Thursday, March 31, 2005

Firth Fest Update

Ok, while Mare and I were watching Shermie spaz out, we settled on a more concrete schedule for Firth Fest.

We'll watch 4 movies. Average length is 2 hours a piece. Here's what we're looking at as a rough schedule:

4-6pm Bridget Jones 2
6-8pm Love Actually
8-10pm Fever Pitch
10pm-12am Valmont

Anyone who needs a drive, let me know and I will arrange something myself or with someone else who's coming. I don't want to hear any of that "I couldn't get a ride over" or "I didn't feel like making anyone leave the party" crap. If I do I'll personally come over, tie you up and make you watch The Ring 2 over and over again. Trust me, you wouldn't want that. Well, maybe the tying up part, but definitely not The Ring 2. [shudder]

Today's IT Lessons

1) Do not drink coffee around a laptop
2) Do not spill coffee on a laptop
3) Do always back up your data
4) Do not buy a Dell laptop (ok, so that's just my personal pet peeve)
5) I knew it all along, coffee really is evil

Sherman decided to have a spaz attack and I was glad to help and come to the rescue. Initially I thought after a cleanup and drying-out he'd be ok, but after turning it on and seeing it spaz out, I realized I was in for some surgery if I had any hope of copying the data off. Had to slave the hard drive and copy the data, but I did get it all off with no problems. Except the fonts because I forgot about them and didn't bother to copy the Windows folder. Project for another day.

So Shermie is out of service, temporarily that is. As soon as Mare can find the money for the parts, I can get back to work on it and it will be as good as new.

Not sure where I adopted this optimistic attitude I seem to have lately. I have never been what one would call an optimist. I was always a pessimist, wondering who in the world was out to get me. I guess the change in attitude comes with truly knowing that things can be worse. I could be living through February-May 2004 again. With that as a reference point, everything looks better.

Had a dream last that a mouse ran across my kitchen floor, except it was my kitchen from the house I grew up in. And it was running kind of slow for a mouse. This phobia is going to stay with me into my next incarnations. Get out of my head!!!

Tomorrow night I am headed out for some retail therapy with Jenn and hopefully Joanne. I need some dance-friendly pants before the hafla on Sunday. I also need to practice before the hafla. So much to do, so little time. Looking forward to some time off next week.

Saturday is Firth Fest (separate post on that above). Sunday is the belly dancing hafla, Jenn is going to come and watch me dance, yay! She can be my substitute proud mother at the dance recital.

One more post and then I am off to the couch for some well-deserved veging.

Firth Fest

In case anyone missed it on mare's blog, we are planning firth fest for this Saturday. And when I say day, I mean day. All Colin Firth, all day. There may even be swooning.

It's being held at my house, if anyone needs directions let me know. I think we're aiming at a start time of 1pm?

We haven't decided which movie to show when, except we do know that Valmont and Fever Pitch will be in the evening so that the non-die hards don't have to sit through the multitude of firth. This is a little more disorganized than I usually like things to be, but seems to be the best I can do right now. I'll keep you posted on any developments... just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what's happening.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


That about sums it up for The Ring 2. Cyn tried to warn me (I figured you laughed at every scary movie) and she was right. It was laughable. In fact, I did laugh. I think Chris heard both Scott and I MSTing the movie on either side of him.

The scariest part of this movie was when Sissy Spacek turns around and you'd swear it was Michael Jackson. [*shudders*]

At least I got to eat popcorn for supper :D

Yeah, I'm still here

So no persistent updates from me over the past few days, I've been busy. I do have to work and make money to pay my mortgage :)

Spent yesterday in Moncton and didn't get home until about 11:15pm, then my dad called from Vegas, then I had to catch up on the day's email and blogs, so it was late by the time I [screw off Outlook reminder] finally got into bed. I'd like to be able to get to bed before midnight some night this week.

Got lots of work done in Moncton, then headed off to the mandatory trip to Costco for my 100' kink-free garden hose for the excellent price of $20.99. Don't have a garden. Don't have a lawn. But I NEED a hose. Honestly, I really do. I will have some kind of yard someday. Plus I need to have the ability to hose things down. Like my garage floor. Or my car. Or annoying people who walk by, as I wear a handkerchief on my head and swat at imaginary elves.

Also managed the quickest trip to Champlain Place ever. Displeased with Eddie Bauer's spring clothing, the colors really don't do much for me. And that whole $80 shirt thing just makes my brain do circles in my head. From there I decided I would have enough time to peruse the Gap, and ended up buying a nice shirt there. Regular price $49.50 (totally unreasonable), sale price $19.99 (much more reasonable). Why can't they just sell things more cheaply in the first place? One more thing to add to that pile of ironing that has been sitting there for 3.5 weeks. Really need to get that done, I am running out of unwrinkled pants.

Unfortunately I didn't get to Leonidas for chocolate, I ran out of time. Very disappointed. But there will be more trips to Moncton, of that I am sure.

A while ago I had someone ask me for laptop-buying advice. The one thing I told them was not to buy a Dell laptop, I have never met one that has worked well yet. So they ignored my advice and bought one. Now it is sitting in front of me, apart. I shake my head at it. Dell really does have good service, I should have the parts by the end of the week. The bad part is, they NEED good service. Their desktops are fine, never had a problem there. But their laptops.... seriously, I have been personally acquainted with at least 10 and they all sucked. It's unfortunate, but that appears to be the way it is. They also weigh a ton - how in the heck do people carry them around without hurting themselves? Just bought a brand new Toshiba laptop (not for myself) and it has a slightly larger screen and is as light as a feather, certainly compared to this one. I've also been attempting to rescue the data off of this before it totally croaks. If anyone is looking for Carmen Electra bathroom 3way.mpg, I know where to find it. [still shaking head]

Monday, March 28, 2005


Yeah, so a lot has happened since my last blog. For once in my life, I will give the short version (and the world breathes a sigh of relief!)

Got a couple of phone calls just before heading to church on Saturday. One was regarding my grandfather having what we think was a mini-stroke on Friday night. I was over to see him yesterday to do his tax return ("because nothing says I love you like doing someone's taxes for them"). He seemed better, so hopefully nothing more will come of it. He'll be getting another checkup next week.

The other phone call was slightly more complicated. What it boiled down to was my mom lied to my brother about something, and my brother has now surpassed me on the mother hit list. I'm not the worst! But this scenario really threw me for a loop. I headed to church after that and while I enjoyed the mass, I couldn't keep that out of my head for most of it. So no blog on how much I love Easter Vigil. Plus there were guitars again. Booooo.

After church I headed over for karaoke. Had a blast, I needed some time to forget my troubles and act silly. Being a David Byrne backup dancer certainly helped that. Again, Scott M, we were not laughing *at* you, we were laughing at ourselves. So hard we had to go in the hallway, then the bathroom to calm down. Then there was another sad kickline. And backup go-go dancing. Let's just say I got up and danced like a fool a few times. All without drinking!

Had an excellent Easter ham dinner at Mare's last night, for which I am extremely grateful. My other mom loves me enough to invite me to ham dinner. It was delicious. As was the watching of firth-age before dinner. I didn't end up seeing the rest of the firth-age because I was on a mission last night. There will be a blog with the results of that later. A photo essay, if you will. hehehehehe.... Remember, I embarrass myself for your entertainment.

Jody is so excited that she's going to U2 that she's now telling random people over the phone that we're going. I just had someone come in my office and say "just heard you're going to U2". I said yeah, who told you that (thinking it was someone who was in the office the day we were here buying tickets)? She said "Jody [last name]" My co-worker had placed a call about not receiving her flyers and Jody must have seen the caller id and asked if we worked together. You're a nut!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The only thing better than blogging...

... is joint blogging!

Firth Fest '05 baby... bring it on!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Christfest 2005

So the big All About Jesus Good Friday Easter Egg-stravaganza (a.k.a. Christfest 2005) just wrapped up. An evening with The Passion, South Park's Passion of the Jew, and Jesus Christ Superstar (featuring our own live chorus!) Thanks to those who came! I still seem to have a lot of candy left over, which makes me feel not so bad for eating all the Hershey's kisses myself over the past 2 weeks.

After watching The Passion at home on my TV, though big-ass, I think I did prefer seeing it in the theatre. Having it "larger than life" seemed to have even more of an impact.

South Park's Passion of the Jew was ok, but actually not as funny as I thought it would be. A little too much time wasted on the "crazy Mel Gibson" stuff.

