Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Feast #60

Do you get excited when the season begins to change? Which season do you most look forward to?

Yes, as a matter of fact I do. The start of summer has to be my favorite, after a long, cold, winter and crappy spring, I live for summer and some relief. Second favorite is the start of fall, because of the foliage. After the leaves fall, though, I can do without the rest of it until summer again.

What day of the week is usually your busiest?

I don't think I can narrow it down in general. This week, Thursday was my busiest day... the smell of next week's vacation was in the air and people were calling me with the most maddening requests. I was very frustrated. Today thankfully has been a lot more productive.

Would you consider yourself to be strict when it comes to grammar and spelling? What's an example of the worst error you've seen?

Ha! This is hilarious! Strict, me?!?! Excessively anal would be the right choice. My personal pet peeve error-wise is the incorrect usage of the apostrophe. Apparently grammar is no longer taught in school.

An interesting point, I chat with someone daily (a writer, at that) who only misspells words when they write to me. Guess that curse is working :)

Main Course
Who has a birthday coming up, and what will you give them as a gift?

The more appropriate question is who doesn't have a birthday coming up? I know 12 birthdays in August-October. Next up is Scott T, whose b'day is Sunday... sorry Scott I didn't get you a gift :(

Next present-buying birthday is Mare. I don't have her gift yet, but I am sure what with this whole shopping trip next week, I'll be able to find something :)

If you could have any new piece of clothing for free, what would you pick?

Gimme the fur coat! I'm cold all the time, dammit!

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