Thursday, December 07, 2006

Caution: contents under pressure

Just because a bottle of water is not carbonated does not mean that it is not under pressure. I exploded one on myself this morning at work. It was funny, after I cleaned everything up.

Saturday is my Dad's birthday, but I hope to still be able to make it to the Pub. Been a long time and I could use some karaoke. I could use some fun, period. Between my family crap and work crap, I'm not really having a good time anywhere.

I started my decorating this week. I have all but two sets of lights up inside. I need to purchase another timer, slap them up in the window, and then I'm all set. I did an online shopping blitz this week and now have most of my presents purchased. All that is remaining is to buy a couple of things for John's sock, and to do the bulk of the purchasing for my grandfather's sock. I should be able to knock that stuff off in one trip. Wrapping Central is set up in my basement. Still need to talk to Dad about going to get a tree, perhaps next weekend.

2 weeks to go until John arrives. I am really looking forward to some more quality time together. I'm glad it isn't as long between visits this time.

Oh hey, I got some news this week. I have a meeting for work that involves me going to Las Vegas at the end of February. Haven't been to Vegas before, and it is within driving distance of John. Something to look forward to in the middle of winter.


Lisa said...

Ooo Vegas! I've heard it's a very surreal experience; I'd love to go. Take lots of pictures!

mare said...

viva las vegas!!!!!

oooh, you can go and re-enact the u2 video on the strip. i'm sure nobody EVER does that. ;)

Colin said...

Sin City! ;-)
Everyone has to go to Vegas at least once, just to experience it. It is so over the top, everything is huge! If you have a choice of where to stay thumbs up to The Venetian and Mandalay Bay. AND try and take in a Cirque du Soleil show if you have never seen one. WOW! The ones at Treasure Island and the Bellagio are very cool!

scum said...

Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you elope. Then you better tell us. :)