea where I'll go or what I should eat but as long as I can get out of here for a few minutes... I need the break.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I didn't say I wasn't addicted

Response to Mare's entry:

a) yes I am addicted and have admitted that to at least one person, if not more

b) If I wasn't single I would have better things to do with my time than sit here and blog. But since I am single, and I can't join the convent, this is it.

c) I wasn't expecting a death threat over buying side tables, I just needed some advice... don't trust myself after choosing horrible easter bunny purple in basement bedroom

d) I am having pork chops for supper tonight, funny!

So I headed back to IKEA today, bought the tables (unbeknownst to me that there was a death threat hanging over me), bought Jenn's items: the pink stool (which looks more red), the blue coasters (which ARE the correct blue) and the beach bag. Also got a couple 4x6 frames and a neat napkin holder which will be great for the patio. Spent some time back at Pier 1 as well, looking at the kitchen table again. They decided to buy it but had to track down stock since they didn't have any at that paticular location.

Also saw the model home. This place is a mansion. Wow is the word when you go through this thing, holy crap. It's beautiful. It's huge. It would freak the crap out of me if I was committing to a house that big. It does freak them out as well but obviously not enough to stop them from doing it :D

The weather is much nicer here than home so we're BBQing pork chops for supper tonight with gf and her mom. What's with that flake-like forecast for home? Enough already. No more flakes. My coat was way too warm today. And yet I think I'll still be wearing it at home for a couple more weeks. Boooooo.

Where are you people?

It's 10:15am, where are the blogs telling me how Suessical was? I don't see anything anywhere... I am feeling left out now. I may cry. :( I was going to suggest that someone bring a stuffed bear or other animal with you as my representative last night, and then you could talk to it as though I was really there. Then I would get lots of hugs!!! I want to be a stuffed bear now. Now? Like I haven't always?

Saturday morning and I am on my blog. Yeah, pretty much the same as if I was home. But I am missing home now. I don't travel well. I have done plenty of traveling, but not the kind of person who likes to stay away for long periods of time. I am materialistic and become attached to my things, and since I can't fold up my house and take it with me, nor do I want to live in a trailer, so I must go without some things in order to travel.

I am feeling particularly poor this morning. I bought a couple of things for myself yesterday (Sideways DVD, a book and a magazine) but treated my bro and gf to dinner as thank you for carting me around and feeding me. That was $128, eeek. I feel like I must now eat rice for the rest of April to compensate. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to do it, and I did, I just don't normally spend that much on a dinner. Cheapo-Liz combined with a well-honed Catholic guilt kicks in and I end up punishing myself for spending too much money.

It was an overall disappointing trip downtown last night. Couldn't find parking friggin anywhere. We actually found the stores I was looking for that sold the exotic foreign dancewear quite easily, but after going through them I did not find anything I loved and wanted to spend $50-70 on. I was going to have to love it to spend that much money. But I didn't see anything that really jumped out at me. In fact most of them were pretty boring same-old, same old. I was let down. We then tried to go to Movenpick Marche for dinner, but it went out of business. Then we headed somewhere else and took forever to find it. I was cold walking outside last night, but at least I was wearing a heavier coat. So no hip scarf for me. :(

Yesterday's house tasks involved picking out exterior doors and windows. They're having trouble picking an exterior door, and they only have until Monday. Things are moving quickly.

The best part of yesterday was going over to gf's sister's house and meeting her sister, mother and as my nephew likes to call him, Baby Jake. Cutest 16-month old!!! He was adorable. Huge brown eyes. He kept trying to put on my shoes, which given how narrow they are probably wouldn't have been that far off his feet. Gf's family is really nice. After leaving I reflected to my brother that it was really odd to sit in a room with a family of people who care that you're building a house, want to help, aren't jealous and don't keep yapping on and on about how "I could have had that but now I'm poor". It was nice. But also very strange compared to what I'm used to hearing from my mom. She has us brainwashed into feeling guilty for having accomplishments that she can't have. Sad.

