Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Birthday Mare!

A big shout out to Mare, whose birthday is today, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight is MST Night, and since it is raining heavily and will continue to do so tonight, there will be no BBQing. If people want to bring stuff to cook in the oven instead, please feel free. I think I will make a pizza for myself, need the leftovers anyway :)

More personal update coming soon, it's been an interesting week so far.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

MST Night on Wednesday

MST Night is a go for Wednesday at my place. 6pm start for BBQ (if not raining), 7pm start for movies. I should be home shortly after 5 from work if anyone wants to come earlier.

We'll be viewing MST The Movie, Laserblast (the final Comedy Central episode) and perhaps some shorts if we have time. Being a work night, none of us likely want to stay up that late.

Bring some snacks, I'll have the customary cupcakes. There's also some liquor in the fridge for Stew, Jenn, and Corona that I think is Scott M's. And as always there is house rum :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Chris' new kitten can totally kick these other kittens' asses when it comes to cuteness.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Another week in the can

Portland Trip

Just got back from our shopping trip to Portland. A good time was had by all. For an extensive recap, visit Mare's blog. I want to thank the girls for putting up with Liz the Crank for a couple of days. Apparently it is not a good idea to go on a shopping trip a week before you have to fork out thousands of dollars for a lawn. This put a damper on my spending, but even with that I did not find the deals the other girls did (note the lack of mentions on Mare's blog about what I bought... that's because I bought the least of all). Not for lack of trying, mind you. I saw plenty of stuff that I loved, none of it on sale, and all of it expensive. The other girls walked out of the Fox Run Mall with bags upon bags, and I walked out with a couple of things that neatly fit into my purse. It was a sad moment, as I think it spelled the end of my hardcore shopping abilities.

Equally as sad was watching the sheer glee of the 3 girls running in to shoe stores. It's not that I don't want $14 shoes, it's that I can't have $14 shoes. Maybe I need my own telethon. Liz needs a new pair of shoes, please call now! Our lines are open.

I seem to have inherited my mother's taste for all things expensive, as well as her insanely narrow feet. I must marry rich. If you're rich, call me: I'm available! For a limited time only. Offer void in Quebec and Utah.

I did get 3 shirts, 2 tank tops, 2 DVDs, 2 bowls, some underwear, a pair of pants, a set of coasters, muffin mix, pop, a birthday card and no large Visa bills, so it all worked out in the end.


The subcontractor hired by the City was by this week to sod the ditch. I came back from the trip to see the work had been done while I was gone, and that I had a huge amount of sod still sitting on my property. Hmmm, free sod? Alas no, they're coming to get it today.

Next week (or the week after) is the target installation date for my hydroseeding. Which means I need to finish that weeding I started a couple of weeks ago, remove the potted plants that Regan planted last fall, and have Dad move the giant rock that was by the back door into the empty spot where the potted plants were. Maybe this time I can weed without killing my muscles for the following 2 weeks, that'd be nice.

Dad is building the retaining wall by the back door today. Have to go home at lunch and look at the brick before he starts, as it ended up being different than what we'd picked out at Shaw Brick.

MST Night

MST Night is all set for next Wednesday, the 31st, which is also Mare's birthday. I decided I am unable to host it outside because I won't be able to procure the projector and screen, so I guess inside it will be. Since it is a work night, I'll be aiming for 6pm start for BBQ and 7pm start for movies? Sound good?


I ordered maps of Tucson that I had hoped would show up in time for me to pick them up at the PO box on my way back from Portland. No such luck. If anyone is headed to Calais before Sept. 15, please let me know and perhaps you could check the mailbox for me?

Tucson is a scant 3 weeks away now. Wow. Seemed like it was so far off and now it is so close. Scary, in a way, as I have a lot riding on one particular aspect of this trip. Not to mention trying to keep a couple of people from getting grand ideas for work, which could mean huge changes.

