Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We've all got one

Everyone has a food they like, one which they prefer the "fake" or processed version over the real thing. Using my husband as an example, he would take instant mashed potatoes and canned green beans over real mashed and fresh beans.  I don't understand that, and I force him to eat my real mashed potatoes -- thankfully I make them smooth enough for his liking.

Today I had one such experience. I was out for lunch earlier than usual, and was able to get mac & cheese from a vendor who usually sells out before 1pm. I brought it back to my office, had a few bites, and couldn't understand how it could be so bland. I couldn't help but think that I preferred the Kraft Dinner 3 cheese variety.  It seems wrong, but I guess we all have our own individual tastes and likes/dislikes.

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Liza said...

The kids used to call Kraft's Mac 'n Cheese "Crap." I've been hungry for some "real" mac 'n cheese and just enjoyed my first meal, but not my last, of a batch of made from scratch. Nope, you can tell your hubby that I made white sauce and did NOT just a can of cream of mushroom soup!