Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Car search update

The car search has been interesting. Not as easy a time as I thought it would be.

Last Thursday, I test drove the Pontiac G6 GT, basically the equivalent offering from Pontiac of my older Grand Am GT. I figured I was going to like this car, and I did, but I didn’t love it. I have a few issues with the seats, the steering wheel position, and where to lean my arm while I drive. Minor, but I found it a bit annoying, and those things can gnaw at you over time. I will likely be doing another 4 year lease, so I want to make sure I like what I’m getting.

On John’s advice to test drive at least one other car, I went back to Saturn and test drove the Aura XR. Nice car, but again, I didn’t love it. It is not as sporty as the G6, but it did have some extra options and functions. Unfortunately, the XR model is a higher price and a bit more than I wanted to spend. Since I didn’t “love” the car, I am not really willing to spend extra money on it. I can afford the XE model, and add a few more options to get it closer to where I wanted it to be. I need to actually drive the XE model to feel the differences though, so I will probably go back to Saturn and try and drive something closer to what I would actually get.

I am also going to take a Grand Prix out for a test drive. I’m not sure I’m all that serious about it, but it will give me a different driving experience and hopefully help me to nail down what I do and don’t like or want to sacrifice.

I’m arranging to take a used G6 home for a couple of days (hopefully over the long weekend) and truly test it in real-world conditions. That should be enough time for me to get a true feel for it.

The pickiness and issues are surfacing mainly because I really like my current car. I liked it so much that I leased it two times in a row. After 7 years with the same car, I’m comfortable with it. I know where everything is, how it handles, and it just fits me. I can’t tell if the issues I’m having with these new cars are because I am change-resistant and comfortable with 7 years of the Grand Am, or if I truly don’t like the features of the new cars. That’s the question I need to answer. Hopefully test driving a couple more cars and having the G6 for a few days will help me figure that out.


Cyn said...

How was the car?

liz said...

The more I drive it, the less I like it. Its biggest problem is visibility. The line of the car curves upward in the back, so it cuts off your view, and the back window is small and has headrests in the way. Using this car in a parking lot and not being able to see any children behind me when I was backing out made me realize that I can't deal with a car that has crappy visibility. So, on with the next car. I think I will try a Grand Prix, and I also need to go back and try the Aura again. Going to have to make my decision this week though, because if I end up wanting to buy out my current car, I need to get talking to the bank.