Monday, May 22, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to the airport

Or more accurately, at the airport. We arrived there to insanely long lines -- the line for security was running the length of the terminal. After realizing I couldn't do kiosk check-in because I was checking a bag, we got in line for regular check-in, which was backed up and moving at a snail's pace. We overheard someone talking about the airport having just come back online from a 1.5h power failure, which explained why we waited in the check-in line for 35 minutes before getting to the front. By the time I tried to check in, the console told me I was too late, so I had to get assistance from the clerk. With Dixie's help, I got rebooked for tomorrow with the same flights. Dixie was also very kind enough to have already checked me in and issued my boarding passes for tomorrow. With the time zone difference and scarce number of flights to SJ, I knew I'd be better off to stay here than try to get to Toronto or Montreal today and then have to stay overnight. John is, of course, ecstatic to have me for one more night, even though he had to go in to work today.

On the last 2 trips I have flown in and out of LAX. Air Canada allows you to do web check-in from select US cities, LA being one of those. Since I am flying out of Orange County this time, I am flying United for part of the journey, and I wasn't able to do web check-in and had to stand in the giant line with a lot of other people. LAX does have that advantage, I can check in before leaving the apartment, and since Air Canada only flies to a few cities from LAX, the lines are not too long. Food for thought for next time. LAX is definitely cheaper, but is so much farther away from here compared to John Wayne Airport.

So, I find myself still here in SoCal this morning, with lots of time on my hands. I called Stew to let him know I wouldn't need to be picked up at the airport tonight. I also called and left a message for my boss. "Power failure at airport" sounds an awful lot like "dog ate my homework", but here's the brief story on the problem.

Not sure what I will do with the rest of my day now. I may go for a walk, as long as the rain stays away. There are dark clouds and it will shower on & off, but it looks bright at the same time, and is about 17C out.

As to the weekend that was, I arrived on the earlier-scheduled flight and John picked me up just after 4pm. John Wayne Airport is only about 2 miles from his office, and not far from his apartment either. We then headed straight for See's Candies, since we were very close to it, and I got a couple more boxes of Awesome Peanut Brittle Bar to bring back home with me. We made a stop at Vons grocery store to get some Grape Crush (in glass bottles) and a few other essentials. We headed back home and spent the evening in.

Saturday we ventured out on some errands. John found a place where he could drop off electronics for recycling and has been meaning to get there for ages, so he loaded the truck and we finally made it there and got that done. Next we headed over to Fashion Island where I wanted to turn in a coupon for a free pair of underwear. We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and took our cheesecakes to go. We each got a slice of the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, and if you think the picture looks good, it tastes even better. Delicious! But not as good as Suzy's.

We also went across the street to Bed, Bath & Beyond to look for the shower curtain I was going to pick up for Jenn. They didn't have any at that store, but did have some at Yorba Linda, about 20min away. We got them to put it on hold and we'd pick it up on Sunday.

John somehow threw his back out on Saturday so I left him home to rest and went to church by myself. Masses here are frustrating. This weekend's mass was more like people reading the bible over kids acting out in a plain room that looks nothing like a church. I really didn't get anything out of that mass and ended up leaving after communion. Definitely miss that about home. I take our beautiful old church for granted and the fact that the mass I usually attend is mostly full of adults.

Saturday night we attempted to go see MI:III but strangely enough it was sold out. We ended up going to Target instead since we hadn't made it there earlier. We came back and stayed in for the night, watched Alias from the other night and had cheesecake for supper :)

Sunday we got up and decided it was likely more comfortable to sit together in a movie theatre than hang out on his uncomfortable couch, so we decided to hit 2 movies in one day. We went to the 11:30am showing of Da Vinci Code. Good movie, but they followed the book so closely that I basically sat through it saying, yeah, I know what's going to happen next. After that movie we headed over to Yorba Linda for the shower curtain, and also stopped at Petsmart and picked up a fountain-type water dish for Caly. So far she's confused by it, but hopefully she'll give it a try soon. We stopped for a burger and then headed to see MI:III. Fun movie, a bit cheesy in spots, but a good summer blockbuster movie. Don't know that I would bother watching it again, though.

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few more things, and John cooked us some steak for supper. I packed up what few things I had taken out since arriving and a few things I had bought. Didn't buy much on this trip, especially after having spent extra on the ticket change. Glad I did, though. Any extra time is worth it. Guess I have to thank the power failure for even more time :)


Chris L said...

You come to my hometown of Yorba Linda and don't even say, "Hi". That really hurts.

John said...

We were only 1/2 way to your house, Chris. And we were on a limited time budget.

We'll get up there the next time she's in town and we have more time.

Lisa said...

I looooovvvvveeee cheesecake! :-P Its one of the few things I'm missing with my healthier eating lifestyle.

Chris L said...

True, it does take about 20mins to go from one end of YL to the other and you were just about as far away in YL as you possibly could be. :-)