Friday, December 11, 2009


The feeling has hit me again the last couple of days: winter is coming. The post-Christmas season of cold, snow, wind, darkness, and loneliness. I don't have SAD, but I do get increasingly uneasy as the thought of January and February draw closer. The feeling seems to get worse every year. This year I have a husband who's home to keep a fire on, and a cute kitty cat who sometimes allows me to spend time with him, but I still have that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Heavy coats, biting wind, bundling up just to run outside and back in, falling on ice, driving through dangerous conditions... I am not looking forward to this. I also have a trip to Florida in late February/early March. I'm excited for it, but it's not quelling the feeling. I will still have to deal with winter, no matter what, unless I leave Canada. That's not in the cards for the foreseeable future.

Winter is fun for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Since my main activity is walking, that's not something I want to do outside this time of year. I guess I need to concentrate on finding fun things to do when it's cold. Last year, a co-worker and I went skating at Lily Lake on our lunch hour, that was fun. John has also been asking since last winter to go skating, so I need to find him some skates. I used to enjoy sliding, so I should probably get a couple of sleds and introduce John to that as well. He is still catching up on all of the snow-related activities he missed from growing up in a desert. Maybe if I can tap into his enthusiasm, I will get more out of the coldest months.

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canadianicewolf said...

I am also not looking forward to winter. Today is all too early a taste of the bitter cold, but not as bitter as what it will be. Walking is most definitely out. My favourite pasttime of winter is shovelling and that's not fun in the whipping wind. We can not keep the front of our house warm today so this does not bode well for the darkest winter days.

I have not been diagnosed with SAD, but every year it gets harder and harder to stay in Canada in winter! Too bad you and John couldn't do a 6 months here and 6 months there thing!

I wish I had his enthusiasm of the snow and winter and I hope it never truly wanes as the years go by here!