Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June photo Day 9: From down low

We have many large maple trees, so I took a shot from the base.

June photo Day 8: An animal

Caught a deer munching on some foliage at the Nature Park.

June photo Day 7: Bright

The flash shone brightly on my new co-worker's new monitor.

June photo Day 6: Transport

After days of walking, I finally caught a picture of a bus. Wasn't the bus I wanted, nor is it a great pic, but at least I finally got one.

Monday, June 10, 2013

June photo Day 5: Environment

This is the environment outside my office, which is basically a giant hole. The City has been doing water pipe replacement on Somerset St, which led to some unexpected extra work on Wellesley Ave.

June photo Day 4: After dark

"When the sun goes down, take a photo" is today's prompt.  This time of year, we're approaching the longest day, which means it's still not totally black out at 10pm.  One of the down sides to living here, says John, who prefers the sunset at a "decent hour."  Having lived here all of my life, I can't imagine summer without it.

My camera isn't the greatest, so I took a pic at dusk, which is technically after the sun went down, just not necessarily "after dark."

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

June photo Day 3: On my table

On our table today are a couple of new board games, and some fruit.

June photo Day 2: A moment

Sapphire got tired while playing trackball and fell asleep mid-game.

June photo Day 1: B is for...

B is for buds. Lilacs are in bud stage right now and will bloom shortly.

May photo Day 31: Four things

The intersection of four stones on a walkway.