Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday's tribulations

Just got home from Monkeytown a short while ago. A successful trip work-wise, but not as much so shopping wise.

Got the muffin tins I've been wanting, now I can ditch the old ones. Also got my much revered Belgain chocolate.

Upon discovering that the owner of an imports store in Fredericton had now opened up shop in Moncton, I set off today deciding I was going to find myself a hip scarf for when dance class starts up again in the fall. I am currently borrowing one from my office roomie and need to eventually give that back to her. I stopped by the store but to my dismay they had very little in the way of hip scarves, similar to the limited selection that I saw in Montreal. What they did have was too large for me. This appears to be my problem - no one expects a skinny belly dancer. So I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to have to buy something online. I'd just rather be able to see it in person before buying.

Made a stop into Chapters to buy a book, but it wasn't 30% off like it is online, so much for that plan. After looking at it, not sure I want it anymore anyway.

Stopped at Costco and got some chicken, steak, a magazine, bug lantern refills (though I can't find the bug lanterns) and some power bars for work. Not much in the way of books today, I didn't see anything that interested me. I already have a pile of books and magazines to catch up on anyway, so just as well.

For the first time in quite a while, I am off to bed early. Looking forward to a little bit of extra sleep :)


P-whack said...

The last time I saw the bug lanterns, Sean took them home the Sunday morning after the luau.

When do belly dancing classes start? Do you know if they have room for newbies? Or any other information?

scum said...

Yeah, if you're looking for table-top Citronella torches, we can help you out. But ignore my email on the matter, cuz that's what I thought you were talking about.

Lisa said...

I'd also be interested in checking out belly dancing. I hear its a great, and fun, workout.

mare said...

i really want to do the intro class this fall, and jenn as well. we could have quite a crew if we all go - what a hafla that'd be!

Joanne said...

That hafla would be a blast!!!