Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer slides away

Summer feels like it is slipping away this week. I’m so busy at work that I haven’t really had an opportunity to take any vacation. I had two days off when John arrived, but that was a whirlwind of arriving and unpacking the trailer. I had one day off the following week, but then worked Canada Day so I didn’t get the full 4-day weekend I had intended. I can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel due to some large work projects.

I’m cranky in particular this week because it seems like everyone but me is off and having fun. My husband is unemployed, and while I don’t want that for myself, he’s getting to be home watching TV or doing tourist things with his mother and nephew, who are also here on vacation. My teacher friends are off work, so they’re enjoying half to whole days off. Some other friends are on vacation as well. It’s an exaggeration, but it feels like everyone is getting some time off except me.

I had intended to take a couple of days off this week to show my MIL and nephew around the city/province, but then I had to send one person on the road and another was off for 3 days of bereavement leave. You gotta do what you gotta do, so I had no choice but to cancel my plans. I arranged to attend a meeting remotely today so I wouldn’t have to abandon my visitors even more and drive to Halifax. I do need to thank them for being the excuse for me not having to go to the Evil City, although I am disappointed not to be able to see Cyn.

Even though I want to, I can’t get a mani or pedi due to having a smashed up finger and still trying to rid myself of the issues with my toes. I curse whichever aesthetician gave me the toe issues because pretty much the only time I have bare feet is while getting a pedi. Clean your tools properly.

What I want to do with my vacation, when/if I ever get any, is read. Some of my happiest summer vacations were spent absorbing myself into a book, maybe even reading all day, not worrying about what needed to be done in the house, etc. I also would like to put up the badminton net and bat around for a while. Our nephew said he was interested at first, but it quickly drifted off his radar any time I mentioned it. John has been having some bad arthritis days lately, but I hope it will calm down soon so he feels well enough to play with me.

I realize this blog has a down tone and is predominately negative. I’m not happy right now and I haven’t been happy for a while. I know what the cause is (no, not John) but I’m not sure how to fix it. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time (years, in fact) and haven’t come up with any solutions. Until I do, I’m stuck.

Maybe I’m totally off-base. Maybe making that change won’t help. I’m just not sure. I continue to have a lot of questions with no answers.


Cyn said...

I'm disappointed not to get to see you as well, but the circumstances are warranted! I'd hoped you might bring John along so that I might finally meet him face to face. :) Another time though! And with any bit of luck it won't be too many more months before I'm back in SJ permanently.

I understand the sentiment of summer slipping away. One might think with a reduced work schedule I might be enjoying some of it. 'tis not the case really. Seems everyone else is going camping, hiking, boating, traveling, bbq'ing. Me? Nope. Try as I might to make plans with people they just seem to keep getting better offers. Harumph. Just wanted you to know you're not the only one missing summer this year as well. :(

canadianicewolf said...

Just remember...if you are suppossed to make the decision and you don't, it will be made for you and that's not always a pleasant experience when the decision isn't on your terms...just a thought. :)