Friday, June 27, 2008


I have never had that great of a memory, but I feel an increasing sense that it is getting worse.  I can’t recall entire conversations I’ve had with people, personally or at work.  I don’t fully doubt that they happened, but I am starting to wonder what’s going on.  Have people noticed that I don’t necessarily remember things, and then try to con me into thinking I agreed to something that I didn’t intend?  Perhaps, but most of these types of conversations, such as the one I had at work today, don’t present any real gain for the other person so I choose to believe I have just forgotten.


I will admit that I tend to multitask, which does reduce my attention to both functions.  Sometimes I don’t pay close enough attention to a conversation that is not vitally important, so I end up forgetting parts (or all) of it.  Some periods in my life I prefer to block out because they were painful, I wasn’t happy, or they just weren’t vivid enough to stick in my mind.  That being said, why does my memory seem so much worse than the average person?  Do I spend too much time thinking inside myself to the point where I am blocking out the outside world?  That may be a possibility.  I am used to spending a lot of time alone, thinking to myself.  I have been known to think about conversations in my head, believing that I truly did have that conversation with the person, only to have them adamantly reply that I said nothing to them about a topic.  That makes me think I’m starting to lose my mind.


I’m not stupid, though.  If anyone asks me to remember the conversation we had about me lending them $1000, I’ll know better.


Scum said...

The conversation in your head thing? I do that all the time. Just ask Jody. :)

Liza said...

You are both tired and completely stressed out both personally and professionally, so it's pretty clear that your brain is drained!

Long, relaxing baths in the evening, with lotsa bubbles, may help your body to decompress, enjoy quality sleep, and prepare for the next day's doings.

Take care of yourself! Put yourself at the top of the To Do list for a few weeks and let life do its thing without you until you recharge your batteries.