Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wedding planning a go-go

I've been pretty busy. I've started wading through the world of wedding planning. Today was a particularly disappointing day because my reception venue turned me down for the sake of lost profits. I am now in search of a new venue that can hold 100 people for a sit-down lunch.

I was in Portland this past weekend and found a dress. I didn't have to compromise on what I wanted, and the price was fabulous. It just needs a few alterations and I'll be all set. I've asked Jenn to be my matron of honor, so we found her a dress as well and got a discount for buying the two both at David's Bridal. We had to order it and will go back down to Portland some time in the next month or two to pick it up.

Portland also yielded a lot of deals on clothes. Target was crammed full of clearance racks so I picked up a few things there. Also got in on a store closing sale of New York & Company so I picked up a few more things there. It was a good trip, and the exemption increase to $400 for 48h certainly helped out considering I had a wedding dress to bring back.

The new car is working well. I had it in the body shop yesterday to get the paint scratches taken care of. They gave me a rental overnight and I got my car back today at lunchtime. I was glad to have it back today though. A Kia Spectra is not the same as a Grand Prix. This car does have a larger gas tank, so it's taking a lot more each time I fill up.

That's really all that is up with me at the moment. Wedding planning has basically taken over since it's a mere 3 months away. Planning something that requires a lot of decision-making is not easy for someone who can't seem to make a decision. I wonder if having to do this in a tight time frame will help me get any better at it? Who knows. The civil wedding certainly had the ease factor, I'll give it that. Things are starting to come together though, and I am staying positive that I'll be able to find a new reception venue.


Lisa said...

I have to say it again, that was a pretty incredible deal on the dress. What a lucky find! I'll definitely be heading to Portland when it's time to do my dress shopping. ^_^

Have you set a firm date yet? What venue turned you down? There are a few nice places that will allow you do a smaller gathering. Too bad I tossed the stuff I'd collected in the spring from the wedding shows...

liz said...

David's Bridal is da bomb. It's great because they stock all sizes, so I got to try on dresses in my size, rather than having to guess what they would look like from trying on something too big for me. We also hit their sale with $50-$200 off every gown, but even without the sale it was a great deal.

The date isn't firm yet because we're still struggling with the venue and caterer. Once that is set, we can start telling people it's a go.

The NB Museum turned me down. I had wanted the Hall of Great Whales. Since it was during their operating hours on a Saturday, they said they'd have to give discounts to customers and would lose too much profit. They didn't tell me this until the third time I talked to them, so that was the frustrating part.

Lisa said...

Yar! That's frustrating!

Lisa (Anthony) Belyea had her reception etc. at the Delta. She said it was super low stress. You just tell them what you want and they take care of everything.

Some of the B&B's do receptions. The one on Douglas Ave (the big yellow one-the name is eluding me) does receptions, although I don't know how many people they can cater to. They have a deal where they provide a room for bride preparations, they have great photo ops and you can get a suite for the night.