I wrote to a friend of mine from New Jersey who always attends the conference. We met in 2002 in Chicago and always have fun together every year since. She wrote back to tell me she won't be there this year, or any year, because they have switched software vendors. This really blows. I was looking forward to seeing her and hanging out in our off time. I am totally bummed out by this. Now there's a hardcore shopper. I will miss her terribly.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride

I was officially asked last night to be in my older brother's wedding. It's me as bridesmaid, the bride's pregnant sister as maid of honor, the bride's brother-in-law as groomsman, and my younger brother as best man. So a sibling bridal party, which I think is really nice. The colors for the wedding are white, silver and cranberry. This means myself (a size 0) and a 7-month pregnant lady have to find dresses which are the same color but can be different styles. They are in Montreal, and I am in SJ. This is not going to be easy. The bride hasn't even gotten her own dress yet... she sounds stressed and could use my help, esp with her sister being pregnant and also has a toddler. I told her I'd do anything I could from here. She's going to go out with her mother & sister and start looking in dress shops, and then I will likely go up in October to try things on, etc. I am beginning to think though that it might be a better plan to have dresses made. With the wedding 3 months away is that enough time to get a bridesmaid dress made? We could buy the fabric from the same place, and then each have our dress made in our own city. I might poke around Fabricville this weekend and look at cranberry/burgundy fabric and dress patterns, and maybe hit up Mare/Steph for some recent bridal magazines if they still have them.

This marks wedding #9 that I will be involved in. I had a few years off there, but I must say it'll be nice to be back in the groove! I am a professional, after all. I know how to march up that aisle in heels with the correct timing. Break out the flowers, I'm back, baby!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Feast #60

Do you get excited when the season begins to change? Which season do you most look forward to?

Yes, as a matter of fact I do. The start of summer has to be my favorite, after a long, cold, winter and crappy spring, I live for summer and some relief. Second favorite is the start of fall, because of the foliage. After the leaves fall, though, I can do without the rest of it until summer again.

What day of the week is usually your busiest?

I don't think I can narrow it down in general. This week, Thursday was my busiest day... the smell of next week's vacation was in the air and people were calling me with the most maddening requests. I was very frustrated. Today thankfully has been a lot more productive.

Would you consider yourself to be strict when it comes to grammar and spelling? What's an example of the worst error you've seen?

Ha! This is hilarious! Strict, me?!?! Excessively anal would be the right choice. My personal pet peeve error-wise is the incorrect usage of the apostrophe. Apparently grammar is no longer taught in school.

An interesting point, I chat with someone daily (a writer, at that) who only misspells words when they write to me. Guess that curse is working :)

Main Course
Who has a birthday coming up, and what will you give them as a gift?

The more appropriate question is who doesn't have a birthday coming up? I know 12 birthdays in August-October. Next up is Scott T, whose b'day is Sunday... sorry Scott I didn't get you a gift :(

Next present-buying birthday is Mare. I don't have her gift yet, but I am sure what with this whole shopping trip next week, I'll be able to find something :)

If you could have any new piece of clothing for free, what would you pick?

Gimme the fur coat! I'm cold all the time, dammit!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

MST Night

Thinking of MST Night for Wednesday August 31, Mare's birthday. Good date/bad date?

Indoor or outdoor event?

Leave a comment please :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday's tribulations

Just got home from Monkeytown a short while ago. A successful trip work-wise, but not as much so shopping wise.

Got the muffin tins I've been wanting, now I can ditch the old ones. Also got my much revered Belgain chocolate.

Upon discovering that the owner of an imports store in Fredericton had now opened up shop in Moncton, I set off today deciding I was going to find myself a hip scarf for when dance class starts up again in the fall. I am currently borrowing one from my office roomie and need to eventually give that back to her. I stopped by the store but to my dismay they had very little in the way of hip scarves, similar to the limited selection that I saw in Montreal. What they did have was too large for me. This appears to be my problem - no one expects a skinny belly dancer. So I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to have to buy something online. I'd just rather be able to see it in person before buying.

Made a stop into Chapters to buy a book, but it wasn't 30% off like it is online, so much for that plan. After looking at it, not sure I want it anymore anyway.

Stopped at Costco and got some chicken, steak, a magazine, bug lantern refills (though I can't find the bug lanterns) and some power bars for work. Not much in the way of books today, I didn't see anything that interested me. I already have a pile of books and magazines to catch up on anyway, so just as well.

