Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Lady fashion

A recent estimate of the outfit worn by Cindy McCain at the Republican National Convention totaled approximately $313,000.


Let that sink in for a minute.

I wonder what would happen if the potential First Lady was forced to get her wardrobe only from Target?

John talks about his plan to run for president some day, which I usually pretend he's not serious about, but maybe I should reconsider. If I was First Lady, I could force designers to make narrow shoes.


John said...

Just want to let everyone know, I AM running. If you don't like your choices in this election, write me in as your candidate.

I'm currently running on the platform of, "Can I possibly be any worse than the other candidates?"

Cyn said...

No. You can't possibly be! LOL OMG I want to cry. I want to hide. I want to get a ride on the first ship headed for a space colony. Heaven help the world if John McCain is elected with that nitwit. Sigh.

I would gladly write your name on the ballot if I were American, John. :)