Today we're off to see the model home, so I'll actually get a feel for the house other than just from the floor plan. Gf, her mom, sister and Baby Jake will come too. We have to be back here in the afternoon for a real estate agent visit. Other than that nothing scheduled for today I guess. I'll need to make that trip back to IKEA to pick up the table(s) and stuff for Jenn, either today or tomorrow before I go. Since I'm going back I might get a couple of the 4x6 frames.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Montreal: Day One and Two

Hey, so I’m in Montreal, this is pretty cool. I got dropped off at the airport by my younger brother. My dad was supposed to drive me but he had a meeting that ran late so my brother came instead. I got there in plenty of time so I sat and watched CNN discuss the latest on the Pope while I waited. April 18th is the start of the conclave, and the Pope’s heart may be buried in Poland. Interesting.

Boarded the plane, got to sit next to a guy who seemed to enjoy bouncing his leg up & down so much that it makes the floor vibrate. I was ready to start stomping on the floor to show him how annoyed I was, but I stayed quiet. Stupid having-manners-liz.

My older brother met me at the airport and we headed to his office. He gave me the truck and a map and I headed off to do some shopping while I waited for him to finish his day of work. His girlfriend had asked earlier if I would feel comfortable with driving “that big truck”. Are you laughing with me on that one? Most of us remember my ’76 Chevy Blazer, loving dubbed George. Yeah, I don’t think a 4 door Jimmy will be a problem for me. I am, after all, the daughter of the “Bucko from Boiestown”, as my mother liked to call my father at times. I am a girly-girl in some respects but I can drive a truck (it just looks funny to see me do it). I also used to prefer dinky cars to dolls and caught a fish once.

George, coincidentally, was the only thing I loved that was brown. Originally he was orange, but my dad painted him brown.

So I took the truck and headed off to IKEA. I called Mare from IKEA, the people around me were probably saying "so what?" I spent a good 2 hours in there looking all around, it’s like going through a set on a stage, or someone's open house, very weird, but very cool. Jenn, there were lots of couches, some comfortable, and some not. If they looked really square, they felt square. That kind of thing you’d have to pick out in person for sure. The smushier ones were comfy though.

Lisa, I got your candles. At first I could only find off-white and white but that was because I hadn’t made it to the candle section yet, so there I found the yellow.

I bought myself the plastic bag holder I’ve been wanting for quite a while, so I can install that in my closet and have less clutter. Also bought a small velvet bag in the kids’ section which I thought would be good for putting my belly dancing hip scarf in so it won’t get hurt. Bought some frames to match the ones Mare bought so I can add more to the wall of pictures. I bought 4 5x7 and 2 8x10-ish but am now thinking I should have also gotten a couple 4x6? Still have time to go back if I feel like it.

One thing I am seriously considering going back to get is the square LACK side table, in the brown-black color with a wood-grain texture that when I saw it in person, would go very well with the color Stew stained my coffee table. I would be able to bring these back with me, I could tape the boxes together and stick them on the plane. So I need help there. Do I get one or two of those tables and bring them back? They’re only $30 each. If you have a minute hop online and take a look at them and offer me some advice please!!!

After IKEA I buzzed through a nearby mall, but mostly stores I can shop at when I’m home, so nothing bought there. I’ll save my money for visits to Chapters and Jacob.

While driving I turned on the stereo in the truck and played the cd my brother had in there. Laughed at how it would be pretty similar to something I would have made. Then it finished and went back to the first and I said, out loud, what the hell is this? It was Rich Girl, but not by Gwen Stefani. I later described it as the mini-pops version but it wasn’t sung by kids so that wasn’t exactly accurate. It was definitely someone else singing the song, but it actually took some convincing to make my brother agree. At first I thought he was just teasing me and he knew the difference but he wasn’t and didn’t. Later he played the two songs together and I could tell he knew I was right but was still reaching for the “maybe it’s a different speed” explanation. I guess he has not seen the video/heard the original as much as I have to immediately be able to tell the difference. Not having cable TV in his house means you don’t get to watch videos all the time like me.

