Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Saturday off

It's nice not to have to be at work today. I'm sitting at the hair salon, waiting for my turn. Afterward I plan on heading to Wal-Mart, Michaels, and Kent to pick up a few things. Then to church, then some grocery shopping, and spending the rest of the weekend inside. With 15-20cm coming tomorrow, I think I'll just stay in and catch up on all the TV I have saved.

I've been working hard, and was finally rewarded yesterday by the news that they are giving me a bonus. We'll be able to pay for the barn and have a bit left over, I hope. Taxes will take a big dent out of it, but it will still be a good amount.

I'm still doing pretty well using the treadmill. I'm on it most every day, and watching TV while I walk. I'm feeling better, and I think it has helped with the stress I've been under at work.

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Liza said...

The barn????? In the States, we put our husbands into the doghouse. I'm impressed that you are willing to build a barn.

(My sense of humor)