Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Since I have 10 minutes

I'll slap up a blog.

I haven't been blogging much lately, not out of lack of desire, but lack of time. Since I'm not good at short versions of stories, I haven't felt like I've had enough time to blog. Today I decided to get something posted even if it doesn't cover all that I want it to.

Work has been very busy for me. It's not a blogging topic, so I can't go into detail, but I've been a bit overwhelmed. I did manage to hire some more help starting this week, so I am hoping that will take some of the pressure off. Work seems to be encompassing most of my life these days, or at least it feels that way.

What else am I up to? I finished the baby blanket I was knitting for my new nephew. I wasn't totally pleased with how it turned out, only because of its size. It ended up being too wide, a mistake I made by casting on too many stitches to begin with. Once you make that mistake, you either keep going or start all over again. I didn't realize the magnitude of the mistake until later and ended up making it a lot larger than it needed to be. The good part is that I know for next time, it should be approx 60 sts and 150 rows. That should be a good sized blanket using the same yarn.

I'd like to continue with knitting and increase my skills, so I joined a knitting club at the library. The club is a bit disorganized; they're not quite sure what structure it should take, but I do like having more experienced knitters beside me to help. I got a lot out of the book I have, but nothing is a substitute for hands-on assistance. My next project is a scarf for myself, which I started a couple of years ago but put away because I ended up making it too wide. I ripped it out and started over again on the drive back from Montreal last week.

Speaking of which, John, Dad and I drove to Montreal last weekend to attend my nephew's baptism. It was a 9h drive, through the US. We left Friday and came back on Sunday, so a lot of driving for one day's worth of activities. I was pretty wiped, but glad to see my family. I didn't get the chance to call Lisa while I was there though, which I feel bad about. I need to catch up with my friends who have moved. I've been so busy with things and I need to catch up with them on how they're doing.

I guess my 10 min are up... gotta get back to work. Tonight I need to prepare for pumpkin carving, which is tomorrow. I don't like having it on a weeknight, but since Friday is Halloween and you can't carve a pumpkin a week in advance and expect it to last, Wednesday seemed like the best answer.

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