Went back to my brother’s office and then headed to his girlfriend’s house where I was able to meet her for the first time. She’s really nice. She sort of looks like Jennifer on Days, only taller and skinnier. Not twins or anything but that was who she reminded me of.

My brother’s humor is as it always is. On our way back from the concert, in response to something his girlfriend said, he described himself as a Transformer, “because there’s more than meets the eye.” And then proceeded to laugh himself silly over it. Gotta love my brother :D

Thursday was a lazy morning, I think I was up around 9 but read for a while before actually getting up. Did my email and blogging, then we headed to Doirion to pick out kitchen cabinets and countertops. I sat and listened, making the occasional comment, realizing that building a house comes with a lot of choices and am I ever glad I didn't have to make them. Now I know why interior designers exist. Starting with a blank slate is hard.

So they ended up picking out cabinets, which I think they are wavering on and will likely change after they pick out the tile for the kitchen floor. They did pick out a nice set of blue cabinets for the main upstairs bathroom with a nice complementary countertop that they both really liked. Blue may sound weird, you have to see it, it does look really nice. There was also the ensuite to pick stuff out for, they went for brown cabinets in there (boo). Brother asked what I thought for that bathroom and I reminded him, "I hate brown". So I stayed out of that one. Gf went back home to do some work and brother and I headed out.

From there we headed to see the new house, or should I say the new foundation. It's already been poured, and the forms taken away. This thing is moving fast. It's quite the neighborhood, wow. It's like driving through Rothesay or Quispam. Pretty swanky. Tomorrow we're going to be able to get back into the model home which is the same plan as what they are building. Mare, what does Arbrisseaux mean? That's the name of the street.

We also stopped by Pier 1 to look at a kitchen table, but I don't think that's going to work. It's the one I liked actually, with the green on the legs and the chairs whose back have an X design. The green just seems too bright. They are thinking of a terra cotta/mediterranean type of floor, but not too orangey. Depends on the tile I guess.

Had lupper at Cora's, sat and talked for a while. My brother gave me the questions of "what do you think of gf?" and "can you see us married?" I told him she was really nice but that I couldn't make a judgement on whether I could see them married based on only having met her 24 hours ago. I didn't want that to come off sounding like I didn't like her, because I do. I told him that. Just can't make that kind of call after only having talked to her for a grand total of a couple of hours, during which I am sure both of us were a bit nervous about making a good impression with each other. So far so good, I said.

We met back up with gf and headed to the bank for them to sign mortgage papers, then off to the Outback Steakhouse for supper. Got to watch a smidgen of The Masters. Kind of miss not being home with my dad & grandfather watching it, but there's always next year.

After that we headed back to gf's house to watch The Apprentice. Gf says everyone in her office was using Tana's line from last week, in which she described something as "it's not rocket scientist". I saw that last week too and said to myself, "did she just say scientist?" Funny!

I seem to have a new fan in Tank the cat. Tank decided I looked like a comfy place to be and since I was offering some scratching I became his best friend of the evening. It was funny watching him try to get up a couple of times and then just give up as he was too comfy. He's a very vocal cat, mews loudly for his food or treats. But very affectionate, which if I had a cat, is how I'd like it to be.

That's it so far. Today we go pick out windows, I think that is the only thing scheduled. Tomorrow in the morning we'll meet up with gf's sister and new baby and head to the model home. In the afternoon we're making plans to go downtown and I can do my exotic foreign dancewear shopping.

So the world is coming to an end

My brother forwarded this to me. Seems Cookie Monster will be eating less cookies in the near future. I'm in denial.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

When all we see is the view to a kill

Montreal: April 6, 2005. I walk into the Bell Centre and see the stage. A rush comes over me, I am finally here! There's the stage!!! It’s round, with two platforms jutting out on either side. Not as large a stage compared to say the Reflex video.

It's pretty hard to be disappointed by going to see one of your favorite bands in concert, unless they totally suck. Well my friends, this one definitely did NOT suck. The only really bad part about this show is that it is now the morning after and it’s over :( I did have a couple of surprises compared to my expectations but not in a bad way – more later.

