Monday, October 03, 2005

Long day

What a day today. I wish people could read. I also wish people knew the difference between September and October, as that would have freed up a large portion of my day. I worked until 9:15 tonight. It's been a long day.

Thursday's dishwasher move went well, no flying dishwashers out of the back of the truck, so that was good. After depositing it at Stew's house, he treated Chris and I to Suwanna take-away for our troubles. I had Suwanna Chicken, which was strangely more hot than normal. Hmmm.

Friday was yet another busy day at work, so I was glad to have karaoke to end my day with. Had a total blast this week. I do have to compliment Jay on being in the zone, and attempting "Naughty Girls". Truly I will not forget that for a long, long time. Still laughing about it today.

After karaoke we headed to see Serenity, where I had my yummy bag of popcorn (mmmm, popcorn) and offered deadly peanut butter cups to Anthony (forgetting about his allergy, but as he so eloquently reminded me, "No thanks, those'll kill me.") I thought the movie was good, but definitely a movie for the fans of Firefly. I wouldn't have gone to see it if I hadn't watched the series. I did kind of miss the intimacy of the series, the ability to squeeze in more time with each individual character. But the point of this movie was to wrap up the plotlines, not create new ones. I won't spill any secrets here, but there were some choices made with regards to the story that I just didn't understand. Mostly good, but one event I didn't get the point of.

Saturday night was impromptu Girls' Night, where Mare, Jenn and I went to lemongrass and then picked up Lisa and went back to my place for some karaoke. We had a great time, though I think I prefer picking my own songs :)

Sunday saw me looking after some outside work. I watered the lawn, bought shelves for the garage, crazily tried to get giant mirror in my cart at Wal-Mart. Thankfully a nice man came along and helped me before I hurt someone/thing. Then a nice lady with a tattoo carried it out to my car for me. I guess I looked pretty pathetic. But I finally have a full-length mirror. Got a lot of other stuff done around the house, but still lots left to do.

The dehumidifier farm in my basement is working away. The 3 of them are still filling up about every 12h. Wood is damp, did I mention that?

I got a call about belly dancing class starting up again. I am in intermediate this time, and it starts next Tuesday night. Haven't touched a single step since June... I am no doubt pretty rusty. If/when I hear about beginners classes, I'll let you know.

I love that October is finally here. Leaves. Turkey. Halloween. Visit from American boyfriend, who just finished booking his flights, btw. Done deal. He'll be here around lunchtime on Friday the 29th, back home again early morning on Sunday Nov. 6, and I can't wait. Now I just need to make sure he's awake enough, after taking a red-eye, to attend karaoke that night. Don't make me choose between karaoke and boyfriend... cruel, cruel world! ;)


taku said...

Do you have KARAOKE in Canada?

John said...

And the American boyfriend cannot wait to be there and to visit his Cute Canadian girlfriend in her hometown and meet everyone. Even if he is absolutely afraid of flying.

mare said...

awwwwwwww. flying's not so bad, john. wait, are you flying through montreal? bad turbulence through there. ;)

liz said...

Yes, taku, we DO have karaoke in Canada. It's in a lot of bars here. Not every night, but at least once a week.

Mare, you're not helping. Remember that hornet from Saturday night, and how much you are afraid of them? Same deal.

mare said...

aha. i comprehend.

it's actually REALLY not bad. i have never had any problems flying into the east coast. and you get to see all the trees that make up the middle of the province... i kind of like looking at the scenery.

liz said...

Didn't you pick an aisle seat John? That means you won't get to see the view :(

John said...

I've got an aisle seat for most of the way, but a window seat for one hop.

Views don't really help when you're clenching your seat and praying for a safe landing. ;-) Plus, most of the flight is in he dead of night-- not a lot of scenary to see then.

The things we do for Canadian gfs. *sigh

liz said...

The Toronto-SJ flight is during the day. That's the one you want to see anyway, who cares about LAX to TO.

One could venture to say you are not just doing this for me. I'm pretty sure you'll get something out of it as well... like the best Halloween EVER!

Did I mention I love Halloween? :D

mare said...

i actually find the approach into sj one of the easiest. but then it's coming home. ;)

liz, you love hallowe'en? it's so hard to tell.

Lisa said...

Alas, with the karaoke cancellation, there will not be difficult choices for you to make. I suppose we could find somewhere else to karaoke.

canadianicewolf said...

The only problem I found with a red-eye flight and an aisle seat is that people and their bladders go all night long up and down said aisle and tend to forget there are others trying to rest.

Good luck - I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. :)