Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Neck much better

Feels almost normal tonight.

Eye is getting better, but seemed a little blurry today. Will need to monitor it.

I've been feeling like I have either been fighting off a cold for the past month, or have developed an allergy. I've never had a [known] allergy before. I don't care to start now, despite it being a common occurrence to develop an allergy around this point of life.

I've been on a mission again lately. Both Sobeys and Superstore seemed to stop carrying my favorite grape juice crystals, the stuff I always have in my fridge and drink all the time. I was in the West Superstore on Saturday and happened to be near the product manager. Good timing. I stopped to ask him why it was no longer being carried, and he suggested I call back on Monday or Tuesday and he'd be able to give me an answer. I called back this afternoon and he said it was just a change in product number. He had found the new number for the grape crystals, and submitted an order for them while I was on the phone so he wouldn't forget. I had previously requested the item be re-stocked at two different Sobeys stores, but the Superstore is the first to give me a clear answer and solution. Hurray for the Superstore!


Dre said...

Yes, I've found Superstore to be very helpful when it comes to stuff like that. Any time I've had a question about something, I've had a timely and accurate response.

mare said...

yes, i've never had any problems dealing with the manager at superstore. the meat manager at millidgeville is particularly good... and i'm not just saying that as it's a good friend of my brother.

John said...

Sounds like a little of your American boyfriend is rubbing off on you. Watch out!

It is great that you have an answer finally. Now you can stock up.

Lisa said...

I tend to shop at Superstore now unless I have to go somewhere else.