Friday, June 29, 2007


I am not a girl who likes to make decisions. I'm a Libra, and Libras are known for indecisiveness. I constantly question myself about which decision is the right one, and after I've made a decision, I constantly question whether I have made the correct choice.

2007 so far has been a year of decisions. Decisions about getting a civil marriage license, decisions about my car, and lately, decisions about our church wedding. It's halfway through the year, and already I am decisioned-out. There are some other major decisions I know I am going to have to make in the near future, but I've reached my limit and have decided to put those off for now, to save my sanity.

I envy how easily my husband can make decisions. He makes them, and if they are the wrong ones, he deals with the consequences. He doesn't constantly worry about possible outcomes; he just lets things happen and deals with them as they occur. I wish I could adopt some of that view, but after 31 years of being the way I am, I'm not sure I can change.

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