Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Thoughts on 2009 and 2010

Since coming home from California in September, I have developed an allergy. I wake up every morning congested and sneezing until it clears out. Today, not so bad. Yesterday, so bad I had to take meds. I'm not sure what the trigger is. I don't even know if it is worth getting tested.

I let our bedroom get so dusty that the dark wood furniture was literally white. Although my congestion issue is due to allergies, I was secretly hoping it had to do with the immense amount of dust buildup.

We got a cat this year. Romy has been a good addition to our house, and I like having him around. He isn't the cat I thought he would be, though. I wanted more of a cuddly cat, whereas Romy likes to keep his distance. He also prefers John to me lately. I tried for many minutes to coax him up on the bed so I could pet him, whereas he prefers that I bend over and pet him while he's on the floor. I eventually gave up and went back to my morning routine. John wakes up, calls for him once, and he immediately gets up and leaps to the bed to go and see John. We both expected for John to be the one who was preferred, since he's a cat person and the one who is home all day. It just seems like the preference has gotten stronger recently, and I'm not sure why.

I am not going to apologize for taking a vacation.

I need to try and stop being lazy this year. I have let a lot of things go by the wayside with the excuse that I "never have time for myself", but that doesn't feel like it's cutting it anymore. At some point, I have to do things I don't like, such as cleaning our bedroom, office, and fridge. It just won't leave me with much time to do things like read or watch TV. I also can't say that I'm thrilled to do these things after working all day. Last night, I came home, scrounged some supper, made cherry bread for John to use up the litre of buttermilk, made muffins for my breakfast for the next two weeks, researched a supper idea for the next day, washed lettuce for the next day's lunch, did some laundry, took down some xmas decorations, and by the time all of that was done, it was 9:30. We watched an hour of TV, then I tended to more laundry, plastic wrapped the baking, set things out for the morning, and it was past 11. It felt good to accomplish a lot, but I also wanted to do an hour on the treadmill and read some more of my book. I need to find the balance between self-indulgence and housework, where I get to do some of each, not just all of one.


John said...

FYI - Many of these activities are things that she feels she has to do herself, or prefers not to have my help on. Otherwise, many of these could be done by me while I'm at home, which would ease her burden a bit, and would allow her more free time to do the reading, treadmill, and TV watching she would like to do.

Otherwise, I do vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom, make dinner, iron (mostly her stuff), ensure the house is warm, and other sundry activities around the house on a regular basis.

liz said...

Yes, exactly, it has nothing to do with John, per se. I am upset with myself for not doing chores I feel are mine alone. I have needed to do that thorough a cleaning on the bedroom since before he moved in, which is why I considered it my chore. We've never discussed the fridge, and cleaning the office is predominately my paperwork and desk.

I give full credit to John for making dinner, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, etc. I am appreciative that he does these things without being asked, he knows they need to be done and does them. A lot of husbands don't bother, so I am lucky. :)