Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I learned this weekend

About Tupperware:
  • It's a Thatsa bowl, not Thasta. I wonder how many times I've embarrassed myself by saying the wrong name. A bit of dyslexia there.

About JCS (I watched the commentary with Ted Neeley and Norman Jewison):
  • The costumes for the guards are supposed to be a mix of past & present. The cammo pants & combat boots are to represent ties to today, the purple tank tops are "Roman purple" since they are Roman guards, and the helmets were chrome so they'd shine. I think they were a little off when it came to Roman purple.
  • The tank scene is supposed to be signifying Judas making his decision and they drive him toward it.
  • Ted Neeley did such a good job at trashing the marketplace that they only had two takes of that scene before too many of the props were broken. Luckily they got everything they needed in two takes.
  • All of the ruins were actually there, and even some of the scaffolding. They added a bit more scaffolding, grew the grass for Gethsemane, but added very little to the set.
  • The choreographer fell down the stone amphitheatre and was badly injured. He had surgery in Jerusalem and then had to be flown back to the US on a stretcher.
  • The final scene was supposed to just be the sunset and cross. The shepherd and sheep were unintentional, but "came from out of nowhere" into the shot and Jewison left it in the final cut.
  • Ted Neeley met his wife on the set, though they didn't start dating until after the movie was finished.
  • During Simon Zealotes, the dancers were working in 110-115°F (43-46°C) heat and could really only work for 30-40 seconds at a time.
  • Jewison did a voiceover for the third man to deny Peter

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