JCS was, of course, the main portion of the evening. Singing along was encouraged, and that we certainly did :D Still can't believe Lisa had never seen the show or heard the music... hope you liked it ;) Definitely want to practice the kickline for next year.


Went to church Thursday night for Mass. My mother also decided to attend, which was odd because she never used to go to this mass. That kind of brought me down. I find it wrong that she can attend church and recite the Lord's Prayer, yet can't forgive me for [apparently] putting laundry ahead of her. One of the main themes is forgiveness, she should remember that.

Also there were guitars... I am somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to music in church. We have a beautiful over-100 year old Cassavant organ, so I like to hear it in use as much as possible. I really dislike guitars being used in church. They're always done tastefully, it's just a personal preference. It seemed to bring a lightness (can't think of a better word) to mass that just didn't fit with me as the priest was walking around the church with the Blessed Sacrament. The washing of the feet was performed on a very large family in our church, that part was nice, but I did miss the various parishoners dressed in Roman costumes. It wasn't until Mass proper was over, and people sat/knelt quietly during Exposition that I felt comfortable again, left in silence with my thoughts and reflections.

Yup, I think I just gave a review on a Mass. Going to hell again.

Good Friday

Today was Good Friday. Started off the day doing party prep, cleaning, and getting things out of the way. Picked up Jay and we headed to Mass. Thanks for coming with me - I appreciated the company :)
No reviews of Good Friday Mass ;)

Came home to finish the prep. Stopped for a minute to take a picture of the pathetic setup I had for my surround sound speaker, propped up on a table, books, and plastic drawer. It looked pretty sad, but I wanted to get it off of the back of the couch so it wouldn't hit someone in the head as they sat down. So I took a picture of it and emailed it to older brother as a desperate yet humorous plea to come home and set it up properly :D Had a quick visit with my deck, I must say deck that I miss you and can't wait to spend more time with you this summer. Jay had a good idea on the placement of the screen for the potential Live Aid 20th anniversary outdoor screening I am thinking about for July. I think that will work well for avoiding direct sunlight and provide "stadium seating" at the same time. Now all I need is landscaping!! We sat and had a chat about the crazy mother scenario of this week and discussions of various 80s songs/artists and before I knew it, people started arriving for the party.


Technically it's now Saturday as I write this. I'm having a couple of friends over this afternoon to practice the belly dance routine, providing my back will hold up. Wish I could stretch it out a little better. Might help if I wasn't slack in the yoga department this week... upward and downward dog might do the trick. I'll have to make sure to do some before they get here as my warmup.

Tonight I am off to Easter Vigil, looking forward to that since it is my favorite mass. The first part especially. I will save that discussion for later. Enough with the church stuff already, another review of a mass? Nah, more like why it's my favorite mass, what it means to me, and how it fits in with that elusive other half I have yet to find.

Looking forward to karaoke after church as well. Yes, that is an odd combination of events for a Saturday night out.


Just want to say thanks for all the people who've complimented me on my blog, I received another very nice compliment tonight. I am actually having a blast writing it, I really enjoy it, whether I have readers or not. Having 20-some comments in one day though is pretty cool ;)

It really helps to get the feelings out on certain topics, or to just be able to ramble on about stuff. Often I don't say as much to people in person out of fear of boring people, monopolizing the converstion, or that maybe people won't hear me. I have always been better with the written word than the spoken word. The fact that people find this blog entertaining is the cherry on the sundae. Or the ham on my plate ;)

A couple of funny things I find about this blog... one is that with the volume of stuff I post, some things get left in the shuffle. For instance, the lack of comment from Dave on the fact that I said I had chicks in my living room. Have to say I was expecting something from you on that ;) The other thing is that I have no secrets anymore... not that that is a bad thing. Part of life is getting to know other people, so my throwing most everything out on here goes along with that. The more people get to know me, the more I'm glad that they're interested in sticking around :D

p.s. to Jay - do you have I Want You Back by Sherry Kean in your collection? Just downloaded that today after seeing the video on MMM Retro, I had forgotten it existed. Now there's a video with 80s dancing :D

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Funny shirts

Love these shirts. Haven't visited this site in a while but I stopped by today and laughed my ass off. Especially the Flamingo, the buffalo, and the Second-to-last Temptation of Christ. Click over onto Best Sellers and read the Pope Wanted one... hehehe, bad-ass Pope-mobile....

Have to wonder if Jay is a contributing author for some of these... :P

Poetry by Liz

I preface this by saying that in no way do I see myself as capable of writing any kind of decent poetry. This is purely for entertainment. It just kind of came to me after reading Gilbert's blog on weight. Which is not to say that Gilbert inspires me to write bad poetry.

Actually I see this as more of an old-school rap song, so hum along while you read it.


I can’t relate to the weight debate
My clothes have always been small
I can eat an entire bag of chips
And not gain any weight at all

Other women like to glare at me
With their looks that kill
As it seems the pure sight of me
Makes them all feel ill

I’m just me
That’s all I can be
No need to hate
That I gain no weight

Some say that I have no ass
Some say I have no chest
Did you know that I weigh less
Than the average Hollywood actress?

When DST comes
I walk an hour every day
Maybe that’s what keeps
All the weight at bay?

All I know is
I’m just me
That is all
That I can be
No need to hate
That I gain no weight

I love popcorn
I love ham
Eating a lot of these things
Never changes who I am

Others complain about their size
What if you all were thin?
Sarah Ferguson wouldn’t have a job
And that would be a sin

Size 0 is a real size
What I say is true
That doesn’t mean that you should wish
A size 0 would fit on you

I cannot sing, I cannot act
But I can do some belly dance
I can’t help it if you cringe
When I wear size 0 pants

Because I’m just me
That’s all I can be
No need to hate
That I don’t gain weight

People always ask me
What’s it all about?
You’re so thin
Makes me want to scream and shout
I don’t know
It’s just the way I am
Would you like to join me
For some ham?

Everyone needs to realize
It’s not just about your size
You gotta have personality
You gotta have creativity
In order to be
Who you need to be
To get through life
Without a lot of strife

All I know is
I’m just me
That is all
That I can be
No need to hate
That I gain no weight

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Soundtrack of life

To answer Mare's question regarding what other people's soundtracks of their life would be like:

I love music. I actually will listen to a lot of different styles of music. My ex used to comment that when he got in my car, it was always totally different music each time, one time 80s, one time Eminem, one time JCS. I am, however, guilty of being pretty pop-esque with my music. I am usually about the singles, and don't tend to listen to an album the whole way through.

I listen to pop, rock, classical, musicals. Refuse to listen to country, I just don't like it. Also greatly dislike Maritime music... it's like fingers down a chalkboard to me. I am one of the few people I know who doesn't like it.

Favorite bands: Heart, U2, INXS, Sheryl Crow, Duran Duran. (U2 is listed in my profile on this blog but for some strange reason does not show up)

Early childhood: Mainly my parents' records. Beatles and ABBA. I remember staring at the women on the ABBA album and reflecting on how large the boots were. Also my Olivia Newton-John phase. I can't be the only one who watched Xanadu? And liked it? (at the time. I refuse to go back and watch it now that I am older, it will ruin it) I still have a 45 of Magic by ONJ in a box in the basement.

Elementary & early junior high: the golden age of my music-listening. Basically listened to anything my older brother liked. 80s pop. I Want Money by The Flying Lizards was an early one I remember. Don't You Want Me by Human League, which at the time were Human League 100. Used to have this white record player, I remember my brother and I playing that 45 on that player. Color by Numbers by Culture Club - the first time I saw that album cover, I could not tell that Boy George was a guy, I really couldn't. Take a look and tell me if you agree, remembering that I was 8 when this came out. One Night in Bangkok, from the musical Chess, was also one of our favorites. And of course Duran Duran (14 more sleeps!!) One of the first 45s I ever owned myself was Stay The Night by Chicago (the Peter Cetera era). My mother was horrified. I was young, I had no idea what the song was about. "stay the night, there's room enough here for two, stay the night, I'd like to spend it with you..." I think it had a cool video with a car chase or crash or something in it?

Most of all during this time frame for my brother was Madonna. He *loved* Madonna. He literally had every piece of wall on his bedroom covered in pictures of Madonna. I am not exaggerating this. Seriously. Ask him. There was not a spot of white paint visible on any wall. Should have seen the pin holes after he moved out!!

We watched a lot of videos and listened to a lot of music together, my brother and I. Good times.

