Monday, August 01, 2005

The weather watch starts now

Now is the time when I begin to obsess about the weather for the upcoming Luau. I see right now it looks pretty darn good. Sunny, 0% chance of precip. Please stay that way! I don't mind hosting it in my house, but it just won't be the same. Can't have a fire in my living room. Well, you can, but I wouldn't like it.

Yes, I am significantly calmer now than I was on Friday, thanks for asking. A fun night at karaoke wiped away my bad day. Much fun was had by all, especially during the whole Side Table singing Summer Nights. Mucho fun!

Saturday was the pool party at Suzy's brother's place (thanks Suzy!) I dangled in the water a bit, as far as my comfort level would allow. It was much warmer out in the Valley of course [sigh]. After that we headed back into town to my place for some MST goodness. Watched Village of the Giants, and then a bunch of shorts.

Sunday I spent alone. Got up, went to church, dropped into Sobeys and Superstore. Came back home and attempted pedicure while listening to The Flip Side. Pedicure went horribly wrong, had to redo it, and my favorite color polish, Kinky in Helsinki, is goopy now. Guess it didn't survive over the past year, grrr. Can't get that color anymore.

Sat outside most of Sunday, weather was perfect. Managed to get the Lonely Girl Sunburn again, couldn't reach the middle of my back :)

Today I am disappointed to see it raining, I had hoped for another sunny day, but oh well. I have luau planning to continue, and some reading I'd like to do. Also have to make a brief appearance at work, someone stuck me with a rotten task at 5pm on Friday, and I also forgot to do something before I left so I need to take care of that as well.

Can't believe the long weekend is almost over... they go by so quickly.


John said...

*grumble mumble grumble as I prepare to drive into work.

Oh well, even with work and knowing many Canadian friends are not, am in good mood.

And it is not raining here. Wanna guess forecast? >;-)

liz said...

Must be the elephants

Joanne said...

The "Lonely Girl Sunburn" happens to mothers too. I had it a few weeks ago ;)

Oh and Karaoke was a blast!

mare said...

i have a stupid person sunburn, on my chest. and it's not like i didn't have sunblock on it. spf 30, even.