Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Radio experiment: start of Day 3

The station I'm following is (the former Pirate) at 103.5.

It's the start of Day 3 and I already have some repeat songs:
  • Going to California by Led Zeppelin
  • Rose Colored Glasses by Blue Rodeo
  • Fantasy by Aldo Nova
  • Just Between You and Me by April Wine
  • Gimme All Your Lovin by ZZ Top

I've heard 6 different Rush songs, so I'm convinced I'll hear a Rush repeat today. They love Rush on this station. I've also heard multiple songs by Glass Tiger, Bryan Adams, Colin James, Elton John, Kim Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Tom Cochrane. Repeats are sure to follow the rest of this week.

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