Mid-late junior high: My best friend at this time was really into hair bands, so I adopted that as well. This was also when my brother left to go to university, so my musical tastes began to branch out. Desire was the first song I liked by U2, my brother was never a big fan of theirs, so this was a change for me. Also remember loving New Sensation by INXS. Quickly picked up their earlier material as well, with my best friend teasing me for liking a song called Kiss The Dirt (that's a great song, I love it). Constantly watched MuchMusic during this time, I knew every video they played. Batdance!

High school: The new friends I made were into musicals, so I began listening to those as well. This was the point in time where I taped Robin Hood Daffy and would play it in the car on my way to school. This is how I know all of the words, and stuck that quote that is up there under Daffy without even having to think about it. Started listening to some classical music. Went to every school dance. Heard Achtung Baby while in a car on my way to the correctional facility on the Old Black River Road (that sounds bad! It was a field trip for sociology class). This was what solidified my love of U2, and remains my favorite album of theirs.

University (mid 90s): Wasteland of Nirvana, grunge, bad dance music, and crap. Some people have a great love of Nirvana. I am not one of those people. During this time, I really didn't listen to anything that was current. I started listening to The Doors, and relied on whatever else I had previously collected.

Late 90s/early 00s: Started work, and most people I worked with were my age, so there was a lot of boy bands and pop tarts. The ex was also heavily into this, as well as techno, and some rap. I miss the discussions we would have about songs and videos, and his knack for making up funny song lyrics. We'd always be up on the charts and download anything new from them. Basically didn't pull out a cd from my collection for about 4 years. The ex didn't like anything old. Or most of what I liked before we got together. I would sing Sheryl Crow's The Globe Sessions in my cubicle at work, I think I was described as a howling cat.

Now: A lot of 80s. It brings back good memories for me. Rediscovered my huge rack of cds, and wondered why I ever left it. No longer have to live under scorn of ex's opinions about my love for 80s music. Now I watch a lot of MuchMoreMusic, I guess that switch comes with age. I like some current music, a lot of it I don't like, and think it's a waste of space. Songs in which it's cool to discuss how many times you've been shot come to mind as being crap. My opinion.

My core favorites are still out there making music, and I keep up with them. Have to say though that I am really disappointed in the last offering from Heart. It just sounded like they were trying to recapture a past they could never get back to. U2 continues to make great music. I have been very excited that the original members of Duran Duran are back together, and their latest offering is really good. I miss INXS terribly but am grateful for the music I do have from them. The latest plan for a Mark Burnett-produced reality show called Rock Star, with INXS searching for a new lead singer, leaves me feeling skeptical. There is no replacing Michael, and I have a hard time ever seeing anyone else as their lead singer. They would have to decide to perform totally new songs, a la Van Halen.

Back at the head of the class

Had my 10th dance class tonight, this is the last for this session, then we start up again April 11th.

Normally I dance in the front row, it helps me not pay attention to what anyone else is doing and get messed up. Tonight for one turn someone told the back row to swap with us, so I saw the rest of the class as I was dancing. One girl in particular would turn around to see what I was doing. Some of the others were not keeping up.

The teacher pointed me out and said I had the routine down! Yay! I am the star pupil again!!! This may seem a little silly, but given my unlucky streak of sucking at things involving "class" lately, to be back at the top feels good. I am comfy in this role. Hopefully I can keep it up. I know I have the mechanics down, I just need to get more of the flow. I may have to hand over that title to Joanne when she joins us - those who have seen her dance know what I mean :D #2 is good too.

Happy half-birthday to me! Only 6 more months of my 20s. Yikes! Should be fun though. Better be.

Spent a lot of today discussing the mother situation with my brothers via email. I think we've pretty much unanimously agreed to disown *her*. My younger brother wrote a hilarious reply to me, I laughed my ass off. He didn't even know he was disowned, I had to tell him. Basically his reaction was yeah, that's typical. My older brother is formulating a well-thought-out, rational reply to mother. Younger brother and I just aren't going to bother. I enjoyed hearing their take on things and it did make me feel better.


When I got back from lunch today, I heard my cell phone beeping as it was sitting on the table getting charged. Checked the number and it was area code 214 - Dallas, TX. Weird. Maybe I missed a call from Southfork.

The answer for fun

Had to go get gas today, so I decided to stop by the Superstore and get a bite to eat. As I was wandering around, I came across a pile of boxes of trampolines. Advertised on the box was "Start having fun now!"

Well, crap. Nobody told me that all I had to do to start having fun was own a trampoline. I'm glad I found this out before investing any more time in other attempts at having fun. Who needs MST Night when we could just have a trampoline????

Also strange was the fact that I was right behind my old car in the car wash line. I know because 1) I know the license plate (license plates should be on my Things That Make Me A Freak list, I'll have to add that later) and 2) it's virually identical to my current car, as I got the same car over again. Hey, when it works, why mess with it.

Later today I am going to add some more links to those of you who've been replying to my blog. This is partly for my own laziness so I can read everything else from one spot. Since all these blogs are out there on the net, I am guessing no one will mind (if you do by all means tell me, I don't need anyone else pissed off at me right now).

Also will respond to Mare's soundtrack question, I too have a somewhat longer entry for that one.


I play a good game,
but not as good as you
I can be a little cold, but you can be so cruel
I'm not made of brick, I'm not made of stone
But I had you fooled enough
to take me on
If love was a war, it's you who has won
While I was confessing it, you held your tongue
Now the damage is done...

Well there's blood in these veins
And I cry when in pain
I'm only human on the inside
And if looks can deceive
Make it hard to believe
I'm only human on the inside

I thought you'd come through,
I thought you'd come clean
You were the best thing I should never have seen
But you go to extremes, you push me too far
Then you keep going 'til you break my heart
Yeah, you break my heart

See I bleed and I bruise, oh, but what's it to you
I'm only human on the inside
And if looks could deceive,
Make it hard to believe
I'm only human on the inside
I crash and I burn, maybe some day you'll learn
I'm only human on the inside
I stumble and fall, baby, under it all
I'm only human on the inside
And the damage is done...

I crash and I burn, maybe some day you'll learn
I stumble and fall, baby, I do it all
I'm only human on the inside


Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of

"I'm not afraid of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heard
I'm just trying to find a decent melody
A song that I can sing in my own company

I never thought you were a fool
But darling, look at you
You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight
These tears are going nowhere, baby

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it
Don't say that later will be better now you're stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it

I will not forsake, the colours that you bring
But the nights you filled with fireworks
They left you with nothing
I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me
I still listen through your ears, and through your eyes I can see

And you are such a fool
To worry like you do
I know it's tough, and you can never get enough
Of what you don't really need now... my oh my

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it
Oh love look at you now
You've got yourself stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it

I was unconscious, half asleep
The water is warm till you discover how deep...
I wasn't jumping... for me it was a fall
It's a long way down to nothing at all

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it
Don't say that later will be better now
You're stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it

And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if our way should falter
Along the stony pass

And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if your way should falter
Along the stony pass
It's just a moment
This time will pass"


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To the jerk who refused to use the sidewalk

The perils of winter often bring with it sidewalks that are unusable. Filled with snow and ice, if they have not been plowed, it is often much easier to walk on the street.

Today, however, save for a bit of sand, I can plainly see the sidewalk. As I drove down Main St, you were walking on the street, a couple of feet out from the curb. Not really swerving to avoid you, you gave me the "what the f***" arm gesture. What I'd like to know is, what the f*** are you doing walking down the middle of the street when the sidewalk is clear? Do you have a phobia of sand or something? How can you be indignant that I dare drive down the street you are walking on, Mr. I'm-too-good-for-the-sidewalk? I don't drive down the sidewalk acting indignant that people are walking on it, because clearly, the sidewalk is the area where I am supposed to be driving.

Next time I see you, I will be sure to drive down the sidewalk after you yelling "how do you like me NOW?"

Monday, March 21, 2005

MST Night - Update #1

Ok, so many more calls for an MST night, that's great! Looks like the 23rd of April is out for a couple of people, so that leaves the 16th or the 30th. I can do either.

I am leaning towards the 30th, how does that sound? That should be able to work around exchange trips, comic days, Sunshine Boys rehearsals, etc?

So you want me to walk, shimmy, AND breathe?

I had been told that belly dancing was a workout. With each week that goes by, I realize this more and more. She had us [attempt to] shimmy while we walked, and I have a tendency to hold my breath because I am trying to concentrate. This is going to require a heck of a lot of practice.

