Thursday, October 30, 2008

Slow to knit

I don't normally get headaches, but today my head hurts. The party went well last night, but Chicago rehearsals ran late and no one could come afterward.

Since I restarted my knitting in spring, it's been a slow process. The blanket took a long time and I didn't have anything else on the go at the same time. I'm looking at projects that my friends are doing or have done and I am behind as far as skills go. I hope the combination of knitting club and being around other knitters will help bring my skills up. I guess it's just the usual for me: scared to try new things in case I screw them up. What I need to keep in mind is that screwing up knitting is not something to be afraid of, geesh. I am not sure why I've turned into this person who is wary of trying new things, but I need to work on it.

That being said, I still want to knit a simple blanket for Regan's baby. Maybe I'll try something more complicated on a smaller scale first.


Liza said...

Suggestion: try the pattern on a 25-stitch square to see if you like it and can manage the stitches. It can be the first square in a down-the-road afghan made from all the trial squares sewn together!

Dre said...

the yarn you've chosen is nice! I'm looking forward to seeing the blanket. I've decided to jump in with both feet when it comes to knitting. I figure it's like following a recipe or a sewing pattern. I made a point of picking up a couple of books that have a few tips and tricks for fixing something a few rows back without having to tear everything out, which has been a great help. I am making mistakes, but now I'm also able to catch them faster when I do make them - it's just practice.