Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Why RIM should send me a new Blackberry 10 phone

RIM's new Blackberry OS 10 announcement is coming at the end of this month.  This is a make-or-break time for the Canadian company.  Their market share is dangerously low, and even their core corporate customers are jumping ship for the iPhone or Android devices.  My co-worker has said that his next upgrade will be to an iPhone, and another co-worker has already jumped ship.

My last Blackberry upgrade was Dec 2011, which means I'm not eligible for an upgrade discount until Dec 2013.  That's eons worth of time in today's technology market.  I resisted upgrading when I did, but my old hardware was giving me so much trouble that I had to take the leap.  I'm currently using the 9900, which has been fairly decent for messaging, but the more I use it for surfing, clicking links out of Twitter, its total inability to display anything on Instagram, etc. the more frustrated I get.  I started regretting not jumping ship when I had the chance; maybe I wasn't forward thinking enough.

Now I'm excited at the news and hope the launch will cure my woes.  I don't really want to switch brands, but something has to change so that Blackberry doesn't become the next Betamax.  I'm not the only user who thinks this, I'm sure: and we're the people RIM should be targeting to help spread the word on their new OS.  Here's why RIM should send me a new smartphone:
  • Loyalty.  I fight to the death for my QWERTY keyboard in a world full of touchscreens, which is the main reason I didn't jump ship when I had the chance.  I want to stay with Blackberry, want to keep the great keyboard of which no other device can quite get right.  RIM will have a tough time turning those who have already jumped ship, but for those who are still loyal, don't leave us languishing on the older platform -- we're the people you want to tell the world how great the new product is vs the old.
  • Social media.  I'm relatively young and tech savvy, and a user of social media, so I will be vocal about how much I like the new hardware and software.  I will blog, Facebook, and tweet about it.  Word of mouth is one of the most powerful methods of marketing.  Not to mention its cost, free, would help RIM's budget right about now.
  • Corporate influence. My employer trusts me to provide advice and guidance on what IT devices we use, and that also extends to smartphones.  If I recommended we all needed to switch to iPhones, my opinions would be taken seriously and I would have some say in the final purchasing decision.
So RIM, if you're listening, send me a new device. Don't leave me frustrated and wishing I was using an Android for the next 11 months.  Let me tout your new device for you.  If we're going to be slammed with marketing, it might as well come from me.  :D

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