We did our dance routine again tonight, which I had been practicing all week (thankfully!!) From what I could see as I was spinning around, some of the rest of the class is lost, they can't remember the steps. I've been writing them down every week, as well I usually practice for a bit after I get home from class to solidify it. I wish the room we practice in was bigger though, as we do a few side movements and I run out of room before I can finish all my steps. I think all in all I did pretty well tonight, I certainly felt good coming out of class for a change, instead of feeling like crap. My back is hurting though, so I don't think I'll be getting any more done tonight. We have our 10th class on Wednesday night, so tomorrow night I'll have to practice away and get this stuff down cold.

Not much else happening today other than blog replies, 22 today, holy crap. I am going to put MST night into its own post here in a minute.

Oh, my brother wrote me with pictures of a model home, the plan he & his soon-to-be fiance are looking at building this summer. Wow. Nice pad. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, double garage. This is probably where we'll be staying on the U2 trip. Sorry you won't get to see the Indiana Jones living room, unless they decide to incorporate it somehow. I'll have to ask him about that.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Welcome to Holy Week

Can't say as I wanted to get out of bed today. Stayed there until close to noon. It was comfy, and as long as I stayed there I could have good daydreams. I had work to do today so I was avoiding it as long as I could.

Today's tasks involved going in to work and looking after some maintenance. Also had to go pick up a few things at the grocery stores. I also moved the wood from the garage down to the basement, so I can burn what I have left. I am definitely getting more wood next year. Not having a whole lot of strength meant that it took me several loads to move what didn't seem like that much wood. Didn't help my back either, which I seem to have hurt a bit during the great flood. Speaking of which, my dad was by on Friday and set up a sand bag dam, and put extensions on the gutter spouts so the water would flow away from the house. I am hoping this will prevent any more floods.

Exciting news: I bought a shower curtain on Friday. It was 50% off and "has hippos on it". This was my justification. That and the fact that the last time I looked for a shower curtain, I couldn't find one I liked, so now I have one ready for the downstairs bathroom. Whenever that gets finished, I have no idea. Need to focus on the outside next.

It now appears official that my mother has disowned me for the third time. Went to church yesterday and she walked right by me and sat in another pew. Guess I am off to the opposite side of church yet again. You really need to get some new material, mother. This disowning thing has gotten really boring. It's like a big joke now. Grow up and get a life.

Holy Week starts today. For me, this is it, this is what it's all about. Christmas is just a retail invention now, no one seems to remember we're celebrating the birth of Jesus. Easter, fortunately, hasn't been overrun by a bunny and some eggs. They're still out there, and I even have bunnies and chicks and eggs in my living room, but the main focus is still about Jesus. I'm even throwing a party where we watch Jesus movies, what more can you ask for.

This will actually be a busy week for me. I have 2 dance classes this week, Monday and Wednesday night. The instructor wanted to finish the last class this week so she could have a week off, and then the following week we start Beginner II. Thursday night I'll be at the Mass of the Lord's Supper, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. I'll probably stay for a while and reflect. Friday I am supposed to be off work, but I am going in to do a system upgrade since it's not a holiday in the US and we're closed... ahhhhh, no one around to aggravate me. Good Friday mass begins at 3pm. Then home for the All About Jesus Good Friday Easter Egg-stravaganza. Saturday night at 8pm is Easter Vigil, my favorite mass. Easter Sunday I have no plans, I was hoping to have Easter ham with my mom, but being the terrible daughter that I am, "no ham for you!"

If anyone wants to go to a movie on Sunday, let me know. I wouldn't mind seeing The Ring 2. "I say... take me out"

Friday night, while we were out at dinner, somehow the topic of my dealbreakers came up. I sat and listened as those at the table rattled them off, in what seems to have become a Lizism. Just want to clarify a point for those who may be taking me seriously: hot is not really a dealbreaker. Also consider that I found a short, fat accountant in a suit "hot". I love suits. Loved going suit shopping with the ex. I think this is part of the appeal of Michael Vartan, he wears a suit every week on Alias, no wonder I drool. I'll do anything for a guy in a 4-button suit, it's a weakness... I am a suit slut. Remind me to stay out of Moore's.

Back to my point. I wouldn't mind dating a hot guy, but it is not a serious-relationship dealbreaker. Church-going is (more on that later this week). 80s music... well let's face it, I play it in the house, in the car, while I'm in the shower, every Saturday night... so you're going to have to like it for your own sanity. Hang on, I hear something... sounds like a crowd... they must be lining up for me now, I'd better go outside and check it out. Maybe they're wearing 4-button suits!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Everywhere you go you shout it..."

"You don't have to be shy about it..."

WE GOT U2 TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big sighs of relief in that we were actually able to get through... the sale started at 11am, and the website was plugged full at 10am when I booted up the PCs in my office. Mare and I were on the phone and the net at the same time, with Dave & Jody on the net. Around 11:12 I got a ring instead of a busy. A few minutes later I was connected to an operator. I asked for the $165 tickets first, but they were sold out, so we went for the $95 tickets and were able to get 7 together. Ahhhh, the stress is over, and now we can look forward to the concert itself, as we can now officially get in the building. I hope Bono brings his shoes with "soul".

So yeah, this totally makes up for my week from hell. So my mother hates me, work was so bad I wanted to quit and I keep getting phone messages for the ex? Whatever, I have U2 tickets!!!!!!

So happy!!!!!!!!

Musical Cars

In other news, Friday was a day of musical cars, which has a triple meaning.

Friday morning I played musical cars with my grandfather (the one who had the leg operation recently). He called up and said he needed 2 new tires, so I told him why don't I come and pick up your car and take it in for tires, and you can take my car to bowling (as long as the dog didn't want to get in my backseat. Huge dog, not the cleanest.)

So I got that done for him and picked my car back up, and headed off to musical cars #2, which was the dealership calling to say my radio had finally arrived, 2 weeks later (where was it coming from, Mexico?) So I can now play music in my car again, after having to endure SJ radio for 2 weeks. I made a point of not going out of town as I wouldn't have been able to survive on radio alone.

Then last night I went to a musical. Didn't have anything to do with cars, but I did drive my car to get there... ok so that one's a stretch, but I was really liking the triple meaning thing. Saw Evita, featuring Mare doing slides (really enjoyed the slides), Chris as a bodyguard (you had a lot of time onstage, we had fun watching you in the bar scene in particular), Lisa and Peto in the chorus (you looked like you were having so much fun!) and ScottT as Che, who was fabulous. Hats off to you. There will be cupcakes for you the next time I see you.

MST Night

Which brings me to the next topic, I am hearing requests for another MST night. Next weekend is the All About Jesus Good Friday Easter Egg-stravaganza (anyone else who wants to come, let me know, I'll send you the details). The weekend after that I am in Montreal to see Duran Duran (w00t!!!!!). Anytime after that my schedule is empty, so someone name the date and I will gladly set it up. I am toying with the idea of borrowing a popcorn machine from one of my stores... theatre-style popcorn, people!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Am I sure it's St Paddy's Day?

That's been a question that crossed my mind tonight. It seemed to be a most un-St. Patrick's Day. I wore a green sweater today. Someone at work had a hat on. Other than that it wasn't feeling too green really. Maybe because I'm not uptown inamongst the celebrations, which I hear we still have, but then again in SJ, most people are apathetic about anything and everything.

Feeling a little calmer today. Work managed to settle down again, for now anyway. No calls for the ex. No messages from mother.

Tomorrow night I am off to see Evita, and I send out a hearty "break a leg" to my friends who are involved. Can't wait for the show, I will enjoy it immensely.

Saturday morning is the big U2 concert ticket buying. I've paid my dues this week, with any luck I'll be able to end the week with a nice ol' concert ticket to see the biggest band in the world. I always find concert ticket buying extremely stressful. I just hope to be able to get through.

And now a message for a friend of mine, who hasn't yet formally made an announcement, I give you the words of Bob Seger:

Shakedown, breakdown, honey
Just about the time you think that it's alright
Breakdown, takedown, you're busted

Ha ha, you are so busted!! But seriously, congratulations. You've put in a lot of hard work to get here, and it's finally here. I am very glad that it has finally paid off for you, and will end a period of seemingly endless unknowns. Nice to have a firm answer, and have it be the one you want. No more retail, no more crooks, no more teenagers' dirty looks!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This week brought to you by Satan

There are 3 things that have to happen in order for a week to meet my definition of being "from hell". They are:
  1. Communication from mother with a hint of disowning now or in the near future.
  2. Particularly bad event at work
  3. Coming home and receiving phone message for ex

Got #1 covered already this week.

