Thursday, October 19, 2006

Look at me, watching Canadian TV

I've never been much of one for watching any Canadian TV shows. Most have just not held a big appeal to me and always seem to have that hokey Canadian low-budget haze. The allure of the American networks has always been too strong to really have me consider watching an episode of Beachcombers or The Littlest Hobo.

While flipping through the fall preview of [Canadian] TV Guide this year, being encouraged by the reviewers to give a couple of Canadian shows a chance, I took the plunge. Both could be called chick shows, but conveniently I am female, which is likely why they appeal to me.

The first is a new show on CBC called Rumours. Based on the original Radio Canada French-Canadian show, its two main leads are co-editors of a women's magazine. The catch? One of the editors is a male sports journalist, only working there for the money. The writing for his character is quite funny. I've watched the first 3 episodes so far and I'm enjoying it. Me, watching the CBC for entertainment other than Just For Laughs! Imagine!

The second show I've picked up this fall is called The Smart Woman Survival Guide. I caught a mini-marathon of this show a few weeks ago and I love it. This show is definitely aimed at a female audience (it's on the W Network, duh!). It is a smart and funny show that is sort of an homage to Pop-up Video with its tips appearing on-screen. Not a show you can watch in the background or do something else at the same time -- you might miss a tip. The show has already been picked up for a second season.

I hope both of these shows can gain/maintain an audience. It's nice to see some different, high quality content for women on the Canadian airwaves. Let's hope it continues to develop into lots of other good shows.

Stop humming the Littlest Hobo theme song. I can hear you.


John said...

How about that DaVinci's Inquest? My Tivo can't record enough of those for me!

Surly Canuck said...

I miss pop up video

Lisa said...

Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle - Oops! Sorry! :-P

I don't have cable. I prefer to rent or buy seasons and watch them from beginning to end without commercials or cliff hangers. Besides, my schedule is so hectic I end up missing have the season and don't know what's going on! Not good when I like shows like Veronica Mars, 24 and Lost. ^_^

mare said...

I like Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, for all it is exceptionally random and possibly disparaging to Newfoundlanders.

Also, last year Colin Mochrie and his wife had a show called "Getting Along Famously", wherein they played a married couple who had a hit tv show in the 60s on the CBC. It was really, truly, funny, but nobody watched so it got cancelled. One episode had Colin Mochrie blackmailing the network to get the show done his way or he would tell the public their big hit song (and theme song to the show) was about masturbation. Most amusing.

But you know me, I've always been hip to the Mother Corp.

John, DaVinci's Inquest changed last year to DaVinci's City Hall, FYI.