Monday, June 26, 2006

Canada Day shindig

I guess I haven't made any real announcement on this yet, but I'm having a shindig on Canada Day. Some backyard BBQ and hopefully I can get the badminton net up in the backyard.

I will have the usual plates, cups, condiments, cupcakes, chips, and pop. Bring something to BBQ and WW-friendly snacks if chips & cupcakes aren't on your menu. Wear your Canada Day shirts if you have them.

I guess a start time depends on Shakespeare rehearsal. Late afternoon is good if we want to do any badminton, before it gets post-supper and cold.

As far as the rest of things going on with me, there really hasn't been much to talk about. I've been working a lot and watching Season 2 of original Star Trek. That's literally it. This week I'm preparing for John's arrival -- he arrives late Thursday night. Still need a few last minute groceries, including a new variety of 1/2 moon, with strawberry as well as vanilla filling. He should enjoy that. I'm really happy I was able to find some lactose-free ice cream at Superstore for him. 3 days to go. Been a long time since he was here, I will be glad to have him back in my own surroundings again.


Cyn said...

Sounds like fun! We're likely having a bbq on this side of the Bay. (:

As for Lactose Free stuff, there is a great milk-replacement that is NOT soy that I found this week at Superstore. It's called Almond Breeze. Doesn't have the chalky aftertaste that soy and rice drinks tend to have. Quite yummy and can be used as a milk replacement in just about everything including baking! Comes in chocolate, vanilla, and original. Has a bit of an almondy aftertaste. Also comes in unsweetened versions. Very yummy! Hmmm that just sounded like an infomercial.

Chris W. said...

I think we're pretty much boycotting any rehearsing that might come up on Saturday (it's listed as TBA and nothing has BA yet). Several people are away, several others want to hit the Noises Off auditions at 1, and no one really wants to rehearse all weekend anyway. :)

mare said...

true that re: auditions.

Dre said...

Did you know that you can also get goat's milk cheese in the organic section of Superstore that is made so thta it feels and tastes like mozzerella, marble cheddar and old-style cheddar? AND at both Superstore and the top of the city market, you can get lactose-free swiss cheese (which makes for delicious fried cheese sandwiches :-))

We are fortunate to live in a day and age where there are lots of options for people who have food allergies.

John said...

Thanks for all the advice-- I'm not actually lactose intolerant. I just have some difficulty in digesting some dairy products. I really, really like drinking milk, and that leads to some digestive trouble. I find the lactose-free milk is easier on my stomach, so I drink that instead. It winds up being a nice compromise-- I get the milk I love but not nearly the troubles that I would have otherwise.

Make sense?

Lisa said...

Sorry Liz! Anthony and I won't be able to make it. We've planned a get away camping trip for the two of us and won't be back until the morning of the 2nd.

As for rehearsals, I'm almost positive Peter said there will not be one.

Chris W. said...

Yeah, lst night the "no rehearsals Friday or Saturday" was confirmed. Yay!