#2 happened this afternoon, it wasn't pretty. Would love to devote a lot of space to this but it's about work.

And then of course I come home and find #3, Blockbuster leaving me a message that something is overdue. I check the phone number, look in the phone book, it's Blockbuster East. Since I only just got my own Blockbuster card a month or so ago, that can only mean one thing... yet another f***ing call for the ex. I call Blockbuster and get that straightened out without ripping someone's head off, since I have already had that done to me today, it wouldn't be very nice to pass it on.

How many f***ing places have my number with his name on it??? I've f***ing had enough of this! Nobody called that line looking for him when we lived together. Nobody. It was always for me. Now they won't stop calling.

Look, I'm not sure what someone's trying to tell me here. I accept the fact that I got dumped. I am moving on with my life. Lately I have been doing a lot better, I like where I'm at now and am not wallowing anymore. So what's the f***ing problem? Why do you people keep calling me? Stop it stop it stop it stop it stoppppppp iiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

You lose some, you lose some

Rough day at work today. I ran into yet more opposition on some changes I want to make. Unfortunately they involve spending money. Everything I want to do involves spending money. So I got yet another "NO!" today. As well as implied incompetence again on another issue. If anyone knows of a good IT job hanging around, let me know.

As is usual when I am having a bad day, I got an email from my mother (this is a direct quote):


Would you please , at your earliest convenience, drop my garage door opener off in my mail box.


Well. This obviously has to do with me being curt and a little mean to her the weekend before last. Little bit of a delayed reaction but not unexpected. I wrote her back and said I guess that meant she was mad at me and didn't want to see me. Then I apologized for how I acted and said it wasn't right of me. I am sure that will elicit a response from her along the lines of "you didn't mean that apology" or "it was a coerced apology". Yeah, I should have apologized sooner, and I didn't, but I am apologizing now. The mother roller coaster is not a fun ride. I want to get off now. Somehow I became the adult and she has regressed to the spoiled child role. [sighhhhhhhh].

Our belly dancing hafla was moved to April 3rd, so it is not this coming weekend after all. That will give me more time to experiment with food. We're putting 2 classes in next week so we have a week off, then we start Beginner II the week after Easter. Glad to hear that we can get one more round of classes in before the summer. My instructor is going to give me the name of a place I can go in Montreal to buy clothing, as I need my own hip scarf if I'm going to keep this dancing up. It will be nice to go somewhere and have lots of choice.

The All About Jesus Good Friday Easter Egg-stravaganza is coming together. I think I have 9 people confirmed for all or some of it. And for those who asked, no, there won't be an easter egg hunt. I don't think I can pull that off. But there will be plenty of eggs around, since I can't have any candy shaped like bunnies, I had to buy a bunch of egg-shaped candy. I am, however, managing to eat all of the Hershey's Kisses I intended to save for the party. Oh well, it's not like there isn't 5 other kinds of candy too.

That's about it for me today. Feeling kind of defeated on a bunch of fronts so I am going to hit the couch, watch Days and yell at the TV.

Some Hollywood gossip

Courtesy of E! Online:

FRUITY FIGHT: Oscar winner Hilary Swank having her lawyer protest a $150 fine she received for bringing an apple and orange into New Zealand, according to the local Sunday Star-Times. The largely pest-free country bars importation of fruits.

Oh come on, Hilary. Everyone knows you don't bring fruit into a foreign country, don't be an idiot. Pay the $150 fine, are you insane? The seconds that it took you to pick up your phone to call your lawyer, it already cost you more than the fine. Just because you are a celebrity does not mean you can avoid the laws of other countries. This is why some people think Americans are stupid. Instead of owning up to what was probably a mistake, you call your lawyer. I thought you were cool for going to get a burger after the Oscars. Not anymore.

UPSIDE DOWN: Oscar-winning Sideways writer-director Alexander Payne and wife Sandra Oh, who was one of the four stars of the wine-happy film, have split after five years of marriage, People reports.

Huh. Interesting. She was the only one not nominated for some kind of award. Wonder if that had anything to do with it.

CLAMMING UP: Britney Spears vowing in a statement on her Website to steer clear of airing details about her personal life in interviews. Spears said she felt a recent Allure magazine interview focused too much on her private life.

Yawn. I guess you're so starved for attention that you have to release useless statements like this? No one's listening and no one cares, Brit. p.s., I'm skinnier than you.

KUDOS: Quentin Tarantino named Film Icon of the Decade at Britain's Empire Awards Sunday. Matt Damon won Best Actor and Julie Delpy won Best Actress at the awards which are voted on by the 12,000 readers of Empire magazine.

More useless awards. I think they're a decade too late on Tarantino. I guess they didn't realize that he hasn't done anything to rival Pulp Fiction yet. Julie Delpy? She's good, but I can think of quite a few actresses who are better.

BEAUTIFUL DAY: U2 among the musical acts being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday night. Other inductees include Percy Sledge, the Pretenders, the O'Jays and Buddy Guy.

Well of course that's great news, they are the biggest band in the world, after all.

Final thought

E! has hired a troupe of actors to re-enact the Michael Jackson trial every day. That is sad enough. What is even more sad is the fact that MuchMoreMusic has picked up this "program" and is airing it every night.

Come on MMM, are you that desperate for programming? We know a lot of Americans are fascinated by the legal system, but I'm pretty sure Canadians in general are not the same. The extremely detailed examination of the trial is really unnecessary. It's BO-RING. Your choice of running The Club, a TV show from SpikeTV about a Las Vegas nightclub, is also pretty questionable. Not exactly all about music. I am disturbed by your choice of programming lately. There are zillions of videos to play out there. Please play those instead. Now & Then is a great program, why not make that 2 hours instead of 1? Don't become like MTV, which stands for Music Television, yet they don't play any videos. Don't make me change the channel.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

A concert I have to miss and plans for spring

My brother called this week and asked what day I was leaving Montreal to go back home next month, he couldn't find my itinerary. This is my trip to see Duran Duran in April.

Turns out the night after I get home, Billy Idol is going to be in Montreal, but since I am out of vacation time, I can't stay an extra 2 days. That sucks. It would be so cool to see Billy Idol. D'oh!

Why does it always work out that you either barely take vacation, and it goes to waste, or you take all of it and still need more? I do have some flexibility in carrying forward or working OT, which is how I'm getting time off for April.

So far I have no plans for my vacation time this year. I'll have to take a day or two around the U2 concert, but other than that, no plans. I like to take the time off between xmas and New Year's, but I think this year it will be dependent on my co-worker and whether his fiance (or by then his wife) is working during xmas. If she isn't I'll feel guilty making him stay & work instead of going home to see his family. I've been lucky to have, I think, 8 years of having that time off.

I'll have to give that some thought, what am I going to do with my 3 weeks of vacation? Maybe I can get some time in Florida next winter. I've been wanting a Portland shopping trip for a while now. I'll also have my annual software conference to attend, not sure where it's being held yet but I can always stay an extra day or two there, at a reduced hotel rate. Lots of options, that also involve money.

I will have a couple of big projects for this spring/summer around the house. First off will be addressing the drainage issue. Then landscaping - am I going to have any money to do that? I'd love to have my driveway paved too, especially after seeing how much of my driveway is now curled up in a snowbank from the plow. I also want to paint the Blue Room. The more I look around in here, the more scrapes, dents, dirt, etc I see. Not an easy job seeing as how I have what seems to be a lot of furniture stuffed into one room. It's actually not as full as it looks, but enough to make it annoying to move everything out to paint. Carpet cleaning is another thing I'd like to tackle. They were fairly dirty when I moved in here, and moving, painting and general traffic hasn't been kind to them. I would love to rip the carpet up in the living room and get the rest of it finished with hardwood. I like not having to worry if I spill Coke on the floor, but that's just not up there on the priority list.

So it looks like I may have answered my own question, there's so much I want to do around here, I'll have to use my vacation to do all of that!! Well, I can't use a backhoe to fix the ditch. I could try, but I don't think I'd accomplish what needed to be done.

Retro 80s Saturday night just came on, woo-hoo! Richard Marx, Don't Mean Nothin'. Actually haven't been home on Saturday night for the full show in a while, so it's nice to be here. I have some more cleaning to do in the basement post-flood, I'd like to get it out of the way tonight so tomorrow I can relax, do laundry, and perhaps finish a book. Now Def Leppard Love Bites is on. I love this show!!

p.s. to future hot guy who goes to church, you'd better also like 80s music, or we have a big problem.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Please get back together already!

