Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Observations about Canada

John's 10 year old nephew is visiting us this week. He had two observations about Canada that I found amusing:

"Canada is cold. Where's summer?" July is Fog Month in SJ, and he's hit it at its usual state. To me, this IS summer, as sucky as that is. *sigh

"Canada is nature conscious." I like to recycle and have lots of rules for what "trash" goes where. Luckily a 10 year old seems amenable to recycling. It makes me wonder if his school or municipality are not big proponents of recycling?

I have no idea where a human being gets that much energy. This is a common complaint amongst adults regarding children, but it still amazes me.

I am at work, but John, MIL and nephew are heading to visit Martello Tower this afternoon. I hope they get some enjoyment out of it, but they won't be able to get a great view of the harbour with the fog being out as it is.

If the weather gets better, I'd like to get the badminton net up in the back yard since I find myself with someone who would like to play. I've also been requested to try out Guitar Hero on the DS. I get the feeling that will be harder than using the actual guitar on a PS3.

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mindy said...

Jack's school is very environmentally conscious. His class was in the paper this spring for cleaning out a stream near the school. It's typical of U.S. elementary schools right now -- not a bad sort of brainwashing, I suppose.