Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Not-So-Merry Christmas

My younger brother is, again, back in the hospital. It's the safest place for him right now. His swelling/bloating is so bad that he can't wear anything on his feet and his clothes are too tight. His kidney biopsy results came back and thank God the damage isn't progressing as fast as they thought. The kidneys are inflamed but he is not in dialysis stage yet, and they are giving him a new drug that will try and get him under control. The drug is new and not extensively used yet, so that is why he must stay in the hospital so they can monitor its progress. He won't be leaving the hospital this time until the fluid retention is gone, which means he will be in the hospital over Christmas. He also has MRSA, a form of staph infection, which means you have to dress up in gown, mask and gloves in order to visit him.

His "loving" girlfriend is still leaving tomorrow for Ontario, despite his poor health and hospital admission. If John were in the hospital, I wouldn't be leaving him behind. But at least it will be better with her gone -- she won't encourage him to ask for early discharge or get into any arguments.

So I guess this means I will be packing up some Christmas dinner and taking it up to him at the hospital. We can't bring his gifts up to him because he can't really use them, and with the staph infection, it's better to have as little exposed to it as possible.


Cyn said...

Many many prayers for little brother over the holidays. Certainly not a fun place to spend them. I've had him in my prayers daily and will continue.

As for presents... what about something silly and very easily cleanable like a action figure or a mini-Little People set (they're uber cheap at Superstore)? I can see silliness like that bringing a smile to his face. That way he at least gets to open something on Xmas morning.

canadianicewolf said...

Wowzers! So sorry to hear that he's not feeling any better and has to be in the hospital. Small blessings that he is in the hospital though and getting some much needed help! If you need anything - help, ears or otherwise, call!
TL & Van