I caught the latest Bryan Adams video the other morning on MuchMoreMusic, it's called "Flying". Yawn. This song could easily have appeared on 1991's Waking Up The Neighbors. Or any Shania Twain album. Bryan, I think you've reached the end of the road in your songwriting days with Mutt Lange. It's starting to sound really generic and quite boring. I recently saw you in concert, and it was a great show. The crowd went wild for most of your songs, but the ones they went crazy over the most were your earlier songs written with Jim Vallance.

Not that I profess to know any of the details of what happened, but it is common knowledge that Bryan and Jim split up their songwriting relationship back in 1989. This is when Bryan went to work with Mutt Lange and produced the hugely successful "Waking Up The Neighbors". Admittedly this was a great album. Everything after that, though, has either sounded similar or was just missing that... can't find the right word... purity? rawness?

Think of all the songs Adams and Vallance co-wrote, for Adams as well as other artists:

Cuts Like A Knife
Run To You
Kids Wanna Rock
It's Only Love
Heat of the Night (one of my personal Bryan Adams favorites)
One Night Love Affair
Fits You Good
Summer of '69
This Time

Huge songs. Great songs. I miss this Bryan Adams. So I'm begging you guys, you've had 16 years apart now, how about taking a stab at some writing together again? Who knows what may happen.

Jim Vallance has a great website,, where he details all the songs he's worked on, and stories behind them. It's a really great site, really interesting to read the stories. And you get to see a picture of Bonnie Tyler without 80s "Total Eclipse of the Heart" hair!!! There were some songs from other artists which I didn't realize Vallance had written or co-written, most notably for me, "What About Love" by Heart, which was actually written for the group Toronto. He also co-wrote a lot of songs with Glass Tiger. It's an interesting read just to see all of the songs he's been involved with, and not just Canadian artists.

And now today's Friday Feast

This week's Friday Feast is now up...

Appetizer - Where do you go when you want to relax?

If I have money to spend, the spa. Nothing like a massage, manicure and pedicure. Pampering is always a stress cure. But when my head is really messed up and I need to screw it back on straight again, I head to the beach. There is just something about the beach that can instantly calm me down, help me to think straight and figure out what I need to do. Spent *a lot* of time at the beach last year.

Soup - Tell about something that made you laugh this week.

Well, I wasn't doing a whole lot of laughing this week to tell you the truth, what with the flooded basement as the usual stress at work. I guess you could say I was giggling with glee at the announcement of the U2 tour dates. Also caught a couple of people I don't like doing something they shouldn't have, and I ratted them out, that made me laugh, mwwhhhaaaaaaa! Before thinking I am totally evil, they gave me a hard time more times than I can count, so this was just a little piece of payback, mmmmwwwhhhhaaaaa!

Salad - What is your favorite texture?

I would have to say polar fleece. It's so comfy!

Main Course - If you were to publish your autobiography, what would the first sentence be?

"I'm pretty sure I exist."

Dessert - Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so, how?

Well, being a non-drinker there isn't a whole lot of celebrating to do. I usually try to remember to wear green. It used to be an anniversary of sorts for my ex and I, but obviously not this year.

Friday Feast (?)

This is from the Friday's Feast blog. It's actually last week's but this week's isn't up yet.

Appetizer - Who is the one person you email more often than anyone else?

As sad as this is going to sound... me. I have to email myself to remind myself to do stuff.

Soup - So far, which year of your life has been the most enjoyable?

Man, that is a tough question. I can very quickly name 1999 and 2004 as the worst years of my life, despite some really great things also happening in those years. I haven't had my best year yet. A lot of them have been enjoyable though. High school years were great. The first couple of years with my ex and living together were really great too. The time I've spent so far in my house is also a lot of fun.

Salad - Name someone with whom you have lost touch but would like to reunite.

On my trip around the world, I met a girl around my age from New Zealand, and we stayed pen pals after I got home. By around high school we lost touch. So Ondine Seamer, if you're out there, I'm very curious to know what you're up to!

Main Course - What was the tastiest meal you had this past week?

Does popcorn for supper count? Been kind of a lame week for meals. Overall disappointing. Last week I stopped at Vito's and had take-out caesar, as well as expensive meal at the Ale House and cooking de Mare. Minute Rice seems to have been my friend this winter. Cannot wait for BBQ season to come back, everything tastes so much better on the BBQ.

Dessert - Using the letters in your favorite color, write three words that describe your personality.

P - Persistent
U - Unique
R - Reserved (for what or who, we don't know)
P - Practical
L - Likeable
E - Excited (about the U2 concert especially)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Need the spa today

Jenn and I were talking about a girls' trip to the day spa. I could really use that today, my lower back is killing me. I think it has something to do with attempting to shovel snow, water and slush last night (obviously to no avail). Desperately need a massage. Can also really use a manicure. And when the season comes, a pedicure. One cannot wear her normal woman shoes without the proper pedicure.

I actually give a pretty good manicure for someone who hasn't been trained. I think that's mainly because I am anal and pay attention to detail.

I lost power this morning because there was a power pole that snapped off across the street from MediTrust, and they closed the road while they fixed it. I hung out here until the power came back on and then headed in to work. Like there was any way I was going to manually raise the garage door. I'm sure it's not that heavy but we all know how frail I am.

Now a couple of links for the geeks, of which I am included especially since I found them:

This one discusses the use of pass-phrases instead of passwords. Very interesting.

This one is from the same site, making fun of a Microsoft article on leet speak:

I am off to do my yoga and then settle in with my favorite TV man, Michael Vartan. Though I have found a secondary man, Kirk Acevedo from Law & Order, Trial By Jury. Hey Mare, he was in Band of Brothers.

Mud wrestling or pig farming?

I have two potential new uses for my basement, which not only is covered in water, but also with mud. If anyone is looking for a place to hold mud-wrestling events, my basement is for rent. Alternatively, I could have a pig farm down there. Then I could grow my own ham. The problem is if I lived with the animals I ate, that might be a little too weird.

Dad just wrote me back and suggested sand bags, so I might try that as a temporary solution and build a dam with them. It's like a playground in my own backyard!!

Calling All Shop-Vacs

If anyone has a shop-vac that's thirsty, drop by and see me tonight as my basement carpet would like to provide it with a drink.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Heavy Rainfall Warning: Uh-oh

Yup, you guessed right: time to break out my Ark and go sailing in the basement. Hey, I already have the animals down there to go with it. Tonight it was pouring in, as in 2 steady streams of water coming in either side of the door. From the outside you could see water piling up against the door. It is soaking the carpet at the bottom of the stairs. It is nasty. I knew it was coming, so I was able to put all the cardboard boxes on top of plastic boxes to keep stuff dry. But this is the worst it's been.

While I was downstairs, wearing my rubber boots, trying to direct water traffic, I heard this noise. What's that noise? Sounds like a draining noise, but where is it coming from? The water heater? Oh yeah, there's a drain right beside the water heater in case it ever leaks. Being a first-time homeowner, and still getting acquainted with every nook and cranny of my house, I didn't realize it was there. So I cleared out the tile and paint cans and now water is draining there. Slowly, but at least it's going. Also have the stove on so that the heat will be able to dry things faster.

In surfing around to various blogs last night, I found a sports blog from New Zealand discussing primarily rugby but also American sports, and caught a post about hockey and NFL football. I posted a reply mostly centred around our hockey fiasco and they seemed to like it, so that's pretty cool. I thought for a while I might have ranted on too much about hockey but they liked it so much they gave me my own post. Now if I can just answer the sports questions of TP, I'm all set.

Now on to those two fabulous things that happened to me yesterday:

The announcement of the fall leg of U2's Vertigo tour, Montreal, Nov. 26 2005

Within minutes of reading it, I was on Aeroplan checking flights. I was writing crazy emails with exclamation points all over the place. The word is out, and am I ever excited. I have been waiting for this since the guy with the white t-shirt in front of me stopped bouncing up & down at the Bell Centre at the Elevation tour. Note: short people do not do well standing on the floor with tall people bouncing in front of them. Anyway, I can't wait!!!!

Anyone who is really serious about going to this concert let me know and I will see how many people my brother is willing to put up in his house. Drop me an email ASAP if you're interested. Tickets go on sale in the next couple of weeks so we need to get organized beforehand.

