Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The purple tree

Having a real Christmas tree sitting around while I'm gone to SoCal is somewhat of a fire hazard. That means I won't be getting a real tree for the house this year. I have been contemplating what to do instead, but didn't want to buy a full-size artificial tree. Then I saw this ad in the weekend flyers:

A purple Christmas tree? Sold! Or more accurately, all sold out. I called every Superstore between St. Stephen and Sussex, and all of the purple ones are sold out.

I'm going to do some digging around online to see what I can find. I see a few on eBay, but I'm getting tired of seeing the cost of shipping be so high just to ship to Canada.


Lisa said...

Nice! I hope you can find one!

Cyn said...

We're going to superstore tomorrow. If there's one I'll pick it up and have it in the mail for you Monday. :)