Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend? What weekend?

I've only been away from my office since 1:30pm on Saturday, so it doesn't feel like I've had a whole weekend off, which I haven't.

Friday night we watched Charlie Wilson's War. Not bad, but I didn't feel like either of the leads were Texans. I felt Julia Roberts was not well cast in her role. Tom Hanks was good, but I think Billy Bob Thornton could have made a better Texan. Philip Seymour Hoffman was the only lead who made me forget that they weren't their character. Decent movie, but not one I'll buy.

Today felt like non-stop chore day. I volunteered to make dinner tonight, so I set out a prime rib from the freezer and cooked it along with mashed potatoes, carrots and green beans. After dinner I baked a pound cake. It was a good meal that gave John a break from cooking for once. I have also finished gathering up the remaining Christmas decorations (which weren't many because John took most of them down, and even labeled the bags for me, thanks dear), did some laundry, tried to work on my knitting club mitten project but got stuck when I didn't understand the directions. I put that away and decided to start the blanket for Regan's baby. Unlike some, I don't get bored by thousands of knit stitch row after row, and anything I don't have to sew up later is more motivating to do.

We received a treadmill for Christmas and after John set it up last weekend, I've managed to walk all but two days. I've been watching TV on DVD while I walk, which takes the boredom away from walking on a treadmill. The only down side is how hot it gets, since the treadmill isn't far from the wood stove. I am feeling pretty good about getting exercise again, and not having to endure freezing windchill outside.

This will be another busy week at work. There are a lot of things to fix on the project I'm doing. We're also doing a demo for some co-workers, so I'm interested to see their reaction. I'm not fearing it, for once, which is good. After that presentation, I'm invited to dinner afterward, which is dinner theatre at Steamers.

I've been taking a break from status updates on Facebook this week. Lately I've been feeling that my updates are likely getting lost in the crowd, and I've been wanting to say more than one line about what's up with me. So I return to hopefully more regular blogging.

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Cyn said...

How um... Unordinary. We watched Charlie Wilson's War just last weekend! I randomly picked it up next door on the previously viewed rack which I never do!

I agree about Julia Roberts and I agree that Billy Bob would have played that part much better as well. I did enjoy it, but I also understand why it didn't last in the theatre nor make the mainstream theatres here.

I'll probably watch it again, but mostly because well... I do that sometimes.