Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I can mow

I just mowed most of the front and side of my lawn. First time ever mowing. Wish it was my last too. I did ok, it's just really damn heavy because it's not self-propelled. Bag kept filling up really quickly because it was so long. Some of my land is swampy and I didn't mow it. I'm not convinced there should be lawn in places because it will always be swampy, even when it's not raining every day.

So tired. But I did it.


scum said...

I learned long ago... NEVER BAG!

Last night, I mowed the knee-high grass at the camp.

Our mower doesn't bag, but it does mulch... I took the mulcher off, and after I was done throwing it all to the outside, I went back over it and threw the grass clippings all to one side.

Trust me... NEVER BAG!

canadianicewolf said...


Colin said...

congrats, Liz! It can be very Zen. Could always wear an IPOD while doing it too.
Short of bagging you would then have raking so there is the tossup.

One small need running shoes JUST for mowing. Wear any shoe you like and you will ruin them with green :-)

The second time will be a breeze!

Dre said...

Yep - the key is finding the zen in mowing and music is certainly a big help. :-)

Lisa said...

I used to mow my parents' lawn as a teenager. I never minded it. Its pretty easy to get lost in it. It gets easier as you do it more.

I always opted to rake. I found it easier than the bag.

John's sis said...

My husband bags the front but not the back. That way the front is tidy but you only have to deal with a few bags. Mowing is pretty good exercise, especially with your kind of mower, so grab your music and your yucky shoes and think of it as your exercise for the week. At some point you'll try on a strapless wedding dress and be pleased with your fabulous mowing arms!

liz said...

My mower is a true bagger mower, with the outlet at the back, so I have to bag, or else I'll get grass all over me.

I did manage to think of wearing old sneakers and clothes. See Jenn, the unfashionable jeans are still coming in handy!

It is damn hard work, I must say. My arms and shoulders are sore today. Good point, I will indeed need good looking arms for a wedding dress. Pretty much everything I've seen so far is strapless or at the very least sleveless. That's the style right now. I like it though.

I will still be very glad to pass this activity over to John.

Next up is getting the weed trimmer set up & charged so I can get those nasty spots in between the rocks in the front yard. That oughta be fun.

scum said...

One good thing about bagging... You have stuff to put in your compst bin! :)