For the first time in quite a while, I am off to bed early. Looking forward to a little bit of extra sleep :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Quick update, in point form

  • Had a restful weekend after a stressful week, in part thanks to some napping Friday night
  • A huge thanks for inviting me to the cast party, I had a blast! It was truly great to boogie down, I used to do that all the time and I miss it. We must do that again soon.
  • Spent part of Sunday weeding the bed under the living room window. Apparently I have muscles and they are very upset with me today
  • Dad dropped off my last load of wood for the winter. Nice to have it all looked after much earlier this year... but there's more money I need to pay back.
  • Bought a baby shower gift for LisaT tonight, as the shower is on Saturday.
  • Tonight's supper consisted of a chocolate dip donut, some Doritos, and an ice cream cone. Too lazy to BBQ once I got home from present shopping.
  • Am headed to Moncton tomorrow afternoon... thank God! Look out Leonidas.
  • Any opinions on which night of Aug 28-Sept 1 would be good for MST Night? (the 2nd and 3rd are no good). We could have it on Mare's birthday (31st) but I leave that up to Mare, since it is her birthday to plan as she wishes. But it's a thought.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Slack attack

Yeah, I’ve been a big slacker when it comes to this blog over the past week. Had a few reasons, but it’s my blog dammit, if I want to be slack, I will. I am also going to jump around a lot while writing this, you’ve been warned.

Today's goal is not falling asleep at work. After a particularly stressful episode late last night, I went to bed and woke up feeling as though I needed another week of sleep. I would love to pull a George Costanza under my desk, except for the fact that's where the mice hang out.

Vag arrived last Friday and spent the week at my place. He left this morning, unfortunately I was not coherent enough to get up and say goodbye... but I am not very good at goodbyes anyway. Have a safe trip back, Vag, and I'm glad you had a good time and were able to relax and not have a rushed vacation. It was nice to have someone around for a change, especially someone who also cooks dinner (I appreciated that very much) :) Come back anytime!

Last week I spent furiously planning for the luau. Seemingly so much to do for what was supposed to be (and did indeed turn out to be) a fun party. Decorations, music, drives, plans… all very stressful but ensured a great time. I’m glad everyone came, drank, danced, drank, ate, drank, talked, drank, tried to stand up but couldn’t, and drank. Did I mention there was a lot of drinking at this party? It had been a while since I was the lone sober person in a room full of people who were quite trashed. When it gets to that level, Sober Girl tries to figure out why people are having so much more fun… but never regrets her alcohol-free lifestyle. Can’t be without the West Side Shuttle, ¿verdad?

So I think the luau turned out to be a great time had by all. I had a bit of trouble with someone else’s misconceptions, and my mother was apprently staked out in front of my house while I was gone, but other than that I had a good time. Jody took one of the best pics of me that I’ve seen in a long time… and that’s saying a lot because I am extremely hard on myself when it comes to seeing my own pictures, so yay for me. I sent a huge batch of pics to Chris since he kindly offered to host them. Look for them soon [read: once he is done theatre and has free time again :) ]

Karaoke last Friday was very fun, as usual. It was finally our time to have Vag get up with Mare & I to do Love Shack. Good times, good times. After that we headed to Boston Pizza. You know, I like the place, but I still think they charge too much for the portion of food you’re ordering. A petite rack of ribs, fries, pop and tip and $25 later I feel like I could have gotten a lot more for a lot less somewhere else. It was good, but delicious enough to be worth that much. I’ll go back, but not regularly. I think I’ll stick with Swiss Chalet for expensive ribs – they’re my favorite.

I am finding this week particularly difficult at work. I desperately need a vacation. Wednesday I was so overtired and stressed out about work and personal issues that I sat at my desk and quietly cried while I spewed an email out to someone. I am stuck in this odd position of liking to work alone, but need another person with different expertise to fill in the gaps of my knowledge (and take over so I can go on vacation). I am feeling a lot more tied down again now that I am a department of one. I just really need a break so I can get away and refocus. I am really looking forward to the Portland trip, but it is still only 3 days off, then the next time I get away is Tucson, where all but a couple of days will be spent traveling or attending the conference. In the meantime, I placate myself with little things – going for walks at lunch, and yesterday I took a break around 2:45 and went to DQ, sat outside and ate a sundae while the sun finally made an appearance. I wish the break could have been longer.

On the landscaping front, everything is all set for the last week of August for hydroseeding. In the meantime, Dad is going to build me a retaining wall outside the basement door to hopefully ward off any flooding next winter. This also involves moving the large rock that is sitting right by the back door. I don’t know where to put that rock when he moves it. I looked around the front yard but couldn’t decide on a good place amongst the other rocks of where to place it. Suggestions welcome.

