Monday, February 11, 2013

February photo Day 9: Guilty pleasure

Day 9 was guilty pleasure, and I just wasn't coming up with anything. Part of my goals for this year was to try and stop worrying so much about what others think, so having a guilty pleasure means, to me, that you're only guilty because someone else thinks it's bad or cheesy.  I'm happy with my pleasures, so I wasn't getting any inspiration from that.

Instead, I bring you the "after" pic of the blizzard.  This pic makes it look not so bad.  I should have taken a pic of the snowdrift by John's truck, which was easily 4' tall.  The ridge at the end of our driveway was 2-3' tall, mostly from a City plow who couldn't be bothered to do a decent job.  The way to gain perspective on the driveway is by how much of the markers are showing.  There was at least 1', more where it drifted, in our driveway.  The wind was strong and created white-out conditions from time to time, something I also didn't manage to capture very well.  It wasn't the worst blizzard ever, by any means, but it wasn't great either.

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