Friday, July 06, 2007

64 days to go

With life being pretty much work, wedding stuff, sleep, repeat, I haven't had much to discuss. I can't even talk in too much detail about wedding things because I want some things to be a surprise.

Things are coming along, though somewhat tortuously at times. Last night was supposed to be invitation assembly night, but a combination of miscommunication and printer malfunctions basically rendered the evening a write-off. I did manage, between 2 printers and lots of wasted envelopes, to get all of the reply card envelopes printed and stamped. I'm regrouping today, getting some more printing done, and hopefully tonight will be a little more lucky for assembly.

I have a lot accomplished, but still a lot remaining to do. I signed a contract with a photographer today, so that is one more item that is done. Next on the list, after invitations, will be flowers. I don't plan on going too crazy over those. I like flowers, but not enough to spend a pile of money on them. After that, it's going to be list after list of small details. Who drives who where and when and in what car. Take John over to Moores for tux fitting. Assemble favors. Figure out a list of shots that I want the photographer to take.

I put most of my planning on hold this week while I prepared for a wedding shower that I am hosting on Sunday. I didn't have much notice to pull it together, but I think I've got things under control. My mom was a big help in finding stuff for me, since I have to work and can't shop during the day. She is also going to make shortbreads for me to serve as well. I need to spend tomorrow fine-tuning the games that I am going to run, as well as wrapping the prizes and cleaning the house as best I can. It's always stressful cleaning the house when you know a bunch of unknown women are coming over.

That's pretty much my life at the moment. It seems like this week has been a regular length with all that has gone on. I did manage to get a better sleep last night and don't feel quite as much like a zombie today. I am also getting a few things cleared off my work to-do list, and that's making me feel a bit better. I won't have much time to rest this weekend, though, and that is a concern. I need all the rest I can get these days.

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