Thursday, July 19, 2007


A couple of years ago, I decided to start getting waxed instead of shaving. Not all the time, but before a trip or special occasion. I started out at one of the spas in town, and although I never had any problems, I was finding it to be expensive. On someone's recommendation, I decided to try a shop a little closer to home. The person doing aesthetics there, S, was really good, and I was happy to keep going back and getting work done from her.

About a month ago, S decided to accept a job at a call centre, leaving the world of aesthetics behind. I was disappointed to hear that, especially since she was giving up the business altogether. I decided to give her replacement a try, and I had my first appointment with her Wednesday night. What a mistake that was.

First off, what usually takes 1h took 1.5h. Had I known it would take her significantly longer, I would have booked to come a bit earlier. She started out by using giant strips of cloth and attempting to take it all off at once... not a good idea. Waxing is the same as the band-aid concept: you should remove the cloth as quickly as possible. She hesitated during almost every removal, making the pain worse. She also forgot to apply pressure right after the strip was removed (this helps the pain immediately after removal) and she kept commenting on how she forgot to do it. She dripped wax all over me and the table, making me stick to everything. She applied the wax too thick half the time, making removal difficult. She would use the same strip too many times (mainly because she had too much wax on to begin with). She never seemed to press the strip onto the area with enough pressure or time so the wax would ahere, resulting in repeated treatments to the same area. She pretty much did everything wrong. I'm amazed that I don't look bad from it.

Needless to say, I won't be going back to that particular aesthetician again. The next appointment I will need will be for my wedding, but I don't want to try someone new for that -- I want to make sure it is someone I've used before. I guess I will have to go through my old receipts and try to remember names of the astheticians who worked at the spa and see if they are still there. It will cost me $40 more, but at least I won't be a sticky mess or experience a lot of pain.


Lisa said...

Kristi Neilsen goes to someone out in the valley. I guess she's really good and not too expensive. I could get her name for you; she does come recommended. I think Kizzy and Heather may both go to her now too.

Scum said...

Phew! I thought you weren't talking about your legs there, for a sec!