Friday, November 09, 2007

The Menagerie

I had originally stopped by the Empire Theatres website to see if they were showing The Beatles' "Help!" on November 26th. Unfortunately, Cineplex Odeon is the chain that is doing this special showing. My mother would have really enjoyed that, so I was considering taking her to see it. Alas, no dice. In the meantime, though, I stumbled on this:

I am sooooo pumped to see this. Had I not stopped by the Empire website today, I wouldn't have known anything about it. I also decided I had better sign up for their weekly newsletter so that I don't miss these types of events again.

Original series Star Trek has always been a favorite of mine. I own all 3 seasons on DVD, but seeing this episode on the big screen will be so much fun. John and my younger brother are going with me. My brother is particularly interested in seeing this because he's a fan of Capt. Pike.

To resurrect a phrase: woo yeah, yippee yippee yeah yeah.

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