Friday, November 09, 2007

Ketchup & Trivia

I'm not a big fan of the Mediterranean restaurant. I haven't eaten a dish there for which there isn't a better version elsewhere in the city. I was there for lunch yesterday and had very soggy fish & decent chips.

What I did like about being at the Mediterranean yesterday was the ketchup. Ketchup? Yes, ketchup. I apparently missed hearing about this, but Heinz partnered with Hasbro at the end of 2006 to produce these ketchup packets. The trivia questions coincide with last year's release of Trivial Pursuit 80s Edition.
I absolutely love this idea, even if it wasn't exclusively 80s trivia. What a great way to pass the time while waiting for your food... even better that the readable place mat or Coffee News. ;)


Lisa said...

I find that surprising - I find that the Mediterranean's food to be far superior than the other restaurants offering Greek fare. Vito's, for example, is always a brutal disappointment to me every time I go there.

That is a neat idea for ketchup packet though. ^_^

Anonymous said...

That trivia question really has me stumped. :P