The opening act, we couldn’t quite figure out if it was a band or a single artist. She introduced the rest of the band but then said her own name twice. And if you’re a single artist, do you normally let another chick take over singing on one of the songs? I am confused. I’m going to see if I can find a paper today to figure out who they/she was. Their stuff was pretty good actually, I found myself enjoying the set and would like to get their songs. Or her songs. Whichever.

The arena grows dark. The sound of a “boom-boom”..… “boom-boom” resonates through the building. 5 figures walk onto the stage in single file, then each takes a place on the edge of the round stage, a couple of feet apart. They are all here!!! This is soooo cool!!!! I am finally getting to see them!!! They each then take their places, pick up their instruments, and begin to play “Sunrise”. Awesome.

After that Simon asked “is anyone hungry?” and the crowd went crazy for Hungry Like The Wolf. More awesomeness.

The highlight of the show for me was that they did indeed play A View To A Kill. I had been sitting down for one song I didn’t recognize as my knee started to hurt a bit, but when I heard it start, I leapt out of my chair and am lucky I didn’t fall down the stadium, I was so excited. I love that song. IMO, one of the best Bond theme songs ever. I am a biased Durannie, but I am also a huge Sheryl Crow fan. Tomorrow Never Dies was not one of her best songs. By far. Probably the other topping that list would be Live and Let Die. 2 best Bond theme songs.

They also played Notorious, one of our favorite tunes. The Reflex was very cool to see live, Simon even did his little spin for that. Wild Boys finished the main set and that was really well done, my brother said that was the highlight for him.

The encore brought them back out to do White Lines, which I thought went a little long and would have been better as part of a medley. But still good. Then Girls On Film, during the middle of which they introduced the band, and Simon crawled up through the first few rows of the lower bowl to a long-haired blonde and asked her to introduce him. She wouldn’t do it!!! Pick me!!! She got her friend beside her to do it. What the hell are you doing at this concert lady??!!?? Pick me!!! They finished up with Girls On Film and then ended with Rio, I knew this would be the last song of the night and through it all I kept saying to myself, noooo, don’t let it end, play more!!!

So all in all a great show. The sound was a bit muffled, so sometimes you couldn’t make out Simon’s words, but if you’re me then you knew every word and were singing and dancing along anyway. My throat is a little scratchy this morning what from all the singing and the “woo”. The backup singer they had was really good, a black lady with a skirt so short if you had floor seats you would have had 2 shows in one. But she could sing, and she wasn’t banished to the back of the stage like a lot of backup singers. She would walk around out on the platforms and sometimes meet up with Simon and sing together, it was a nice arrangement.

Most people, I think, would regard Duran Duran as a synth-pop kind of band. Not live. Andy Taylor rips through that guitar, it was awesome. You can’t contain him, he likes to play big and loud. During some songs you can’t hear Nick play the keyboard like you would on the recording, but it made it all the better by hearing Andy rip through the songs. I like that anyway, ripping guitar is awesome. One of the reasons I like Heart so much, Brigade is a great album for ripping through the guitar. Now I understand why he wanted to go off and form Power Station with John, it gave him more of a chance to play loud.

It was so nice to see Roger Taylor back behind his drum kit, and enjoying it. He was the first to leave the band in the mid-80s. I didn’t realize he was that short!! Nick Rhodes, who has always worn makeup, didn’t look any different. Thankfully John Taylor got rid of the blonde highlights he had going a couple of months ago, but still has his hair too dark, and it makes him look pale. But he’s still cute. Andy Taylor just got back from his father’s funeral, and appeared to be enjoying himself on stage so that was good. Simon Le Bon seemed to be a tad slower than if you see him running around in his 80s videos, but since it is now 20 years later he can be forgiven for that. He seemed to be more excited about some songs than others, but maybe that was just to give himself a break. He definitely sang some songs better than others, for instance I thought he didn’t do a wonderful job on Sunrise, the opener, but seemed to get better as the night went on.

