Friday, July 28, 2006

Guy in black truck

A guy in a black pickup with a cap on the back stopped at the end of my court this morning and took a picture of my house. Possibly the house next door that is for sale as well, but I'm not sure.

I have no idea if the picture was because he likes my design and wants to build a similar house, or if he's casing the joint for a robbery. He didn't bother to stop and ask permission for the picture, so how would I know?

In all likelihood it's an innocent picture... but now I have to keep an eye on things just in case. I'm really glad I had an alarm system put in, but I hope it never has to come into play.


Colin said...

wouldn't worry to much about dude in a truck. Sure he was admiring your house, street, the place next door (still for sale? not interested..just curious). You have an alarm, that is good!

John said...

Hopefully he was admiring the wonderfully painted porch. Or the new driveway.

Or maybe he was from one of the many places you called for mowing and they stop by to snap photos as part of their appraisal process.

I am glad you have that alarm system. And I know you are great about locking all the doors and windows. Even though you are in a low-crime area, I still worry though.

Colin said... is something to think about. Friend of mine was out photographing a store in Welsford. He is an artist and it was for an upcoming show. Later while his wife is home the police show up and ask questions as to what he was up to. She had to explain he is an artist, taking pics for painting, etc...
Guess the business owner was nervous (for perhaps any number of reasons) and called.

SO next time if you are feeling uncomfortable getting the license plate number and call the police.

Lisa said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Alot of people take photos in that neighbourhood, trying to find styles of houses that they like. My parents have had their house photographed a number of times-many of which were real estate agents who would call later asking if they were interested in selling.

Shawn said...

Agreements all around. Like the guy who was on the ladder taking pictures inside our bedroom the other day was just looking for decorating ideas. ;) (I kid).

To be honest, I'm perfectly fine up here with the whole picture thing given the altrernative "shooting" that could be done in my direction!!