Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Mercury, you little devil

If someone asked, I'd swear we were still in Mercury retrograde. It seems like since it ended at the beginning of the month, my communications have gotten worse, not better. I keep running into situations where people refuse to listen to me. When they do listen, it seems like I trip over my words, and/or the person receiving misinterprets it and refuses to allow me to clarify. Or doesn't believe me when I do. I've hit a couple of walls over the past week that seem to be insurmountable.

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Cyn said...

Sorry to hear you are having communication difficulties this week. At the same time I am glad it isn't just me. Whew. My home study meeting # 2 was filled with me rewording & re-explaining nearly everything I said!
Thankfully the statement I gave at the police station this week I felt both heard & understood. Whew it was exhausting making sure I got out the words I wanted to say though.