I also reminded myself this morning of how badly I need to remove the weeds around the existing rocks. [sigh] I really don’t enjoy outdoor work. Give me vacuuming, laundry, anything indoors and I don’t mind doing it. I just can’t bring myself to do any work outside the house. I do need to get this weeding done though. There are weeds so high in front of the living room window that they blow in the wind and I find them distracting. The hard part for me will be trying to dig through the real plants and weeds and figure out which are which… something I am not all that good at, but I trust my intelligence will help me get it straight. Plants = good. Weeds = not good. Weeds that are also flowers = ?

Monday night saw me headed to the Valley for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I thoroughly enjoyed it, great performances by all. Gilbert shows anger very well [he got very noticably red :) ] Jay’s constant face-stuffing as Starveling was hilarious, I loved it! Scott was at his comedic best playing the manic Bottom. Kudos to everyone on a great show. I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of being able to bring your own chair and food while enjoying a great performance. I hope this idea will stick around in the future. I will also have to remember to bring bug spray.

Wednesday night I met up with friends for dinner at the Alehouse. Upon reflection, what ended up to be a $29 meal after all was said and done, was disappointing. Not enough to make me never go there again, but again another case of poor service. The waitress actually said out loud to Scum, “I wonder what I need to ask you for that” [meaning what choices he had for that meal]. If you’re working there, you should know. She also seemed like she really didn’t want to be there. Note to all the food service industry people out there: I know it sucks to be a waiter/waitress when you really want to make your living some other way. The thing is, you accepted this job. Don’t punish me for the fact you don’t want to be there. I expect courteous service, not a lethargic, can’t-be-bothered person taking my order. I left her a tip anyway, mainly because I knew we'd be headed there after Theatre On The Edge and didn’t want to be “pssst, there’s that girl who didn’t tip me last night… better give her crappy service!”

I’ve had the prime rib at the Alehouse a couple of times, and with the exception of prime rib cooked by my mom, it was the tastiest I’ve had. Last night apparently the definition of “medium” took on a new meaning. I guess all pink with a touch of blood is the new “medium”. [sigh] Definitions of the well done-ness of meat are pretty widely known… do they expect people to not send things back, or not put up a fuss? In the end I didn’t, but should have. I don’t like their fries either.

Before heading to Theatre On The Edge, Vag and I met up with T-L and Van at D'Amico for supper. I had a bowl of spaghetti... or should I say, a bowl of mushrooms with some spaghetti in it. [sigh] Should have gone for the lasagna instead. I'll know for next time. Again, the waitress seemed good at first, but then apparently didn't care if we paid. We were starting to run late and had to go track her down to pay our bills. Why is good service such a difficult concept around here?

A big congrats to everyone involved in Theatre On The Edge, you guys put in a lot of effort [insert Kermit's wildly waving arms and saying yay!] I will be glad to see you all with more free time now, though. I've been invited by many people to attend the cast party, and I think I will go. I won't be wearing the required trashy shirt though, sorry to disappoint. I seem to be attracting the wrong kind of attention to myself lately, and trashy shirt may just continue that trend, so I've decided to go as normal. I do coincidentally have a hair appointment tomorrow morning, so at least there's one thing I won't have to worry about appearance-wise. Now I just need to figure out specifically what to wear (no, I am not asking for suggestions).

With Theatre On The Edge continuing tonight, I won't have my usual routine of karaoke after work. I'm looking forward to an evening alone though, to spend some time relaxing and thinking. Or maybe just plain passing out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Los will be in town tonight for drinks, if anyone is interested in joining. I think most of you are at rehearsals and can't make it, but I wanted to pass along the word. Call me if you want more details.

I've been a slack blogger, I know. Been quite busy at work but hope to have an update here in the next little bit.

I am feeling pretty down today; tired, cranky, annoyed. Wish I could see the sun.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Guess who just called

The first hydroseeder called me this morning. Said they'd been so busy they weren't able to determine schedules, etc. I told him I already had the work scheduled to be done with another company. I wanted to tell him he was an a**hole for not even bothering to call and tell me he was too busy to take the job. But I didn't, because I'm a nice person. So instead I blog about it.

Don't call Maritime Hydroseed for any work. Not if you want an answer right away.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The box of "junk" and the Hawaiian lei

Ever since I have set off the fury of cleaning amongst certain friends (I refer you to blogs from T-L and John), I've been thinking of a particular box full of stuff that has been moving with me as I moved from home, to my first apartment, to my next apartment, and then finally to this house. This box contains usually what I refer to as "junk" - stuff I never go looking for, will likely never need and should just throw out already. But I have a tendency to hang onto things.

