Monday, December 08, 2008

Radio experiment

When we moved into our new office, my co-worker and I found it a little too quiet and decided to get a radio for background noise.  Most local radio stations are so repetitive that it became more annoying to keep hearing the same songs than silence.  However, we did come across a local station that had changed format in the last couple of months.  When first tuning in, I thought it was great – I must have hit upon a good programming day.  Any station that plays Notorious by Duran Duran will pique my interest.


We’ve been listening to this station for a few weeks now, and I have noticed an odd pattern.  While they do play songs not normally heard on the top 40, light rock, or classic rock stations, they seem to be just as repetitive.  I’m fairly sure that they play Tom Sawyer by Rush every day.  While I don’t have any like nor dislike for that song, I find it odd that they would play the same song by Rush with such regularity.  Rush has a large catalog of music, why not spread it around?  Another example is Nova Heart by The Spoons.  I’ve heard this quite a few times now, but where are the other Spoons songs they could be playing?


They play a large amount of Canadian Content, which makes me curious if they are under a different set of rules.  Since they are a smaller station, do they have to play more CanCon that the others?  Or do they just love resurrecting Canadian 80s songs?  While I’m happy to hear some Blue Rodeo and Glass Tiger, I am not sure how much more April Wine I can take.  SJers seem to love April Wine, as evidenced by the number of times they’ve played here.


I’m gathering evidence by starting to track the songs being played.  It should be interesting to see how often things really are played.

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Scum said...

If this is the Pirate of which you write, it's possible it does have different rules since it was originally set up as a talk radio station and not music. They may be CRTC limited. But I don't really know.