Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Trash radio

Radio in SJ is trash, yes, I am quite aware of that. However, it's too quiet in my office, so we need some kind of constant background noise. I share an office with another person. If either of us plays our own catalog on our PC, it often results in one of us not being happy with the music selection. I own a portable XM receiver, but it is not something I would prefer to bring in and leave at the office. Streaming audio at work is forbidden, since I issued the rule, I also have to abide by it. That leaves us with the option of radio to fill the noise gap.

One of my local radio stations recently underwent a format change, dumping the 70s and 80s from their roster, and put in a new slogan of "today's best hits". They they fill half their schedule with 90s music. Somehow they haven't understood the concept behind their new tagline. Nor have they bothered to update their website to reflect this supposed format change.

With this recent format change, I notice the 80s have all but disappeared from the SJ radio scene. I find that odd, seeing as how the 80s are experiencing a big resurgence right now. We're now left with country, 60s/70s on AM dial, 2 stations offering 90s and today, classic rock (a tiny bit of 80s), and someone playing their favorite CanCon in their mom's basement. The generic 80s are noticeably lacking.

Speaking of crappy radio, a lot of what they play from mom's basement is what I saw on a CBC documentary on 70s Canadian music. Again, I reiterate to them: you have decades worth of music to choose from... choose more wisely. There are even more 70s CanCon to choose from than what you're currently playing.

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