Monday, November 10, 2008


It's hard to feel motivated when you don't see that carrot at the other end of the stick. All I see is the stick still being there, and right now, that's not much of a motivator.

I was supposed to have a 4 day weekend, but that got cut short to a regular weekend. Partly because I am behind, but also because a third party didn't clearly explain their expectations of me. I'm really angry about that, since they sat in front of me and marked off what needed to be accomplished, only to later turn around and ask if I was finished other things. I'm losing motivation and energy at a very quick pace.

I didn't have much of a summer vacation. I took a few days off when John moved. I couldn't take any time off during his mother/nephew's visit. I took two days off for a 1 day event in Montreal. I'm burning out.

I have US Thanksgiving booked off, and if the job market continues to look bleak, John will be off too. I am taking that time come hell or high water. I need the break. I learned today that I may also be able to take the time between Christmas and New Year's. It's not my turn, but the other person doesn't seem to care as much as I do about it. I could really use that solid week off to relax and just enjoy myself.

I've been working from home this evening for the past 2 hours, and now I'm pretty much spent. I still have laundry to finish. It may have to take a backseat tonight.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Halloween candy distribution didn’t go as badly as I thought.  Even the older kids were polite, and I got lots of compliments on the carved pumpkins.  One even fist bumped me and gave me props.   I had about 70 kids in total.  No really good costumes this year.


I sat outside and tried to read, but wasn’t feeling like it in the end that night.  Instead I grabbed the laptop and did some wireless surfing, trying to come up with a very last minute Halloween costume, to no avail.  I just couldn’t produce something that quickly.  We also could not find the shirt that belonged to John’s renaissance outfit, so we both decided to go to a party un-costumed.  We walked in the door and got some comments on our lack of costume, but whatever.  The party was more subdued than previous years.  I think a lot of people were tired from the week and/or Chicago rehearsals.  I wasn’t interested in playing Rock Band, so a bunch of us sat around and talked.


Work encouraged us to dress up on Halloween, but then also scheduled security badge photos on the same day.  I questioned that decision and was basically told to stuff it. 


Didn’t end up going to Calais on Saturday because my package didn’t say it had been delivered.  Mum went to Bangor today so I’m getting her to stop and pick up my parcel.  I think we’ll be heading to Calais again either the 15th or 22nd to get a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I also want to buy a bunch of stuff online for xmas presents, so if I can get organized and order a crapload of stuff, I can save some money.  Saving money is paramount right now after all of the moving debt and John still being unemployed.  We have some leads for him, and his resume is getting out there, so I hope we’ll get movement soon.  He’s bored, and we need the money.  :)


I’m headed over to Mare’s tonight to do some knitting.  Dre and possibly Emily are coming over too.  I may try to hit Michael’s tonight before heading to Mare’s to get some yarn on sale.  I’m going to try knitting another blanket.  I have a sample piece of fabric that will be used for Regan’s baby room.  I think the light green/white combo yarn may be the best match.  I liked how that yarn knit up, so I’d like to stick with that rather than something adult and more scratchy.


Tomorrow night is knitting club at the library again.  I am almost finished the mini-purse we’re doing as our project.  I just have the strap remaining to knit.  Maybe I’ll finish that off tonight.  I restarted a scarf for myself and can keep working on that too.


Correction on the previous post: It was not the same neighbour who I spoke with about the kids in our yard.  It was a different neighbour who told her kids to cut across our yard on their bikes.