Great show, I am sad to know it’s over. I could so have brought in my camera and taken pictures, but I didn’t, and am slightly pissed about that, but at least I still have it and it wasn’t confiscated. I had an awesome time, I am so glad I went, and I wish I could go again. If they tour again I will definitely go again.

One bad thing that did happen to me last night was someone spilling coffee all over the back of my chair and floor… and not regular coffee, but some kind of French vanilla crap or something, it reeked. I hate coffee. And of course it got on my jacket and all over my shopping purse. Had to throw them in the wash as soon as I got home. I think they’re ok now, the purse is still drying out.

I will post later on the rest of my trip, let you guys catch up on this much first :D

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Look lady....

After having a very long day today, full of dealing with the fallout from morons, I didn't expect to come home and have a phone message from a complete stranger chewing me out for hanging up on her after she said hello 3 times and heard a click. I'm sorry you didn't appreciate being hung up on, and I certainly always say "sorry, wrong number" if I call someone by mistake. I wasn't home at 4pm to make a wrong number phone call. Unless Hugs, Choco or Duckie suddenly developed the ability to use the phone, no one was here at 4pm to call you. So before you go yapping at me for hanging up on you, get your facts straight. And if you didn't have a private number, I would have courteously called you back and told you it wasn't me.

I don't do anything wrong, and I still get blamed for it.

Brain. fried. can't. speak.

Pretty poor looking liz sitting at her desk right now. If I could put my head down and type at the same time I'd do it. Instead I sit in my chair, slouched, devoid of any energy. Work has sucked the soul out of me again. And it's only Tuesday. But in just over 24 hours I will be listening to The Reflex, trying to figure out what that song means - if anyone else knows, please share. 20 years later and I still have no idea what it's about.

It's 6:20. I haven't yet begun the evening's worth of work I have to do before I get to go home and pack. Ugh.

I have decided that it appears to be impossible to find an 80s-loving, brown-hating, ham-loving, church-going catholic guy to go out with me. Except if I joined the convent. Then Jesus would be my man. I've found the solution!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Estonian crack candy hangover

Well, it's more like the time change hangover, but the Estonian crack candy hangover sounds much more glamorous.

So Firth Fest went well, except for the part where the Pope died, but other than that I think people enjoyed themselves. Made a mental note that most can only handle 3 movies in a row and not 4. Everyone went home around 1am, which was really 2am because of the time change, then I spent another hour doing a little cleaning up and listening to some tunes... finally got to bed around 3.

Sunday morning I decided I was not going to make it to church, so I decided on the final option of evening mass at the Cathedral. Headed out Sunday afternoon to the belly dancing hafla, which was a lot of fun. I got up and did my dance routine, I did well but Jenn is right, I do need to not look like I am counting. More practice! We got to see the dance troupe perform, as well as a couple of classes ahead of me, so that was cool to see what I'll eventually learn if I stick with it. My next session starts next Monday, so I am looking forward to getting back to it, and Joanne will be joining us for class too so that is awesome :)

After that I headed to Mass. The priest of course discussed the Pope and talked about how he was in Europe at the time of the Pope's installation mass, and decided to go to Rome to see it, it was interesting to hear him talk about it. Headed to work for a few minutes after mass to fix a minor issue before Monday.

Spent the rest of the evening hanging with Jay, discussing the drama that is my life, trying to remember what Stan Meissner songs I had in my basement, and eating some Estonian candy that had cute flying dragons on it. One of them also exploded. Strange candy. Made me wonder if it was secretly smuggled crack or something. When the room stops spinning I'll let you know.

So only 2 more sleeps!!! I am pretty excited about this concert. Not to fear, loyal readers, I will be blogging while I'm away. I believe the word is "addicted". Too late now. I am hooked.