It came in the mail from Toronto. It comes twice a year. It can only be...

The Harry Young Spring/Summer 2005 shoe catalog. Why is this so special, you ask?

I have narrow feet. The average woman's width is a B. C,D,E being wider, and A being more narrow. Like a circus freak show, I can show you my shoes that have this stamped into the bottom of them: AAAA. Yup, that is a quad A people. Only freaks have feet this narrow. I, like my mother before me, and like her mother before her, have been cursed with this. Shoe manufacturers don't seem to care that their B width shoes do not fit every woman. Very few of them make a shoe in AA width, let alone AAA or AAAA. Therefore it is very difficult for me to find shoes. Can't find any anywhere in SJ, obviously. I have to go to TO, which is where this store and their beautiful, wonderful, magnificent catalog comes in. I love these people. When I get to go to TO, if I do nothing else, I make sure I go there. Mare calls this my "pilgrimage to Mecca." Vagabond should not be surprised if I show up on his doorstep one day and say that I am in town to buy shoes. Just warning you now :)

Needing shoes of this nature also means you have to spend a lot of money to get them. No Payless shopping for me. I also have a limited selection of what I can wear on my feet. I was never so proud of the purchase that got me a slip-on flip-flop type shoe. Do you know how hard it is to have a flip-flop shoe stay on a narrow foot? I love them so much I call them my "normal woman shoes", because I was finally able to wear shoes that looked like normal women wear.

If you notice, I always have black shoes. Since I am spending a lot of money on shoes, I have to make sure they will go with as many things as possible, which also means I can't buy fun colors that are "in" this season, as I wouldn't be able to get a lot of wear out of them and thus would have spent a lot of money for something "fun". Hey, I'd love to do that, but my practical side has to kick in there.

So how much is "spending a lot of money"? Well, on average I'm looking at $200/pair. Yeah, that's pretty expensive. I am getting good quality shoes from brand name manufacturers though. And it's not like I can walk into Payless and buy something similar for a cheaper price.

This is my life, and therefore the arrival of this catalog constitutes my shoe shopping. I shopped last night, pouring over the pictures. Looks like a lot of pink & red this season, so Jenn, you are on the fashion edge. If I had some extra money I would be getting a pair or two, but unfortunately the financial situation dictates that I calm down on the spending for a while. Thankfully I didn't see anything I would kill for, as that would have increased the temptation.

Ok, didn't realize it was this late. Better go check on the Great Flood of '05 and get to bed.

One last note: my mother asked my older brother why I hate her so much. [sigh] I don't hate my mother, I am just incredibly frustrated by her sometimes. See Sunday's post for details. At least I'm not disowned again, she's still emailing me jokes.

Now this is an interesting web site

Go check out It caught my eye in a magazine article mainly because Mare is always saying woot.

This site sells one item a day and that's it. You can't go back and buy yesterday's item. Funny! Basically it's a closeout-haven for manufacturers with no retail end. Read their FAQ, that will tell you all about them and you can have a good laugh at the same time.

Today's item is: "Woot! 18 Piece BBQ Tool Set. Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of a spatula."

I am at work and don't have time to discuss the 2 fabulous things that happened yesterday, more on that later.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I *did* find what I was looking for

Friday was very stressful. I pretty much wanted to kill anyone or anything that came in my path. To top off the stressful work situation, my mother called, she's been sick the past few days, and left what I like to call the "pathetic mother voicemail" about her garage door opener being there, and if I would drop over after work and pick it up "in case you need to get in here." Ok, well, this sounds like a 3 year old kid who is trying to get someone's attention. If you aren't familiar with the trials & tribulations of my mother & I, this may sound a little harsh, but if you've received as many "pathetic mother voicemails" as I have, you become immune to them and begin to wonder if they are indeed some kind of manipulation tactic. This also means I call back without much sympathy in my voice. This phone call pretty much put the cherry on the stress sundae I was eating on Friday. I said to myself, you know what? I know she's sick but since all she's doing is begging for attention, and not saying "please come and visit me" like normal people do if they're lonely, I'm not going to call back for this. She's not asking me to pick anything up for her. She also said she "had" to take the garbage out this morning and she fell. For f&^%'s sake. If you're sick, you're not well enough to go outside and take out the garbage. You are sooooo not getting any sympathy from me on that, that was just stupid and you were asking for it. Or else you're not as sick as you're pretending to be. I can't handle this on top of everything else today.

I headed straight from work to the Ale House for dinner with the Usual Suspects. Spent way more than I should have on one single meal, but it was delicious and hanging with friends helped me to come down from the "I want to kill someone" ledge.

Came home after that and did my usual catch-up routine of TV from the week. Also had to do a small bit of work so I got that cleared up.

Saturday morning I got up, attempted some yoga but this particular episode had the instructor almost yelling at the screen and I was not finding it restful or stress-reducing so I shut it off. Did some reading, watched some TV, headed to church. Left church early because they were showing a movie and I didn't have time to stay - had to get home to change & pick people up for the dinner party at Mare's.

Saturday night was the big dinner party, and I must throw out a big thanks to Mare for all her hard work, especially on my part with the pickiness. Muchas gracias! We began the evening with drinks, there were what seemed like endless bottles of wine. I ended up bringing an Australian Riesling, some others brought 2 or 3 bottles, so let's just say there was lots to drink. I also brought some ale of ginger for myself so at least it looked a little more like wine than coke. Our meal began with smoked salmon (or for me, ham!). I was very appreciative of the ham. Then on to squash soup, which I was meh on but that was just me being picky, everyone else enjoyed it a lot. Main course was pork tenderloin, roast garlic mashed potatoes and green beans (except me :) ). Our dessert was "creeps" (actually crepes, but after a few bottles of wine they ended up being called creeps). Delicious all around, a lot of work put in by Mare and I think everyone had a great time. After dinner (and about 7 bottles of wine) Mare broke out the Trivial Pursuit, where I was the only one who could read questions without slurring.

At some point in the evening we were making some bad jokes which led to the quote of the evening, "Release the hams!!!" Still laughing my ass off, hehehehe!!!

The ironic part of the evening was a friend of mine telling me about her new temp job. Working at the TJ. Taking calls from people who didn't get their flyers. Most of us in the room had some kind of combination of laughter/jaw dropping when she said this, and she hadn't been reading my blog and heard about my campaign. So it is possible that my complaining got the TJ to to realize they needed to get someone to help with the flyers, and my friend got a temp job out of it. Possible, not necessarily what happened though. But incredibly ironic.

We left around 11pm I think, it seemed later than it was. Drove people home uptown & back West. Came home and saw that my mother had called both my house and work cell phone, and not wanting to ruin a fun evening I didn't bother to pick the message up until this morning. Another pathetic sounding message asking that I call her. Ok, I'll do it later once I get some stuff done.

Did my yoga this morning, had my breakfast, took a shower... same-old, same-old. Folded some towels and the phone rang. Mother. Needs me to pick up some stuff. [insert the most pathetic voice you can muster here] "I called you on Friday at work, I fell because I had to take out the garbage." I not-so-nicely informed her that she didn't *have* to take out the garbage. I was actually sounding kind of mean which I regret but I just can't handle the pathetic phone calls, I've been getting them for the last 9 years, whether she's sick or not. Anyway, I said I'd come over and pick up her list of stuff that she wanted me to get, which I think had been there since Friday but she didn't tell me that in the original message. If she had, instead of acting like a 3 year old whose mommy won't pay attention to her, then I would have gone out and gotten her some stuff. Anyway, the list - it was typed. As in she sat at the computer and typed it up and printed it out. Now, am I the only one who thinks if you're as sick as you are making yourself sound, that you wouldn't have the energy to sit at the computer and type up a list? Do we see where I'm coming from here? Went out and got her stuff and came back home.

Decided today should be the day I tackle my taxes. I've done plenty of returns during my stint as an accountant, I actually found that was the best part about the job, so I don't mind doing them, as long as I have software. This is the first year in about 7 years that I don't have software to work with - between working as an accountant myself and then living with my ex who brought the software home, I've always had it at my disposal since I left university. So another change I have to get used to, not a big deal but another annoyance to add to the pile.

I had to rip open the PC so I could boot from my old hard drive and fire up the tax prep software that my ex had installed last year, so I could print off my 2003 return to refer to when doing this year's return. I dumped it to a PDF and headed to my office to print it off, it was just going to be a lot quicker on a laser than an inkjet. Glad I did too, because there was something I was supposed to run today that I would have forgotten about if I hadn't stopped in. Came back home and that's where the subject of today's blog makes a little more sense.

