Friday, February 08, 2013

February photo Day 8: Something Orange

Day 7 I skipped because I didn't want to splash my name all over my blog. Call me old-fashioned.

Day 8 is "something orange." I snapped this pic out my front door and because I had the flash turned on, it made the snowflakes light up and the street light glows orange.

What I was actually trying to accomplish was a "before" picture to compare with the big Nor'Easter we're getting overnight and into tomorrow.  Here's the better picture for that, though it is not as orange:

One benefit to this storm is that the City plows might finally come back and plow the street. They plowed around 6am Sunday morning, but then it snowed more all day and they never returned.

Looking at the pictures on the news from Boston, they're getting slammed pretty hard, and the system from the Great Lakes hasn't merged with it yet. We have a blizzard warning and our snowfall estimates have now been upped to 40-50cm (16-20").  It's pretty much a sure bet that I won't make it to church to read tomorrow.

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