Monday, January 14, 2013

January photo Day 12: Surprise

Surprise was hard to capture. The biggest surprise of the day ended up being the Broncos' loss to the Ravens, but taking a picture of the TV wasn't what I had in mind.  Other surprises on Saturday was how tasty our food was.

I somehow misled my husband into thinking I had bought him a coffee cake as a surprise treat, when really I bought him something for Valentine's Day.  He was disappointed that he had no coffee cake for breakfast, so he found his mom's recipe for raspberry coffee cake.  We substituted strawberry jam since that's what we have a lot of in our house right now.  It turned out quite well, though next time we'll try to remember to turn the ends.

It looks a bit alien-like here, but it was tasty. Need to work the dough less next time.

The other tasty surprise was our baby back ribs, cooked in Sweet Baby Ray's sauce.  We hadn't used the sauce before, nor had we baked pork ribs, so it was a toss-up as to how this would go.  Turned out that John picked the right length of cooking time and the sauce was delicious.

We added some corn bread and away we go.

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