Cleaning up my desk trying to make room for the tax paperwork. Hmmm, I need the mileage I've written down, that's in the car. Decide I'd better put some music on while I'm in the T1 zone, so as I'm going out to the car I figure I might as well bring some CDs in from the car, it's not like I need them until my new radio comes in. I start putting them back in cases, and I grab "All That You Can't Leave Behind." Find the case for it in the centre console and open it up. A-la-peanut-butter-sandwiches, there's my U2 Best of 1980-1990 cd. They got it out, yay! Wish they had told me it was there instead of the story about sending it away. Anyway, it's back, I didn't lose it, yay! Nor did I promptly try to insert another cd into the player to see if it would work... I think I'll just leave it alone until they call me with the new radio. I am smrt. S-M-R-T.

So some good news today in finding the cd. Now I am off to do my tax return. I am expecting a refund since I made a RRSP contribution, but that money will have to go towards paying my dad back, I still owe him money for all the paint I bought for the bedroom and the While You Were In Texas. I also have the water bill to pay too. So likely nothing left over for me for fun, but hopefully I'll be no more in the hole.

Made some changes to my blog today, added a pic and requisite accompanying quote :) Also figured out how to add links to other people's blogs so I have those up now as well. If anyone wants theirs added, send me an email, or get my email from someone else. I'm not posting my email here to encourage spam.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Commonly confused words test

Since I am stuck at work with no car and only a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup to eat, I am spending the rest of my lunchhour surfing. Ran across this test which I know Mare will be unable to resist.

A few things: don't get too caught up in grammatical assessments. I did and that's why my score wasn't as high as it should have been. I know that last sentence shouldn't have ended in "been" but this is a blog. My point is that you're only looking at confused words.

Also, don't walk away from your test and come back 10 minutes later, because you'll get to the end of the test and it will say you received 0% on the first few questions and amazing results on the last few.

Anyhoo, this was my result:

English Genius
You scored 93% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 87% Advanced, and 88% Expert!
You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

Now Mare will kick my ass, I am expecting 100% across the board from her. Show us what those additional degrees are worth!!!

Update: they called about my car. It seems I need another new radio (under warranty). I just got a new radio a month ago because the middle of the display turned black. Now this one has eaten my U2 Best of 1980-1990 cd. If I was a cd player and I was hungry I would eat that too, because it's good, but let's be reasonable. Anyway, they said they have to order me in a new radio (will prob be in next week) and then have to send this one away and they'll remove the cd and send it back to the dealer. Send it away??? Is there no one in SJ competent enough to rip the sucker open and get my cd out? I know my dad could, what's the problem here people? This wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't put the cd in there when it was making noise... stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!! Did I put in a CD-R? Noooooo. I put in something I really like and don't want to lose. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!

The craziness

Ok, time to slow down now. It has been a super-crazy morning and it's only 9:45am. I got up, zombie-like as usual, collected the garbage, grabbed my flyers from the driveway (yay!). Popped the cd out of the car's cd player and was picking out another one to put in when I heard the player still making the eject noise over & over again. I very stupidly put another cd in to see if that would fix the problem (duh!) and then it just kept making the sound. Turned the radio off. Turned the car off. Opened the door. Kept making the sound. Grrrreat. If I leave this thing by itself, it will kill my battery. Get to work, call the dealer and ask to bring it in.

Walked into my office in amongst a flurry of phone calls from people asking why they couldn't get their email - our ISP's mail server was down. Grrrreat. By the time I get back out to the car, the noise had stopped but the cd player wasn't working at all. Drove to the dealer, dropped the car off and got a taxi back.

F*&^ing work. That's all I can say. If anyone wants to hear I'll rant in person. If I hadn't already had my brain aneurysm of the week on Wednesday, I would have had it this morning about work.

Let's go back to Wednesday. Forgot my lunch and I had a meeting for church after work and forgot some paperwork so I went home for lunch. Stopped for my mail. 2 government-looking bills. One was the water bill for $304, so that my shower can smell like a swimming pool, lovely. The other was my property tax bill. I opened it up. It said $4297. I think I had a heart attack, stroke, and brain aneurysm all at once. After I calmed down and read it again and compared it to last year, I realized there was a credit I didn't get. Contacted the gov't and they said I have to apply for it but it shouldn't be too late for this year, they'll send me a new bill. Why I have to apply for this credit I'm not sure, as it is pretty much automatic and was given on the property last year. Anyway, got that resolved this week and will keep an eye out for my new bill. Still went up by about $300.

Later on Wednesday we had a freak storm which made the drive home pretty crazy. I was on my way to my meeting but it got cancelled and since I wasn't about driving (or sliding) down Chesley Dr, I took Douglas Ave. Took me 20 min to wait through the traffic there, but I arrived home safe & sound.

The next morning however was not fun. Driving up Chesley Dr I got stuck on ice. After spinning my wheels for a while, a guy stopped and pushed me a bit and I was able to keep on going. So a big thank you to the nice guy who helped me out yesterday morning.

So that's the short version of the latter part of my week. Really want to rant about work but can't. Annoyed at the cd player because I just had the whole radio replaced (under warranty) a couple of weeks ago and now there's another problem with it. Hope I don't lose my U2 cd. Stupid, stupid stupid.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sore Throat: Day Five

Enough already. I know you're sore. I should actually thank you for allowing me to stay home sick today, since it was really crappy out and they didn't plow my street until 2pm. However, now that that's over, I need to get some stuff done. So if you could move along, I'd appreciate it.

I did do some work today but ended up sleeping a lot of the time. Now I feel like a sloth for not getting much done today, but it's not like I felt wonderful and could have done a whole lot.

I made it to class last night, and as I usually find with any kind of class, it's good not to miss one. We have a dance routine that we're supposedly performing at the end of our 10 weeks, or is it at the party on the 20th? Either way, I need to practice. I actually came home last night after class and put another hour in. I'm not used to this dance routine scenario, I feel more comfortable when I can wing it, and don't have to count in my head. If I could just move to the music without having to remember to be in a specific step at a specific time, I would be better. But alas, I will practice the routine and try to become decent at it. Repetition is the key.

I am scheduled to be the West Side Shuttle this weekend for the grown-up dinner party where my friends will be drinking wine and eating smoked salmon. I'll be at the kiddy table with my pop and picking the green beans off my plate. I'm not exactly the least embrassing person to have at a dinner party. I was pretty much raised in a meat & potatoes household and haven't really managed to shake that habit. Living in SJ doesn't exactly present you with a lot of different foreign food choices either, but I also wasn't out looking for them. Rice seems to be a big thing for me this winter, as it is really fast to prepare after coming home from work and is healthier than the chips or popcorn suppers I am sometimes guilty of having. I don't remember ever having rice to eat as a kid. So let's just say I am pretty limited in my food experience. Combined with a picky-eater syndrome, I basically look like a big stick in the mud party pooper. I am starting to branch out and try new foods, but I have to decline on the smoked salmon and green beans. Tried them, don't like them. I hate being the one sitting there picking things off my plate. Please don't take it personally. I am just a freak who doesn't like a lot of foods and it has no references towards anyone's cooking abilities. The rest of you enjoy my share and I will most certainly appreciate the pork & "smashed" potatoes.

While I am looking forward to the party, I am not looking forward to the trip to the liquor store to go get a bottle of wine. We were given suggestions of what to bring and what not to bring but this isn't helping me. As evidenced a few weekends ago, when I walk into a liquor store (the number of times I've done that I can count on one hand) I have no idea what I'm doing. I will have to go armed with a copy of the email with strange French- and German-named wine varieties on it, enter the store, look lost, and hope to pick up some hot guy in the wine section who in passing mentions that he actually doesn't drink, he's just buying some wine to take to a dinner party that he's driving his friends to after he gets out of church. A girl can dream, can't she?

So speaking of food, the aforementioned party for belly dancing class is on the 20th, and it is middle-eastern pot luck. Another dilemma I am faced with. The instructor mentioned the lady with the Turkish food at the market on Saturdays, but she mentioned this to the whole class and I'd like to do something different. I actually just read a couple of cookie recipes that sound reasonable and has ingredients that I know I can find, hmmm. Maybe I'll give that a whirl. The recipe has a Turkish variation with cocoa so maybe I'll try that.