Thursday, June 29, 2006

Unluckiest traveler ever

If it wasn't for bad luck, John would have no luck at all. I just checked the status of his flight. Due to a crew change, his flight has been delayed by an hour, leaving him a 23min connection time in Chicago, during which he has to walk between terminals. United shuts the doors of their flights 15min before departure. I don't think he's going to make it unless they do arrive earlier than it says. Funny, I think he said something to me last night about there being no way his flight out of OC would be delayed...

Please cut the guy some slack!! No wonder he hates traveling.


mare said...

yes, i concur that his schedule sucks. but until somebody gets drunk and pees in the aisle on a plane that john is on, my dad still reigns as unluckiest plane traveler ever.

ps my verification has "zod" in it. hee hee, general zod.

Lisa said...

That sucks about the delay. Maybe the flight out of Chigago will be delayed and then he won't miss it... I guess that's not really comforting.

Mare: lol