I was in Hawaii when I was 10 (as part of my trip around the world) and one of the things I brought back was a Hawaiian lei. I was pretty sure I still had it, and knew that if I did, it would be in this box. With the luau fast approaching, I really wanted to find this lei... it would mean a lot to have that for the party. So I went digging in the box of "junk". Unfortunately, I didn't find the lei, but here is a sampling of some of the "junk" I am hanging onto:
  • old 45 of Olivia Newton John's "Tied Up"
  • My first (but not only!) Thesaurus
  • The first and second scarves I ever knit
  • The first practice piece of embroidery I ever did
  • The racecar I made in shop class in jr. high
  • Every plastic bracelet I ever made, back when they were the in thing
  • 3 sets of dominoes
  • Various pins, including a pin that is a strawberry ice cream cone
  • The instructions for my alarm clock, which I still have in my bedroom and use every day. Dated 1985.
  • Autograph book, mostly full of signatures from elementary & jr high school. Only "famous person" signature: Steve Anthony
  • An acorn weight from an old cuckoo clock
  • A dinky car of a USPS cube van (which actually says US Mail, as was the style at the time)
  • Swatch of purple satin that would become the fabric for the dresses we had made as bridesmaids in my aunt's 1989 wedding
  • 2 sets of flowers I must have worn in my hair at someone's wedding
  • 2 figurines I don't remember ever not having
  • Gr. 5 school ID
  • My old walkman, which is around 20 years old and no longer works
  • Slides of Parliament
  • Beach ball from the 1985 Canada Games
  • Various postcards from my Mom when she was away on trips, either telling me to be good or saying she knew I was being good.
At first I laughed at all of these things I have been hanging onto for most of my life, wondering why in hell I still had this box of crazy stuff. But you know what? It isn't crazy stuff. It isn't junk. It's history; my history. I'm glad I still have it. It made me smile, laugh, and remember some fun times in my life. If you have a box full of "junk" like this, pull it out someday in the near future. It will make you smile, I guarantee it. And if you don't, come on over to my house. I'm sure there's something in there you could have a good laugh at (I am downloading "Tied Up" right now).

This still leaves me without my "vintage" lei. If it's not in this box, I am not sure where it could be... other than maybe my mother is hanging onto it for me. She never responded to my last email. Do I write her about the lei, and risk stirring the fire?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Grass a-go-go

I have signed the offer. I will soon be the proud owner of a lawn. Timeline is looking like the last week of August. Kind of late, but we do have a nice fall and the grass should take. If not, the work is guaranteed for a year, so I should be ok either way. This also means less mowing this year, since there won't be much time left to mow by the time the grass grows and gets that long.

I'm a little disappointed in myself that I didn't get up off my butt and do this sooner, but I just wasn't motivated. Better late than never, I guess.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The weather watch starts now

Now is the time when I begin to obsess about the weather for the upcoming Luau. I see right now it looks pretty darn good. Sunny, 0% chance of precip. Please stay that way! I don't mind hosting it in my house, but it just won't be the same. Can't have a fire in my living room. Well, you can, but I wouldn't like it.

Yes, I am significantly calmer now than I was on Friday, thanks for asking. A fun night at karaoke wiped away my bad day. Much fun was had by all, especially during the whole Side Table singing Summer Nights. Mucho fun!

Saturday was the pool party at Suzy's brother's place (thanks Suzy!) I dangled in the water a bit, as far as my comfort level would allow. It was much warmer out in the Valley of course [sigh]. After that we headed back into town to my place for some MST goodness. Watched Village of the Giants, and then a bunch of shorts.

Sunday I spent alone. Got up, went to church, dropped into Sobeys and Superstore. Came back home and attempted pedicure while listening to The Flip Side. Pedicure went horribly wrong, had to redo it, and my favorite color polish, Kinky in Helsinki, is goopy now. Guess it didn't survive over the past year, grrr. Can't get that color anymore.

Sat outside most of Sunday, weather was perfect. Managed to get the Lonely Girl Sunburn again, couldn't reach the middle of my back :)

Today I am disappointed to see it raining, I had hoped for another sunny day, but oh well. I have luau planning to continue, and some reading I'd like to do. Also have to make a brief appearance at work, someone stuck me with a rotten task at 5pm on Friday, and I also forgot to do something before I left so I need to take care of that as well.

Can't believe the long weekend is almost over... they go by so quickly.