I didn't leave work until 8pm tonight, had to drive by my brother's house and make sure he wasn't conked out from an insulin change since he seems to refuse to answer his phone, drop some stuff off to my grandfather, and came home to finish cleaning up from the party and yesterday's middle-eastern cookie baking. Kind of left things a mess, I hate that. Must not leave house in messy condition so as to come home to messy house after vacation. Have a ton of work to do tomorrow if I want a relatively stress-free vacation. I *will* get it done.

My older brother wrote me today, he & girlfriend signed on the dotted line for their new house, so he sent me a picture of the land with a title of "We bought a hole!" The arrangements are for him to pick me up at the airport and dump me at IKEA and the mall across the street from his office (gee, wonder what I'll do there?!?!) then he'll take Thursday and Friday off and I'll go with them to pick out some kitchen cupboards or something. Girlfriend was concerned that I may not want to be drug along on that trip, but obviously she hasn't met me yet... my brother assured her I wouldn't have a problem with that :)

That's enough for tonight, I gotta get some sleep. btw, I am making progress on the upcoming photo exposé, I cropped all the pics tonight so now I just need to put it all together. Will likely do that while I'm away. hehehehe. photo exposé. hehehehe.


A very sad, though expected, event took place this weekend with the death of Pope John Paul II. It's hard to continue throwing a party when you know the Pope has died, it doesn't leave you in much of a party mood but not wanting to disappoint my friends, I plowed ahead with Firth Fest. I did get up at one point during one of the movies and go and read some reports on the net.

It serves as a time to go back and look at his legacy, all that he has done over the past 26 years. It was a long papacy, one of the three longest. St Peter himself was one of the longest. I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot over the next month or so as everything unfolds.

I found the Pope to be a great man. He always seemed kind and generous, and I especially appreciated his affection for youth and encouragement of them. Like a lot of young Catholics I didn't necessarily agree with his stance on some issues, which I don't want to debate here, but to me his accomplishments during his papacy outweighed any issues I disagreed on. His legacy can be seen in a lot of places, but one area I find interesting is how other religious leaders seemed to respect this Pope and his efforts. Even non-Catholics have referred to JPII as a great leader.

It's an extremely fascinating time right now to watch these events. John Paul II had been in poor health for so many years that debate over a successor has been going on for what seems like forever. I have a sense of concern that the next Pope will have large shoes to fill, wondering what his primary focus will be, what issues will be important to him, will he be as well-travelled? A lot of questions.

One of the cardinals described the effect of the Pope's death on us as like being orphaned. I find that to be a good description, it does kind of feel that way. Also somewhat like the death of a grandparent, an elder that you cared a lot about and who guided you through [religious] life. Except we'll be fortunate enough to be granted another spiritual leader.

Friday we will see the funeral of JPII and within 14 days of his death, but no more than 20, the cardinals will begin the process of picking a new leader amongst themselves. One of the changes JPII made during his papacy that directly affects this papal election was to change the definition of majority. The previous rules stated that the candidate had to have a 2/3 majority before being declared, but now it is a simple majority that will determine the successor.

I was 3 when John Paul II became Pope, but that is beyond my memory so it seems like he has been there all of my life. Now he's gone and it feels strange, eerie, unstable. Yet intriguing at the same time to be an adult and witness the process of finding a new Pope, learning about how the process works and praying that we will have another great leader to look up to and be guided by. Fascinating times.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I hereby declare

... that I have finally finished the ironing that has been piling up in here for a month now. It's done. It's finally done. And now I must host a party as people are arriving.

Still no sign of a ham poem. Will I be disappointed? Stay tuned.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Dear Love

We have received your application for residency. We regret to inform you that the particular unit you have requested is not available at this time. The previous tenant unfortunately left the unit in an uninhabitable condition - broken, damaged, bruised and barely salvagable. Until such time as it has been repaired, we are unable to offer it for residency.

Please note that due to the damage caused by this previous tenant, we were forced to greatly increase our screening procedures to ensure that such extensive damage will not occur again in the future.

If by chance you would like to assist in the renovation of the unit in exchange for permanent residency, we may be able to accomodate you. Otherwise, please go f*** yourself.


The Property Commission of the Heart of Liz