Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of 2013

2013 had its share of issues for me. Basement sewage flood being the crappiest (pun intended). Broken dishwasher a few weeks out of warranty, and replacement hasn't been quite as good. Numerous car repairs. Vet bills. Intentional mortgage penalties and associated legal fees. It's been an expensive year. I hope 2014 isn't quite so bad in the money department.

2013 isn't a year I'll look back on with fond memories, but it certainly wasn't the worst I've had, either. There were good points about this year, our "year of not procrastinating."  We did finally get John on the mortgage, protection for him in case anything were to happen to me. We didn't quite make it to getting our wills done, but that can be part of 2014's plan. We did allow ourselves to get sidetracked due to the basement nonsense.

The basement, despite the hassle of the flood, is now better than ever. Still work to be done organizing, unboxing, and decluttering. Our new IKEA bookcases are great. We're a lot closer to finishing the bathroom than we would have been otherwise. The mold issues we likely had from previous floods are now gone. It's definitely an improvement. Now I just need to replace my bean bag chair.

In the personal goals department, 2013 was actually a huge success. I lost approx 15 lbs through portion control and calorie counting, without having to swear off every food that tastes good. I'm proud of my accomplishment, and validated in my thought that if I just put my mind to it, I knew I could get it done. I had said that for ages, but when I got back from California at the beginning of May, I knew I had to act if I wanted things to be different. I'm glad I succeeded and am keeping it up.

I've dropped off on my photo-taking, but we got a new DSLR camera for Christmas and I hope to pick that back up again. Having the better camera will help improve my skill and interest.

I'm not sure exactly what goals to set for 2014 just yet. In the case of 2013, my most successful plans were set not at the beginning of the year. So maybe I'll take some time to think about what I want to accomplish. It should involve some decisions about my career direction. I hope to see more of some friends I've reconnected with recently, because they're uplifting friendships. I need to push myself to knit something more complicated than a dishcloth again.

Happy New Year to you all. Be safe.

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