Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Glad I bought that luggage

Had a busy week work-wise last week. I got approved for a training course being held just outside Seattle which starts 2 weeks from today. Since it ends on Victoria Day weekend, and I'm already on the west coast, I'm going to sneak in a quick trip to SoCal. I can get a direct flight between Seattle and SoCal for a decent price. "Decent price" takes on a new definition when it means you'd get to see your fiancé this month compared to July. Seriously though, flying between those two spots will be pretty reasonable. The convenience of the class ending on the long weekend is extremely helpful. I'll fly home on Victoria Day, and John will have to work that day anyway. I am still working out the flight details and class registration. Hopefully those will get firmed up in the next day or two.

I'm also being scheduled to go to Louisiana for a couple of days, perhaps Arkansas on the end of that trip. I've also got my annual conference in September. Last year was Tucson, this year is Lexington, Kentucky. I can't say as that's a place I've always wanted to go, but it looks pretty. So with these 3 trips appearing on the schedule, I'm glad I decided on that luggage!


Lisa said...

Did you get pretty luggage? I didn't think to ask. :)

liz said...

I posted about it here.

It held up very well for going back & forth across the continent, I was quite happy with it. Especially since on the way back it weighed 58lbs *embarrassed look