Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Last weekend, while John and Stew were installing the satellite dish, they walked up to the back basement door and discovered a dead mouse lying in the middle of the stone area.  Why was it there?

·         Someone is trying to pull a Godfather on me, and is leaving me a sign

·         The mice are mobilizing and have gone from my office to my house

·         The mouse jumped from the retaining wall and didn’t make it

·         A cat left us a “present”


The last option sounds the most plausible.  We’ve been getting visits from a neighbourhood cat who has taken a liking to John (most cats love John).  She may have decided to leave us a present as thanks for the scratching.  Frankly, cat, I’d prefer a bottle of wine, even though I don’t drink.  Given the placement of the mouse, it seems odd for it to have just walked up and died right there.  We think it was either left there as a present, or an animal intended to come back and get it later.


I’m really glad I wasn’t the one to discover it; that would have been a bad scene.  I just hope this isn’t a recurring pattern.  I’ve been living mouse-free since I moved out of the apartment and the Great Mouse Invasion of ’04.  Having them at the office is bad enough, but that will end next month with our new office building.  I need to pay extra special attention when bringing the wood in this year that we don’t have any unexpected bonus gifts.

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Dre said...

My guess would also be the cat. When I was a kid our cat used to leave presents on our back doorstep as well. :-)